Self storage solutions in Toronto will save you from overflowing closets, being surrounded by stacks of important paperwork, or even allow you to squirrel away the contents of a family home if necessary.
Most self storage companies in Toronto also charge a mandatory monthly insurance premium, a set-up fee or refundable deposit.
All Canadian Self Storage has provided a place for Torontonians to store their excess stuff since 1997, making the business one of the first of its kind in the GTA.
Located in a former rubber factory, The Junction Triangle's Planet Storage has a range of drive-up, climate-controlled units, from 15 to 300 sq. Self Stor has two Toronto locations - one near Eglinton and Lawrence, and another close to Highway 427 and Dixie.
Instead of other self storage services I always prefer Centron Self Storage,and as stated prices starts from 154$ is Not true,I have stored with Centron at $99 for 4 rentals that far less than $25 of All Canadian storage.
All Canadian self storage never locks you into a contract, I needed storae for 10 days and they were able to accomodate me with no hidden Fees!
For those looking to move into or out of any storage faility in Toronto, feel free to reach our office to help you organize, pack and preapare for your upcoming move.
I have rented at the Scarborough location many times and I must say every time has been a pleasure.
I was very pleased with help,and the accommodating nature and great business practises used. I am very please with my choice I've made to store my personal belongs at All Canadian storage at 2256 Lakeshore Rd W. Staff and facilities are great, I have used other storage facilities in the past and they don't even compare to the quality of All Canadian self storage at Lakeshore & Parklawn and their staff. I came to pick up a truck at Weston road, U-Haul didn't book me into the appropriate time slot, so I called in to the location and spoke with Annessa. I have stored at All Canadian Self Storage Scarborough for over 1 year and their service was outstanding.
I am a regular customer at your U-Haul dealership at 2256 Lakeshore blvd Location ,the guys there are great ,always quick & easy.
I came in this morning to rent a U-Haul truck, and although I was an hour early the ladies helped me anyway! I've used the All Canadian Self-Storage on Laird a few times and they've been great every time.
I must say All Canadian Self Storage has to be the most professional self storage company in all the GTA.I have used the Laird and Scarborough location. Our storage units are protected by outstanding security systems, providing you peace of mind. Once you’ve gone through your closets and drawers, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re organizing as you’re putting everything back. It’s likely that once you’ve cleaned out the house, you’ll find a few items that your family doesn’t need anymore. And while you’re thinking about “freshening up”, book your family’s dentist appointments this spring too. Solutions – Your Organized Living Store is a Canadian retailer specializing in storage and organization products for the home and office. City council might not always like bike lanes, but the parking garage under Nathan Phillips Square is going to be getting a full-featured, $1.2 million bicycle storage area very soon. Approved 3-2 yesterday by the government management committee, the bike corral will include 380 secure storage lockers, four showers, pumps, and basic tools for minor mechanical tweaks.
Construction, funded under the revitalization budget for the Nathan Phillips Square, was deferred in July 2011 when it was discovered losing 24 parking spaces would cost Toronto Parking Services around $70,000 a year. Jared Kolb, Executive Director of Cycle Toronto, visited the garage on several occasions and found many of the spaces on the lower levels empty, generating zero revenue. If you go back and read the article you will see that the $70,000 in revenue is just a theory, the spots are empty most of the time.The cost of running the facility will be covered by the user fees.
Sure, there may be lost revenue from parking spaces, but think of the indirect benefits from eliminating the cars from the road: less pollution, less potential car accidents, less road congestion, etc. The loss of parking revenue is ok if in fact historical data shows that the garage is never full (though that also would mean the facility is being mispriced). My god, its almost as if they are using tax dollars to provide a service to the public (for a fee). Oh yeah, and speaking of the beloved home town of Doug Daley Ford, their stunning bike center cost $3.2M. 70K *might* be a theory but what frustrates me is that it IS possible to accurately estimate the true revenue per parking spot at City Hall and then charge accordingly to ensure that revenue isn't lost from this project. The cost of running the facility is covered by the fees, but as stated and by doing my own quick and dirty math, the rate they are charging won't generate revenue. I absolutely support building bike infrastructure in Toronto; I just think these decisions need to be financially sound.
At $2.15 a pop, even if they only rent out half the lockers that's still $150 000 a year, which blows away the supposed lost revenue from parking. If you look at the management committee documents, the reasoning initially invoked for not including a bike station with the Nathan Phillips Square revitalization was administrative: it would require an adjustment to the financial arrangements between Transportation Services and the Toronto Parking Authority. I am all for bike storage and showers but I am very skeptical that the city can provide in a clean secure facility. Here is hoping but I trust little in these types of promises; this will be a pipedream (storage only at best). Oh c'mon MH, you know the Nation never lets pesky things like facts get in the way of their outrage. I guarantee every hipster loser lefty commenting on here about how great it is to waste $1.2 million on these showers will not be using these facilities after they've been pissed all over by the homeless.
And it's not a lefty fantasy -- I'm a rightie and I support it because it is a proven piece of necessary infrastructure to encourage cycling (which right-wingers should support since it is very cost efficient and saves on road and transit expenses).
The Fords and their supporters like to ignore the fact that cyclists pay taxes at the same rate as motorists. The need for showers was sparked by the likes of you, trying to find any excuse regardless of how stupid they are to deny infrastructure for cyclists. Using joggers and pedestrians as an argument against investment in cycling infrastructure read as as meaningless rant not worth considering.
I'd be okay with it not having showers, or if the shower part of it were subject to a separate fee. What I find odd is that an initiative that would facilitate people commuting downtown by bike (thus freeing up road space and seats on transit) is somehow too expensive by definition, but having a bunch of parking spaces go unused most of the time, not bringing in revenue, is okay. Yeah, just like the existing shower-less bike station facilities with secured access have totally become places for the homeless to sleep in.
I don't understand why people are apoplectic when a project that serves cyclists does not generate revenue when projects that primarily serve automobiles can lose money. I just do not get the animosity towards a form of transit that affects people in no way whatsoever. If there is to be a lifetime initiation fee and monthly fees as well as daily fees for occasional users, as intended and as is the case with the city's other bike stations, then it will in fact generate revenue. I think there has been such a catering towards automobiles in Toronto that any attempt to right the balance towards other forms of transportation is seen as wasteful, unhelpful to the economy, and fringe.
They should worry about fixing the Gardiner and maintaining other high-volume motorways before fretting about lockers and other accessories for cycling.
As much as I would want an emissions-free world, the need for large scale transport cannot be denied. There's no red herring here, other than the one you are introducing by twisting my words around. Cycling is indeed a people mover; no one is implying it could be a heavy goods mover, and that argument in itself does not invalidate the value of cycling as a commuter mode of transport. And yet the millions needed to address that problem are there - it's the debate about whether to fix, replace or demolish the Gardiner that is delaying the process. It's awesome that the government would be putting tax dollars into use by providing a safe and secure place for people to keep their transport. Finding the right place to buy custom furniture in Toronto can ensure there really is no place like home. This place excels in all things furniture and lighting, with work that looks rustic, urban, modern, quirky, and timeless all at once. Biltmore Domicile specializes in upholstered custom furniture and takes pride in their construction; all their frames are made from kiln-dried Canadian maple, corner blocked, doweled, and screwed.

Specialists in creative recycling, Forever Interiors is known for their custom tables and unique pieces made of salvaged furniture, reclaimed wood, discarded doors, and other materials people would usually call "junk." A 5-foot by 28-inch table starts between $1000 and $1200, while a full-size 6-foot by 3-foot table starts between $1800 and $2000. Akroyd designs everything from dining tables and beds, to entire kitchens using local hardwoods (much of it from local Toronto fallen trees) and mixed media.
Industrial Storm molds materials like wood, metal and upholstery into tables, beds, sofas and chairs with an eclectic aesthetic. Canadian Salvaged Timber operates as a wholesaler of North American reclaimed wood, but also offers fully customizable furniture such as slab tables, shelving units, feature walls, benches and architectural elements built from salvaged wood.
The bulk of Kimberley Jackson's work is done in wood reclaimed from barn materials and steel, and while they're open to constructing an idea from scratch, they mainly tackle fully made-to-order designs on a case-by-case basis. Urban Tree Salvage is a good reminder that a piece of furniture wrought from salvaged wood is the epitome of one-of-a-kind design. Zenporium's genesis was inspired by the artisanal handiwork of furniture makers in South-East-Asia, and much like those craftsmen, they employ primarily salvaged and reclaimed wood in their custom projects. For the rest of the population who doesn't live in Rosedale, Ikea can be found in both North York and Etobicoke. BlogTO: you should be ashamed of yourself for encouraging your impressionable readers to go further into debt! You guys are crazy, if you spend money on a nice coffee table or chair, it's an investment that lasts 20 or more years. However, BlogTO readers--and that goes for the rest of the general population--can't afford to spend thousands or even 10s of thousands of dollars on furniture.
And that's why you and most others who consume to fill some void in their lives will always be working for money.
The saddest part is the amount of time you have spent on this website crying about overpriced custom furniture. I would like to commemorate you for an uncanny ability to save money and stay out of debt in this day and age.
It is great to see the food industry is taking baby steps to a better future but let's not stop there! They are a small shop located in Toronto that designs and build high quality furniture with affordable prices. Free jordans for sale onlineArrest Records Search: Courtclick provides instant gs jordans for salesearch results on Arrest throughout the Nation. As a website designer for a High End Furniture Maker I find the comments quite interesting.
If you want beautiful custom furniture for reasonable prices check out in the buff furniture. There are dozens of storage companies that will gladly keep your precious belongings safe from intruders, pests, and the ravages of winter ice storms or summer heat waves.
Because the billing period varies between companies, I've included an average price per day for a typical 50 square foot unit, which should make it clearer how much each charges to keep your stuff safe.
The Toronto and Toronto West locations have a handy drive-through layout that allows vehicles to pull right up to the units, which range in size from 12 to 300 sq. Can't imagine how anyone would be content with only accessing their stuff during business hours. I've used them for a month, and they pick up and deliver storage bins, which has been extremely convenient. I need to find professional for storage and I had no idea which companies are good, so thanks a lot again!
The fact that you can drive your truck right through the building puts them above the competition automatically.
Spring-cleaning is one of the best ways to welcome the new season, and here are a few tips and tricks to make sure the clean up goes smoothly. The good news is that the supply of good-for-you cleaning products is on the rise so prices are dropping.
Kitchen Stuff Plus and Solutions are in the neighbourhood and full of storage solutions from the small to the big. If this is the case, be sure to donate these things to others who could make good use of them. Before everyone heads off for summer fun, take care of your dental hygiene and you’ll feel fully refreshed.
The store offers a huge selection of innovative solutions for consumers, broken down into kitchen, closet, bathroom, travel, packaging, garage, home office, laundry, closet systems, shelving, collections, storage, trash and hooks departments. Doug Ford called the loss of revenue from the parking spaces "disgusting." "That's the gravy train.
A similar bike storage area with without showers is already open at Union Station - another at Victoria Park station accepted its first bike in May. Should the city be taking away more parking spaces and making it convenient to cycle to work, or is the money all that matters? If the city is in fact losing 70K in annual revenue from this, it should at least charge to make up that same amount. The (hopefully) business-minded people who planned this project should have already thought this through?!
That tells me that the city will not be loosing revenues, there is a good possibility it will be getting more revenue. There's a tiled room that resembles a bathroom, with a sink and a toilet (which AFAIK has never been operational), mainly used for storage. The project is part of the TPA funded renovations to the parking garage at NPS which also includes upgrades to the Bay Street ramp (the covered one), staircase entrances, and wayfinding in the garage.
Has anyone ever seen the public washrooms around, not many of them are a place I would want to spend any time getting change in (get in and get out). Get used to it, first we got a Hero Burger and now bike lockers and showers, I'm gonna be there all the time if not for lunch than for bike storage - CHEERS!! So they do not see this as an infrastructure project much like spending millions re-building the Gardiner or any other road construction.
If the bike parking were to become or be used as a homeless shelter then that means the parking garage already is.
You know the one, that all cyclist are sweaty and stinky when they ride their bikes to work.
It could even be funded in part by a corporate sponsor and open to non-users of the cycling facility. While yes, more ride in the summer and less ride in the winter, there are still many many cyclists that ride year round, and spring and fall is no hardship in Toronto. Do you fill with apoplectic rage when a new multi-story car park is built using taxpayer dollars? They see the attempt to diversity transportation possibilities as an imbalance because things have been set up to suit them. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thank you once again. Did someone actually say bikes would eventually replace trucks when it comes to moving heavy goods? It's true that $1.2 million could go towards road repairs, but do you know what the actual amount that the city transportation department has at its disposal for that item?
The backbone of industry might be HGVs, but how much of downtown traffic is really heavy goods? There are so many implications here for the people - like a healthier lifestyle, helping people to save money on transportation, a healthier ecosystem from less traffic pollution and congestion. From simple storage solutions to vintage woodwork, the options for customization are endless.
I suggest a visit to their showroom to get a better feel for Commute Home's unique aesthetic. In addition to custom orders, their entire showroom is filled with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that won't be found anywhere else in the city. They're the exclusive Toronto stockist of several international lighting companies, but they don't custom-make their own. They also work with live-edge slabs, which incorporate the natural edges and texture of the wood into the design.
It's good to note that any of their standard pieces--which already carry a distinct countrified aesthetic--can be modified in finish, color and size. Striving to use trees from the GTA that have fallen victim to infestation or urban development, their live-edged furniture reflects the unique character of the material.

They offer a diverse portfolio--from benches, to bar tops, to side tables (which start at $800), and going up to large-scale projects such as dining tables that can seat 20 (starts at $8000).
These are very expensive furniture stores, definitely not for even your above average income earner. They sell quality - I've gotten a few pieces from them including an amazing solid ash queen bed frame for less than $1k. And bragging about how other people have no money and will consume themselves into bankruptcy is extra points too. This is what things cost when they are made by your neighbours, and not made in factories overseas. Furniture manufacturing and wood working used to be a major Canadian industry but believe it or not we have lost it.
I don't know if the person that wrote this top 10 has done any shopping for custom furniture in toronto. Baker, that I get compliments on all the time (his work would look great in lots of the above stores).
They made our dining table with a stunning slab of salvaged, kiln dried Ontario black walnut, and they also made a wonderful custom metal base, all according to our specifications.
My partner and I have made a number of purchases of custom items there and haven't been disappointed. I think the average person has a hard time understanding that there is a small percentage of people that have incomes derived from success that enables them to enjoy the best.
All custom designed, hand drawen and hand crafted, Independent owner operator 25yrs strong.
The price you pay typically varies by size, features, and location: downtown units are unsurprisingly more expensive than ones in the suburbs.
Prices listed here do not include HST or any special offers, of which there are many available.
Bonus features include the free use of a cube van for moving valuables into the facility, full climate control, CCTV, and coded access.
If you are looking for self storage units don't hesitate to call All Canadian self storage!!! It’s very likely you can find a biodegradable cleaning product that’s priced almost the same as a regular product. In addition to innovative products and friendly service, Solutions offers a free in-store custom closet design service. Mary Fragedakis successfully motioned to waive the lost revenue pending final approval by city council next month. For anyone who has used it, it can be a very confusing and endless space (given that its one of the largest parking garages in North America) and these upgrades are sorely needed.
We are now providing a service to (possibly, depending on how many bicycles are being parked) 16 times more people, with the service paying for itself after the initial outlay to build the storage unit and showers.
I have my doubts that this can be delivered as promised I am sure it will kick off with a big splash and slide downhill from there 9as I assume the Union one has done). Not one of you will be caught dead in these germ infested rat holes - which is exactly what they will be in a few years.
Use a bit of logic and realize there is security in place at city hall to prevent it and the square being used for anything but it's intended purpose. Why is that project allowed to "lose" money and doesn't have to be revenue neutral?
Summer season is when most people ride but that is also vacation season where on average, 20% less people go to work on a daily basis.
I'm fine with them building bike storage, but there is no way it costs $1.2 million to put in some lockers and a shower area. Or that there is no way that both bikes AND trucks could be part of the overall transportation picture? Why shouldn't we be facilitating commuters who want to cycle (showers or no showers) if they work in businesses that are interrelated with industry? I think what's important would be to find out the number of people that do regularly use their bikes as transportation and it would give a better indicator on how much storage actually needs to be built. Few realize that furniture is actually the third most expensive purchase most people make, and often one of the purchases they know least about. They aren't cheap, but prices vary wildly depending on the project, so it never hurts to inquire.
Small decorative pieces and artwork start between $20 and $40, while full furniture rings in around the $1000 range. Prices start at $2000 for a loveseat, and can run up to $30,000 dependent on size, material, and number of pieces involved.
Prices for custom chairs begin at $900, while tables begin at $3000 and you can expect a turnaround of 8-10 weeks.
Tables begin at $1500 and costs vary depending on the size, design and material of the project. Tables tend to fall within the $1000-$2500 range, but they also apply a customized touch to cabinetry, such as buffets, dressers and wardrobes.
They provide a modest collection of previous custom projects for use as a launching pad, and mainly deal in tables, coffee tables, and benches--although they extend their aesthetic to wooden serving platters.
Personally, I make in the 60s, but with mortgage and living expenses, these pieces are just way too expensive and belong in luxury magazine. The designer allowed me to choose all the materials and made sure to stay within my price range.
They are located right in the Junction, and they were super helpful and friendly and even delivered and installed the piece for free. The experience was really great we bought 8 Briar Custom chairs which we were able to pick the fabric, stains, and the finishes we liked. Both locations offer beefy security - electronic access, CCTV, individual unit alarms, security lighting, and a sprinkler system - in units between 25 and 300 square feet. A second location near Dufferin and Finch offers the same locker for around $114 a month ($4.07 a day,) depending on availability.
I'm going to use them again this summer when I sublet my apartment and go travel for a bit. Metro grocery store at Yonge and Eglinton has a great selection of natural, organic, and biodegradable products. Clair Avenue West or call the Canadian Diabetes Clothesline to arrange a curbside pick up right from your home.
Funding is coming directly from the TPA who, as we all may remember, makes money by charging for parking spots. Because unless I'm mistaken, the idea behind increasing the mode share for cycling is to reduce congestion by addressing the use of *passenger cars*. Especially when it comes to pricier custom designs, it's best to spend a lot of time in the planning process and get as much advice as possible from an expert, while also considering pieces that can adjust and grow with new condo purchases or that eventual big move to the suburbs.
Tables start at $3200, coffee tables at $880, while custom benches start at a very reasonable $870.
If you can't afford it, it's fine but understand what it means to promote and value quality, design and your local economy. The price works out to around $5.53 a day and includes free use of dollies and handcarts, myriad security features, and pest and climate control.
They'll have to sell 44.5K of these memberships to even recover the cost of the project, aside from maintenance. It is also the wealthiest authority in Toronto, with surpluses every year for as far back as anyone wants to look.
This will complete waste of money and will be another underused fantasy project of the left. Furniture makers such as Sam Maloof (1916 - 2009) build art that can be enjoyed for many years. Personally I wish I could afford to furnish my entire home with custom furniture but for now I have to admire from afar. The price is in the high end of the spectrum but you do get what you pay for and its well worth it.

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