When the floors are filled, the walls covered, and the closets brimming then, my friends, look to the space under the stairs. DIYLife has collected three clever options to squeeze some extra storage out of your existing space. Regardless if you are single, working parents or someone who loves shoes, storage has always been an issue and it is only natural that you would be on the look out for viable storage solutions in your home.

This includes finding the right shoe storage solution that will help in easing most of the storage issues you already have.If you have a policy that says shoes must be removed before coming through the door, you should also make arrangement for its storage since if left scattered everywhere, they could be, not just tripping hazards in your home, but also constitute a nuisance. Have you thought about creating bottom pull out drawers under your closet or wardrobe? Yes, you can carefully arrange your shoes in these pull out drawers, take them out when you want to use them and put them back again. You can create storage spaces right under the bench and they can come in the form of cubby holes.This method has saved a lot of homeowners who live in small spaces the hazard of tripping over shoes in their tiny mud rooms.

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