The Cyberspace tower and hanger bars are an ideal solution for a cost effective wardrobe interior, giving both shelving and hanging space plus optional drawers if required. The Freespace shelf comes in a wide selection of finishes including, beech, cherry, metalic silver, oak, pear and white up to a maximum width of 2500mm. Budget storage system suitable to fit into aperture of up to 2600mm, only available as shown in picture. I've used several different types of 'tonk' strips and this is 'adequate' if a bit lightweight.
From an early stage in the design of the house it was apparent that a larder would create a lot of storage space in an otherwise smallish kitchen for things like bread makers, food mixers, foodstuff etc. We left out the shelving to the right of the sliding door to leave space for the central vacuum hose, a brush and other tall items.

No instructions with them at all and although I am an experienced DIYer, I could not figure out what all the bits were for.
4 x sets of uprights, 5 x shelves, 5 x sets of shelf supports, 4 x feet and 8 x 35Ltr containers with lids. Also, using up a small corner cut out of the utility room it would not cost much in terms of space.
If you clamp the bracket up tightly the screw pulls through the soft metal, rendering the bracket useless. A very simple and quick to install hanging and storage solution, representing excellent value for money. When fully closed the bracket looks like an open birds mouth so it doesn't hold the shelf tight at all.

Using the correct fixings, the brackets eat in to the wall board if the screws are the slightest bit tight. All include 2 x 2500mm hanger bars hanger bar fittings and are available in a range of MFC colours and woodgrain effect finishes. Forget using them for glass shelves as the threaded screw supplied is too long and sticks out past the plastic inserts.

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