Cabinetry for Kelowna Kitchens, Closets, Murphy Beds, Bathrooms and other Lifestyle Renovations. A unique take on a traditional Murphy Bed featuring a space saving sideways bed with a desk. The special feature of the MUV Desk-Bed is that when the bed is lowered into the open position the desk top lowers to the floor and remains level.
Information and specifications are for planning purposes only and may change without notice.Please refer to manufacturer manuals for all details. I agree that Information and specifications are for planning purposes only and may change without notice. I understand and agree that any content obtained through the use of the Trail Appliances web site is done at my own discretion and risk.

On top of the manufacturers' parts & labour warranty, Trail Appliances offers Extended Protection Plans through CornerStone United Ltd. Lemon Protection - If there are three identical failures on your product after the manufacturer's warranty expires, your product will be replaced. Food Spoilage Reimbursement - You will be covered up-to $200 worth of food replacement if food spoilage occurs due to a fridge or freezer failure. Peace of Mind - Protect yourself from paying costly service fees as this plan covers parts and labour on functional components.
The Trail extended service plan is there to protect you for up to four more years on functional components and can cost you as little as $165 per appliance. If you have further questions about our Extended Protection Plans, please contact a Trail Appliances showroom near you.

With a single door, a Spotless Steel finish and an integrated handle, this model has a clean, modern look.
A CornerStone Protection Plan provides you with many valuable benefits, all designed to give you worry-free protection and keep your home running smoothly.

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