Heavy Duty Made to Measure Sheds, Gates, Garden Offices, Summerhouses, Workshops, Beach Huts, Garages, Playhouses, Log Cabins & Garden Furniture. Find out everything you need to know about your move, including surveys, preparation, packing and storage. We have a details on hundreds of countries around the world, including laws and requirements for moving, visa information and currency exchange. Whether you are moving office or a key member of staff, we are able to provide the full range of business removal services.
Whether it's your whole house or a few boxes, we have storage solutions for home and business. We move people to New Zealand from all over the UK every week and whether you have a few key items from a flat or the entire contents of a family home to move, Britannia will take care of everything for you. When you move to New Zealand with Britannia Movers International, you know you’re getting a first class service. An international moving survey will be carried out where we’ll ask you what items you want to take with you, what items you want to throw away and what you want to put into storage. Once we’ve completed the survey, we’ll then go through your timeframes and any budget constraints or additional assistance you need. It’s not as easy as just loading up your items and sending them over to New Zealand when you emigrate. Moving your pets and vehicles abroad with you also takes time and there are lots of processes to follow before New Zealand will allow them into the country. When you arrive for your new life on the other side of the world, there will inevitably be a whole lot of paperwork and processes to be completed. Your items can take up to 14 weeks to actually arrive in New Zealand from the UK, so we’ll arrange for them to be sent over far in advance of your arrival. If you’re moving to New Zealand and need removal services, then Britannia Movers International can help. Britannia Movers International offer specialist removal services to all parts of New Zealand.
Town represents a new skyline for living: it is a multifunctional piece of furniture that came into being with the objective of composing as preferred, depending on spaces and requirements, the rooms of the home. Industry was urged to take full advantage of the Government’s $1000 subsidy for companies signing on new apprentices at the print industry Apprentice Awards and PrintNZ Conference Opening Dinner on 2 May.
Caption: Heather Letfus from Trust4Skills (award sponsor) with Top Management Trainee Award winner Shelly Fawcett from Format Print. Caption: Workplace Trainer Award winner Graeme Challis from Amcor Cartons Australia in Christchurch with Lisa Hegh from ICON Digital Printing Papers. Caption: Company Training Award winner Amcor Cartons Australasia, represented by Alan Scott, with Lisa Hegh from ICON Digital Printing Papers. GREENTANK Oilfield Fibreglass Tanks are manufactured in Double Wall construction for Horizontal or Vertical applications.

GREENTANK also manufactures Double-Wall Underground Storage Tanks for Drain and Flare Knockout applications as well as Non Code Pressure Vessels for Underground or Aboveground installations.
Durable fibreglass storage tanks that provides SAFE Secondary Contained storage of Produced Water and Liquid Hydrocarbon. GREENTANK fibreglass tanks allow you to comply with Secondary Containment regulations while greatly reducing the risk of expensive leak-related cleanups.
Corrosion Free Internally and Externally, GREENTANK Fibreglass Tanks simply will NOT Corrode! An INTERSTITIAL Design (Annular Space between inner and outer fibreglass walls) provides the security of CONTINUOUS LEAK DETECTION of both walls. SAFE for storage of most Hazardous Liquids including Flare Knockout (FKO), Flare Stack Waste, Produced Water, and Condensate.
Reusable even after years of service, GREENTANK fibreglass tanks will give you more than twice the service life of bare steel tanks. DISCOVER for yourself why GREENTANK fibreglass tanks are the safest and longest last oilfield containment technology on the market.
Works vehicle used by the Christchurch Tramway Board (later renamed Christchurch Transport Board) for Tramway maintenance.
Serving Dorset, Hampshire & Further including Ferndown, Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Wimborne Minster, Hurn, Bransgore, Ringwood, Southampton, Weymouth, Blandford, Salisbury, St. We have been assisting people moving abroad for over thirty years and have become experts in the field.
We take care of every single stage of your move, so you can just sit back and relax, knowing that everything will be taken care of. We’ll also establish if there’s anything you want to have sent over later on and just kept in storage for the time being.
The result of all of these discussions will be a comprehensive moving plan that details every stage of the move to New Zealand.
If you have a lot of items, you’ll have your own container, but for smaller consignments, we’ll combine your items with someone else’s who is heading to the same destination. There are a huge amount of other things that need to be sorted out along the way and Britannia Movers International can help you with all of them.
Britannia can recommend a good pet transport company that can guide you through the whole process and ensure your beloved animals can be transported safely to your new home in New Zealand. Although your visa will have already been arranged in advance, you’ll still need to anticipate customs on arrival. You can of course still take luggage with you and keep some things back to make life easier while the majority of your household is at sea. Give us a call on 0845 600 6661 to speak to one of our international removal specialists and find out how easy it is to move to New Zealand. Town combines functionality and aesthetics, offering space to contain, from books to tableware, to furnish with solutions suitable for every need.

Double-Wall Fibreglass Storage Tanks fulfill all the requirements of SAFE Secondary Containment of Underground and Aboveground storage of Produced Water, Brine, Flare and Stack Waste, and other Non-Hazardous chemicals. Leonards, Lymington, Dorchester, Burton, Milford-on-sea, New Milton, Fordingbrdige, Verwood, Wareham, Swanage!
When you first decide to move, we’ll come to your home and go through everything with you, so you can expect us to be thorough. We will ask you about every single item you own, from your lounge to the contents of your loft, so the more assistance you can give us the better prepared we will be to make your move a success. Once dates are arranged we’ll then send round a team of packers to help you wrap everything up.
We recommend you have insurance for example, as things can get quite rocky on the ships during bad weather. Your items can take up to 14 days to be cleared by customs and delivered, so be aware of any delays once everything arrives in the country. Our storage services also give you the option of putting some things aside and we’ll then arrange to ship these over to you when you’re all settled in, taking some of the pressure off.
We’ll give you a full breakdown of the process and an idea of the costs of emigrating as well.
This survey allows us to ensure we have covered everything and that nothing is left unaccounted for.
We provide high quality packing materials, so you can have everything secured in bubble wrap, cartons and crates ready for the big international move. We can arrange to send your items via air if you’d prefer, although this is normally more costly.
Your items also need to have been owned for at least 12 months before you move them if you want them to be allowed into New Zealand duty free, so bear this potential cost in mind when planning for your move.
If you choose the door-to-door international removal service to New Zealand from Britannia, we’ll deliver your items to your new home and take care of that side of things for you.
We will then know exactly what you need to take with you and be able to provide the right materials and delivery vehicles accordingly. We have specially designed boxes for your items, so your clothes can go into portable wardrobe cartons, while mirrors and pieces of art will go into the correct boxes and can be crated should you wish to add that special touch.
It will however drastically cut down the delivery time, so it often depends on how quickly you need your belongings.
Britannia’s specialist staff will provide you with a full breakdown of what’s required and assist you with any documentation regarding your move.
We’ll work with you to find the most logical option for your move, and if that is a combination of shipping and air freight, we’ll manage it accordingly.

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