Greenwood Garden Sheds, Utility Sheds and Heavy Duty Sheds are constructed using the highest quality materials. If you have special requirements for your shed or utility storage design, we are only too happy to assist. After reviewing the various Granny Flat products on the market we decided to choose Greenwood Homes and Granny Flats as we really liked the flexibility that they offered with the style and the layout of the Granny Flat. GalleryExplore the wide range of portable buildings available from Greenwood Structures, including A-frame and Old West-style sheds. Specifications & ColorsGreenwood Structures offers a wide variety of portable building styles and colors with extensive accessories to choose from.

Established in 2000, Greenwood Structures manufactures portable buildings, including garages and storage sheds, for retail and wholesale, in Petersburg, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. Our attractive and functional designs suit a variety of uses, from simple garden storage to high-end commercial use.
We were impressed with the design of the studio from the start as we wanted a generous area that lent itself to a variety of uses but was simple and practical. Sheds can be purchased in kit form, ready for the home handyman to build, or we can take care of installation for you. Also we have the ability to make custom buildings with excellent craftsmanship from start to finish!

We use no subcontractors and, like all Pennsylvania contractors, we are licensed and insured.

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