You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our garage cabinet locker with doors and adjustable metal shelves offers space to instantly organize your working environment, while highlighting it with the cabinet's red and black color combination. Our single-tier garage storage cabinet is built with heavy-duty steel doors and shelves to withstand the constant high organization needs in your garage and workspace. Cabinet Doors: Left and right non-vented doors are finished with textured red powder coat and made of sheet steel.

Cabinet Hinges: Piano type hinges that are firmly riveted to frame and welded to the doors.
Cabinet Tops: Manufactured from one piece sheet steel with a down bend at front acting as an upper door strike.
Cabinet Drawer (Optional ): Rigid metal drawer that supports heavy-duty storage use with a 500lb capacity glides. All four full-width shelves are adjustable allowing you to create the storage space you require to put small and big tools in your workspace in order.

Welded to the door sides are full height channel door stiffeners to reinforce the doors and reduce sound when you open and close them.

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