This photo is from a blog that no longer exists, unfortunately, but it follows the same idea as the ball corral, above. Where space is tight in a small kitchen, it is important not to waste even a millimetre of potential storage space.
You know you hate that feeling when you're forced to throw away something you're really sentimental about just because there's no more space in your house. As you spring clean for the upcoming Chinese New Year, I know many of you are wondering how can you possibly keep everything and yet still have enough space for people to walk through.
If there's no more space in your room for a study table, you can create a makeshift one by installing shelves by your bedside. Of course you could always transform the train table into something else such as a board games table and keep all your card games in the drawers. Building a platform bed with lots of cupboards and drawers underneath is perfect for concealing all the junk that you want to keep especially if you're a very disorganized person. This is for those with an annoying space between your fridge and the kitchen wall who just don't know what to do with it. Inspired by Julia Child's famous kitchen (which is now an exhibit at the Smithsonian), placing a pegboard in your kitchen is a practical way to store all your pots, pans and kitchen items. This modular multi-purpose furniture allows you to take it apart and put it back together into four different furniture - a table, a lounge, a sofa and a bed. A surround toilet cabinet is a great alternative to creating more storage space in your bathroom. Rarely the focal point of a room, the triangular shape of under-stairs space comes out from the shadows when fitted with display shelves and a small storage cabinet.

A reflection on your good taste, this under-stairs closet proudly announces its presence with mirrors cut to fit the angled shape. Shelves are dandy but storage solution aficionados know that drawers have two big advantages: They pull out for easy access, and their drawer fronts hide any messes from view. If you like these, you may want to take a spin through HouseLogic’s library of slideshows. No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project. A thin pull-out cupboard, with multiple shelves or racks, offers the perfect solution and makes food supplies easy to view and reach. Flip the bed up and it reveals a hidden storage compartment for you to store anything you want. In the day it acts as an office table and at night, it can be turned into a guest bed (without messing up the table!!!). Just throw all your books, notes, papers, files and what-not into it and no one can tell that you're that guy. They can appear to be too overbearing and it'd be such a waste of space if they're not being used. A tucked-away kitchen counter will prove to be a great help for those of you who love to be in the kitchen but just have nowhere to put down that mixing bowl. One way you could maximize the space in your small kitchen is if you build a canned food cabinet like the one pictured above. It also minimizes the time you spend searching for that mini pot to cook your maggi noodles at 2am in the morning.

Finding places to store all that Clorox and Sheltox, Pledge and Febreeze, brooms and dustpans can be frustrating if you have a small house.
This corner iron pipe bookshelf provides an aesthetically pleasing way for you to store your books without taking up much space.
Consisting of seven modules stacked on top of each other, it holds everything you need in a bathroom in one space! You can store all your toilet rolls there so you don't ever have to shout for somebody to get you more. Put school packs, shopping bags, and sunglasses right where you can nab them on your way out the door. Make a nifty hideaway in an under-stair nook, and add motion-sensor lighting that turns on when kids crawl inside (better yet, they automatically turn off after Junior exits). These storage solutions all around the house will have you celebrating your home just a little bit more.
Scroll down for this tutorial, although this post is full of other great garage storage ideas too. That little triangular area often has nothing going on behind it except raw, blank space you can put to good use.

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