This package includes 9 lite door, porch, porch railing, two 2x3 windows, and double barn doors. Our garage package includes a garage door, house-style door, one 2x3 window and 12" on center floor joists. Old Hickory Sheds of Boise is committed to bring you quality storage sheds crafted with the construction techniques and philosophies of the Amish and Mennonite communities.
Each of our sheds and buildings are crafted with quality, care, and attention to detail that is rarely seen in the storage industry. For those who are unable to come to our locations during our operating hours, we'll open early or stay late to meet your schedule.
Complete with five (5) windows, a 9 lite man door and the wrap around porch, this may just be the ticket for your weekend getaway.

These high quality sheds can have various purposes, like being a pool house, garage, office, extra bedroom, hunting cabin, or even a man cave.
Old Hickory Sheds has been in the industry since 1997 and has satisfied customers throughout the country. We are currently offering this package on 12' or 14' widths and from 28' to 40' deep (long) net of the porch dimensions. Whatever you decide to do with your shed be rest assured that you will receive friendly customer service that will go the extra mile to help you with storage needs.

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