4” x 6” skids on the bottom allowing for the shed to raise off the ground and allows for easy moving. LET US RECOMMEND PROFESSIONAL LICENSED CONTRACTORS TO CONSTRUCT YOUR  BUILDING ON YOUR SITE. You might want to think about whether it will be holding some garden tools, a lawn mower, or some storage that doesn't quite fit in your home. If you just need a storage shed to hold your garden tools you can definitely choose something small - perhaps as small as a 6' x 6'.

By virtue of building your shed on your own property, you will avoid paying monthly rental fees at your local mini-storage! But if you own property, and simply need a place to keep extra household goods, tools, yard equipment, or your spouse, then a storage shed is for you. Choosing one can be difficult because you will have to carefully consider what your current, and future, needs are. If you need it for a lawnmower or larger storage you will have to go with something larger.

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