Starting as a small family run business in 2002 in sunny Fort Pierce Fl, We have been privileged enough to provide customers with a quality product at a fair price.
These buildings can be customized with various sizes, roof-styles, doors, windows and colors.
This attractive building offers a unique roof design to include a soffitted front for added weather protection.

We pride ourselves on producing the finest backyard sheds, garages, utility buildings, lofted barns and cabins. Since the beginning, our portable buildings, sheds, garages and cabins have been hand-built with pride in a time-honored tradition of Mennonite Craftsmanship. The 2x4 reinforced doors are designed to seal out rain and rodents and are key locked for your protection.

We offers the nation's best value in portable buildings, with great prices and the option to buy or rent to own with no credit check.

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