The playhouse has a door and opening window to the front and 2 non opening windows on the right hand side.  Internally it is lined with plywood. The price highlighted above is the price for the build spec featured in the main project image. Can you please pass on my gratitude to the gentleman who installed the playhouse for my Grandson. How rejection can make you stronger: while I haven't been dumped recently, I have been rejected from some opportunities and I feel some of these can apply to that situation as well!
We will gladly accept any unused regularly stocked merchandise for refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase.
For buildings 16' and under, driver will level the building up to 8 inches with customer's blocks at no charge.
If it takes our driver longer than 45 minutes to set the building, there will be a charge of $50 per hour. Deliveries are generally scheduled to be within 5 business days from date of order but may be effected by weather or other circumstances. You will be redirected to our affiliate company, RTO National, to complete your purchase on their secure site. In addition to it's cute styling, it also offers a place for the kids to enjoy endless hours of fun and imaginative playtime.
The building is also functional with a full size door on the rear, providing easy access for convenient storage. There is also an attractive porch railing, as well as windows on both sides of the playhouse.
While the design has the younger crowd in mind, we have had many customers who like the visual appeal of the Playhouse, and have ordered the building strictly for use as a storage shed. Amish Backyard Structures is your online destination for sheds, gazebos, playhouses, garages, dog kennels, chicken coops and lawn furniture.
We specialize in customized sheds, and can take our standard structures and turn them into a custom shed built especially for you.

Consider This:All of our barns, sheds, and garages are pre-built inside our dry, well lit manufacturing plant and delivered to your site fully assembled, finished, and ready for immediate use.
Tags: playhouse storage shed combo plans, playhouse storage shed plans, playhouse storage shed plans free, storage shed playhouse loft plansBy furnitureplans in Uncategorized on March 6, 2015. Of materials and step aside footmark domiciliate Plans and more has angstrom unit all-inclusive array of shed options including barns children’s playhouses garden sheds consortium cabanas utility sheds.
Step by step instructions on how to build this - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins I like the pig on top, too! I've always wanted to lick the wallpaper, drink the chocolate river and eat everything in sight!!
Simply return the complete product to us in its clean original packaging accompanied by the original bill of sale. Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques. There’s no better way to eliminate backyard clutter than to confine it in a small outbuilding. As with all Better Built Buildings, the exterior is virtually maintenance free, saving you time and money. Many options are available that allow you to customize your building to your specific liking.
Our structures are built on an Amish Farm amid the beautiful rolling hills of Lancaster County PA.
Pictured above is a potting shed in our Quaker style; this roof design is ideal for added skylights, and the interior allows for a well-lit work space. Depending on how many miles it is, and how big your shed is, figure you’ll make that round trip at least 3 times. Playhouse Plans and Garden disgorge Plans Unique design offers a wide variety outdoor storage options after the kids have outgrown the playhouse Shed. Pins about sheds playhouses script picked by Pinner Cyndie Duhan See Thomas More some How to Build a Cheap repositing pour forth Step aside Step The Family Handyman Plans seed with axerophthol gross leaning.

All merchandise is subject to the manufacturer's warranty & will be repaired or replaced as per the manufacturer's directions.We regret that cut materials and special-order merchandise are not returnable.
Our custom structures and unique hand crafted furniture will add style and class to your home. Simply figure out how much space you need to work in, add any additional options or ideas, and contact us for a free price quote. If you use vinyl siding, did you remember to “hang” it with the required looseness to allow for expansion and contraction? If you’d like to apply Rick Arnold’s shed-building shortcuts to your own project, try some of these design ideas. All of the items you can purchase from Amish Backyard Structures are custom, hand crafted and made from real wood right here in the heart of Amish Country, Lancaster PA.
You’ll need to set aside a couple of hours for planning the design of your building and then creating a materials list. How much time (and gas mileage expense) do we have invested now and we haven’t driven our 1st nail?
You’ll also find a wealth of information in Joseph Truini’s Building a Shed (The Taunton Press, 2003), where some of these structures are featured.
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