I was so glad that Brenda & Clint asked me to celebrate with them as their wedding officiant.
Brenda and Clint enjoying a fun moment, together with their wedding officiant, in greater Columbus, Ohio, at Darby House.A tender kiss for the bride and groom, now pronounced "husband and wife". I was very happy to be the officiant for Mai & Linh’s outdoor wedding ceremony in Columbus Ohio! I had the privilege of sharing in Rachel and Steven's wedding as their officiant in Columbus, Ohio! It was my honor to celebrate with Rachel & Steven as their wedding officiant in Columbus, Ohio! When looking for a wedding venue in Columbus, Ohio there is no place like Franklin Park Conservatory. Front - Colleen Tassone, Ariana Tyler, and Abbie Ingersoll; Center - Lauren Miller and Megan Heady; Top - Lauren Mack, Catie Devine, Mary Aluise, and Eliza Babarczy! Wedding Officiant, Damian King with Colleen Tassone and Ariana Tyler at Franklin Park Conservatory , Columbus, Ohio. Damian and Colleen discuss the uniqueness of Franklin Park Conservatory wedding venue.There are specific time frames built in with each event step very clearly delineated, so couples know what to expect and when. The staff also maintains a fantastic rapport with the vendors serving their couples, and have a "team mentality" when it comes to bringing about a successful wedding. These ladies are fun, professional, and do everything they can to give brides and grooms a fantastic wedding experience!All photographs in this entry are the artistic work of April King of Open Prism Photography.
The Columbus Athenaeum in Ohio, is one of my favorite venues to serve as the wedding officiant for brides and grooms like Katie and Mark.
Katie & Mark's formal pose with wedding officiant, Damian King in Columbus, Ohio A great deal of detail went into crafting the arrangement for this bouquet so that appears much like a work of art! This wedding bouquet is a work of art!Here I check in with the bride and offer a few words of encouragement to Katie. Katie & Mark used Master Mix DJ for their music and *Rachel's Cakes* for their wedding cake.
The Celtic meaning of the reed within the Ogham deals with themes of connectivity, networking and provision.
Although the reed isn't a tree, the druids viewed any large plant with a woody stalk to be a tree, and the reed was considered very important.
In the time of the ancient Celts their landscape held prolific reeds in swamp areas; some growing up to 20 feet tall.
All things of the natural world were honored by the Celts, and all things represented the connection with life.
References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. Kimberly & Roshan with Wedding Officiant, Damian King, at Dock 580 in Columbus, Ohio!Sometimes a wedding has unexpected moments of fun and festivity! Bride and groom kiss in the Palm House at Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Ohio.Everyone is very joyful and happy as the bride and groom begin making their way down the aisle!
The pleasure of being the wedding officiant for this wonderful couple for was a truly joyful experience. Installation of MLI after Columbus final hatch closure in Space Station Processing Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Florida, 22 October 2007. Darlene and Don's wedding day in Columbus Ohio at Jorgensen Farms.As you can see in this second photo we were having a lot of fun and enjoyed a great rapport. Wedding Officiant, Damian King, enjoying fun with bride and groom near Columbus, Ohio.You may kiss the bride! Bride's face says it all at her wedding ceremony in Westerville at Jorgensen Farms.Now I take care of the marriage license. Marriage License signed by wedding officiant Damian King of Columbus Ohio.Here the sun shines through above us as I stand with this happy couple. Darlene and Don at their wedding standing with their officiant near Columbus Ohio at Jorgensen Farms. Candle lighting and wedding sign for bride and groom, Darlene and Don, in country setting at Jorgensen Farms. It was my privilege to celebrate with Darlene and Don as their officiant on that very special day in Columbus, Ohio!
In order to personalize their ceremony for them, I had the honor of sharing a few thoughts with the guests. I am going to let these last 4 special images of Brenda & Clint's wedding day speak for themselves.

My heart sometimes jumps a little when I see a couple enjoy moments like the one seen below.
Take a close look at bride with father; then bride with father while she looks upon her groom.
This bride and groom chose an indoor ceremony with the delicious food served by the wonderful folks at Catering by Scott. I have the privilege of serving as the officiant for many brides and groom at this wonderful venue and the experience is always amazing. Ladies not present but missed - Brandon Peters & Alyssa Albertone!I had the opportunity to talk with Colleen Tassone and Ariana Tyler earlier this summer. Each couple also receives a personal wedding coordinator who does so much at the rehearsal and on the wedding day to make sure every need is met.
Many outdoor ceremonies take place here.Here you can see a little bit of what I was looking at. Stephen Canneto's NavStar sculpture can be seen in the distance.When I asked Colleen "If there were 3 things that make Franklin Park Conservatory truly stand out as one of Central Ohio's Premier wedding venues what would they be? The staff at this venue are very organized and punctual, and this can be very helpful as so much of a wedding is on a timeline! Wedding officiant, Damian King, checks in with bride before her ceremony in Columbus Ohio.One of my favorite parts of any wedding ceremony for me is when the words, "You may kiss the bride!", are spoken. Most likely you are not an ascetic, but you are willing to let go of comforts or habits when needed. The sun and the moon is at a hard aspect with Uranus and Pluto making this new moon intense.
Do your best to control yearnings formore and search for a creative solution for your inner dissatisfaction. An enchanting story captivates you and you are attracted to people whose speech is articulate or colorful. When there is a need to get to the heart of the matter, most certainly the Reed sign will find the core. Therefore, the reed was included in the Celts sacred Ogham because it met their criteria asa sacred organism, it was an extraordinarily useful plant, and it possesses a slew of noble qualities.
With such a presence, it stands to reason the reed held a place among the hierarchy of nature for the Celts. In this way, the reed was highly revered for its usefulness in the day-to-day practices of the Celts. Specifically, they would weave reeds together to make thatched roofs on their homes - some of which (when properly constructed) last up to a decade or more. In the hands of a good craftsman (and there were many among the ancient Celts), a reed would make a fine whistle, flute or recorder. As the offiicant for Kimberly & Roshan at Dock 580 in Columbus, Ohio, we enjoyed a unique moment captured by Mike Stempler of Shutterhead Studios.
Rachel and Elias begin their walk down the aisle at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus.In these next 3 photos Rachel and Elias can be seen together in the peacefulness and quiet joy of their love.
Location was Jorgensen Farms in Westerville.Darlene is filled with excitement and expectation, and feels happy and satisfied as the newly married bride!
The photographs in this entry were provided by Open Prism Photography and the work of Rebekah and April King. It is easy to enjoy this first photo with Brenda and Clint's look of delight as they gaze upon each other on this very special day.
One reason why this venue stands out is the dedication and professionalism of the staff at this Conservatory.
These ladies were kind enough to spend some time with me as we explored some aspects about this venue that distinguishes it from the rest. Brides and grooms are able to get the best of both the lush garden surroundings, and all the urban benefits of being situated close to downtown Columbus.
She said that they were the Botanical Gardens, the convenience and amenities, and the customer service. A very happy couple!Another great photo with the bride and groom with their bridesmaids and groomsmen in downtown Columbus. It is not the best time to make plans because they rarely turn out the way we have them planned. Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness run so close to the surface that others can almost feel the heat, and they are in direct proportion to our fear of losing something or someone dear to us.
Sudden changes of plans are likely, and could stimulate us to try new approaches and they certainly act to cut boredom.

A heavy dose of realism seems forced upon us under this influence, but our efforts to measure up to expectations can ultimately increase our confidence in our ability to be responsible for ourselves.
It seems that whatever we try to do goes nowhere or gets lost in a haze of misunderstanding.
You love a good story,and can be easily drawn in by gossip, scandals, legend and lore.
The Celts viewed this as an otherworld voice, and considered it a message of powerful importance. Mike back lit the precipitation in the dark and photographed a really fun and artistic image. The Palm House is such a fantastic location both for the plant life, and the lighting for photos! Their friend explained how they wanted a simple, yet intimate and meaningful ceremony at Jorgensen Farms in Westerville. You can contact Rebekah and April by visiting their website at the link provided or by calling 614-653-9082.
In this first photo, Katie and Mark are having a great time together as they stand outdoors in downtown Columbus.
The guests were cheering and I was over to the side enjoying the reaction of all those in attendance.
Avoid starting a new relationship at this time, because it can be characterized by these energies. This transit could offer us the drive to do something new, but avoid making hasty major decisions for the time being. We feel the constraints of time and are motivated by the desire to manifest tangible results. Taking time off, working quietly, or doing something primarily for the benefit of others without concern for personal gain is favored at this time.
These tendencies also make you an excellent historian, journalist, detective or archeologist.
Thinking in realistic and practical terms, and the need for tangible results for our efforts, is indicated. The bride and groom scheduled a meeting with me at our office and we began to design their personalized ceremony on the spot. They create a real "family feeling" at Via Vecchia, and take great pride in making people feel so welcomed. Avoid beating a dead horse and attempting to force matters that should naturally take time to unfold.
Sometimes, this transit correlates with unreciprocated feelings in love or romantic disappointment. The "highs" of a relationship begun under this energy may be thrilling, but the accompanying "lows" are bound to set in, and they can be extremely draining. Disorganization, lack of drive, lack of forethought, impracticality, and carelessness characterize this energy. I just wanted to share this one before a more complete blog about Kimberly and Roahan's big day at Dock 580. Circumstances now can push us to discover our own power--power that comes from a strong sense of self rather than superficial energy derived from manipulating people into doing what we want them to do. We are able to see matters, and people, from a different perspective--one that allows for, and even finds beauty in, differences. This can mark the start of a new project that involves communications, such as writing, speaking, reporting, etc.
The same goes for finances--what appears to be a great buy is likely to turn out to be a financial drain or money pit. A good time for financial undertakings involving electronics, technology, the internet, metaphysics, and the arts, as well as group activities.
Instead, work on a new plan for creating order in your life, or on an old project that requires a new commitment. Emotional energy is not enough to fuel us for the time being; thus we could feel sapped on a physical level.
However, making new commitments to old goals, shouldering responsibilities, and making careful use of our resources could feed our need for structure and order in our lives.

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