Why go with the same old, standard cabinet door and drawer designs when you can make them stand out?
At InDesign K + B Brisbane we thrive on creativity, and are committed to making sure what we design with our clients (and for our clients) truly reflect who they are so that they are thrilled with the final outcome.
Add greater function and uniqueness to your kitchen by utilising every inch allocated for your cabinetry while covering up messy places and using awkward spaces. Swinging doors take up room in small kitchens and sometimes are just an accident waiting to happen! The beauty of these doors is that they open up fully, nicely tuck in on either side of the cabinet and look just like ordinary cabinet doors when closed.
With the help of cool hydraulic mechanisms, these doors open upwards instead of sideways to keep the door completely out of the way.
Similar to a rolling garage door, Tambour Doors are great for covering up small appliances (coffee maker, toaster) or shelves. Glass door cabinetry make a smaller kitchen seem more spacious and keep you well-organised. Customise some of the drawers in your kitchen for a look that’s unique to you and the style of your kitchen. When you think of Morocco, you think of an exotic escape where the air is spicy, the days are warm and the streets are draped in rich hues of teal and gold. The lush, bright colours and brushed gold combination coupled with the geometrical patterns would bring any space to life. The typical Moroccan-style bath is a space that is peaceful, open and immediately puts your mind at ease…. With inspiration in colour, texture and patterns straight from the streets of Morocco and the markets in Marrakech we bring you some beautifully designed baths. Ok, so this bathroom wall (below) isn’t considered mosaic, but we love the gorgeous shape of the tiles and the oceanesque colour combination.
It’s different, but we love the modern twist on this bath (below) while fusing colour and mosaic tile art as a wall feature. The bold and continuous patterns are featured everywhere – from the lattices on windows, the architecture and even the ceramic tableware. If you are inspired by the design and colours of the images you’ve seen and you want to incorporate it into your bathroom, give us a call and set up an appointment with our Design Team today! What we’ve seen so far on the market is a mix of mirror treatments so it should be quite simple to find a mirror backsplash that will work well in your kitchen.
What we particularly love about mirrors and incorporating this reflective beauty in your kitchen is that it adds light, space and even some glamour to an everyday space.
We love how the classic tile is given a facelift by being mirrored! The kitchen space immediately feels bigger as the tile continues to the ceiling for a textured and beautiful aesthetic. For a dramatic look, go for the smoked mirror instead of the typical silver mirror because it has a darker hue to it.
As most of you know, if you are presently getting ready to move on to greener pastures and are considering putting your house up for sale, realtors stand by the fact that a great kitchen and bathroom add greater value! When it comes to the visual appeal for either your bathroom or kitchen, consider using a colour combination that is classic, timeless and clean. People who are doing the proverbial walk through during open house, are merely seeing how everything looks.
As part of your renovation make sure not to add anything too extreme that could communicate a negative message to potential buyers. We are professional Bathroom and Kitchen Renovators fully licensed with the BSA and we operate according to the governing rules of standards and practices that are set out for us within the Industry. Set up an appointment with us today to discuss your impending project, we’d love to help!
Incorporate a lot of natural, organic elements into the space such as plants, stones and wood in different forms. The colour tones to be used for this type of design is going to be inspired by nature and to  invoke the feeling of peace and serenity. For some design inspiration, go through some of the photos that we’ve collected for your perusal below.
If you like what you see and would like to begin thinking of having an asian-inspired bathroom in your home, our creative design team would love to sit down with you and help you plan out your dream bath. The common problem is being able to make your kitchen look good while getting the best design perfect for your family + groceries + appliances + utensils.
At InDesign Kitchens + Bathrooms Brisbane, we are capable of creating and designing solutions to fit your every need.
Make the most out of space close to the floor with smart storage for kids’ items or baking accessories!
Speak to your designer about kitchen storage cabinetry recessed into the wall as shown below.

If you love your environment, find a garbage solution which will organise your recyclables efficiently! Grey welcomes any style from traditional to modern – it all depends on how it is incorporated into your space and how well it is worked into the design. Take a look at the wonderful grey tiles used in the bathroom below to pair with the marble vanity surface.
Designing a kitchen for a family is always exciting for us because each family is different. One of the more ideal kitchen layouts for a kitchen catering to the needs of a growing family is the open layout. Safety and easy-to-clean-up are one of the biggest concerns when planning a kitchen that is toddler-friendly.
Flooring material that are more forgiving for those falls around the kitchen are bamboo or hardwood even though stone and ceramic tiles are more durable. Installing a pot-filler by the cooktop negates the need for walking around with heavy pots filled with water. Choosing a durable material for your countertops is essential because of the range of uses and users. Marble, stainless steel and granite are perfect for durability under constant use and abuse.
In the early years your kitchen will be peppered with plastic bottles and sippy cups that typically avalanche at the worst times when you’re reaching for one in a hurry. With growing kids in your home, school work is never too far away and supervision is essential. As the kids grow older and schedules need to be visual and better organised, it will be necessary to have a command center in the kitchen where everyone gathers at the beginning and end of the day. To prevent situations of unsightly, overstuffed trash recepticles – keep them hidden away in pull-out cabinets.
As your family grows, your needs and the functionality of your kitchen will evolve and it is important to be aware of that. At InDesign Kitchen + Bathrooms Brisbane, our creative  designers are ready to sit down with you and plan out your dream kitchen perfectly suited for you and your family. Here are some ideas that might help when designing and putting together your bathroom in your loft – or if you simply want an industrial look for a bath in your home. A great set of looks and feels with varied flooring ideas, lighting, structure and fixtures.
This entry was posted in kitchen design and tagged Brisbane kitchen design, Brisbane kitchen ideas, creative kitchen storage, Creative Kitchen Storage Brisbane, InDesign Brisbane, InDesign Brisbane Kitchens, indesigns kitchen unit, Kitchen Storage Solutions, Kitchen Storage Solutions Brisbane. I love the look of open storage but it can be a difficult thing to keep the cabinets and shelves looking tidy. I've always had an obsession for pot racks (yes, I know that's weird) but they are so practical and really add a lot of drama to a kitchen. Today's blog post focuses on identifying and utilizing those unused spaces in your kitchen.
If you're building or remodeling your home, considering transforming that wasted space under the stairs into a functional and fabulous focal point.
I needed extra space for vdeois and DVDs and didn't want to spend a high amount of money for what local stores offered. If you’re going for a complete kitchen overhaul, might as well go all the way and go bespoke spectacular!
Eliminate these issues by installing track doors that slide from side to side in a neat and seamless way. Some nifty cabinet door ideas for your to consider when planning on  your kitchen renovation. Ensure that you have a skilled tiler to handle the mosaic tiling in your bathroom as you embark on this moroccan-inspired journey.
Give us a call and set up an appointment with one of our talented designers to bring your dream kitchen to life. Our team at InDesign Kitchens + Bathrooms can help you cost every aspect of it out along with special input from our experienced Designers who have experience and knowledge to take on your project.
Install a soak tub or heated floors in the bathroom to make people want to have a second look and linger for awhile.
They will have good insight into the market and present demand and what buyers are looking to see.
Your space should enable you to relax, unwind and experience peace through inner reflection in a quiet and calming environment. What would relax you more than a spa-like environment including a tub for a long hot soak, a spacious wet room or rain shower. Finding a perfect place for everything you have in your kitchen while not looking like your space is bursting at the seams can be tricky.
We work with the best artisan cabinet makers and we guarantee using materials that are from 100% Australian suppliers to meet the highest in quality and industry standards.

This is because grey is so versatile – it pairs well with both bright and neutral colour palettes and is easy on the eye.
Some are just starting out with a new baby coming home or have a house full of ‘tweens.
The rough sketch shown below shows a kitchen that opens out to a living area and a cosy breakfast nook. Plus, it is proven to be better for your back and legs as you stay up on your feet and run around the kitchen after little ones.
So as to not take away from what you are trying to do in the kitchen to prepare dinner or clean up after they get home, a dedicated space for the kids to sit down and work is necessary. A chalkboard or several mini corkboards installed on the wall in the kitchen is a good start. Contact us today for an appointment and get one step closer to making your dream come true! At inDesign Kitchens + Bathrooms Brisbane we consider your ideas and lifestyle when putting together something perfect for you and your family. Sure, you can use that space for decorative items but why not find beautiful baskets or bins and fill them with the items you rarely use?
There are a variety of plate racks for sale that are a decorative way to show off your plates.
There are the traditional over the kitchen island racks but my new favorite (for those of us without an island) is the wall hanging rack (below). I prefer those because easy to clean and wipe dirt.ReplyDeletefreestanding pantryMarch 2, 2013 at 5:32 PMWow! Plate rack cabinet inserts are a great way to put your plates within arm's reach, while displaying them beautifully. We have the same expedit shelf in my daughter's nusrrey, on it's side for a changing table as well.
The only drawback is that you can’t have access to both sides of the cupboard at the same time, as the doors slide from one side to the other.
Avoid darker colours that could translate into a the appearance of smaller space and shadowy corners. The closer grey gets to black it can be more dramatic and mysterious, but the closer it gets to white the more lively and illuminating it becomes.
Whatever it be, there are a variety of elements to consider to make your kitchen versatile enough to address your present needs.
This layout enables you to keep an eye on the happenings around you while putting together a meal. You still need to be careful not to clutter the space so be selective in which items you choose to display. Not every kitchen has the room for an island but luckily, they come in all shapes and sizes these days. It may be a big investment but purchasing jars and containers that are all the same will make your kitchen look amazing. The set-up (above) utilizes a storage bench with a hinged lid and plenty of space beneath for the tips of your kids' muddy boots. There would be no over-stimulating elements in the bathroom to take away from your relaxation.
Another bonus would be to install a power outlet near this area for when laptops and other electronic devices need to be plugged up. The amount of space found in a the structure of a loft coupled with high ceilings is aesthetically pleasing but can be tricky to put together.
For homes that have no dining room, put your island to work and use it as a kitchen table and as a prep station.
If you're able to, labeling them all will help you stay organized and people will think Martha Stewart moved in. Find decorative shelves that fit the style and theme of your kitchen and fill them with you spices or juice glasses.
You may need a step ladder to reach them but at least they're not up in the basement with the spiders. Of course, you can use the added shelf to hold coffee mugs or a bowl filled with your garlic and onions but the point is that it's more function for your buck!

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