This car storage system was installed 12 years ago and consisted of 3 cantilever mobiles designed to take any size and weight of car. Get this free warehouse White Paper PDF from Raymond Handling Concepts and as a Warehouse Innovator we'll send you weekly articles, tips, blog posts and special offers designed exclusively for warehouse professionals. A new range of mobile racks is now available from Car-Rax helping you to make the very best use of limited yard space.
Each vehicle is supported by two 2,000mm long cantilever arms which are bolted directly to the columns and can be adjusted by 100mm above and below the standard position. Mobile units are delivered for self assembly on-site and should only be moved with a fork-lift truck capable of bearing the load safely.
For more information about the range of Car-Rax and for prices and delivery schedules why not call us now on 0114 244 0100. Our 20 foot containers for vehicle storage have an outside dimension of 20' x 8.5' x 8', making them an excellent choice for portable onsite storage. Our 20 foot steel containers are an ideal choice for short term or long term vehicle storage space.
Facebook Twitter Google+Clutter is a constant battle in small spaces so you need to be really clever about how you organize the space you have, no matter how tiny it is! There’s really not much to this, you just need to buy your magnetic strip online and put it somewhere handy in your bathroom. There’s a lot of dead space under your sink, so utilizing it with trash bags rolls is an awesome way them organized and means you’ll never have to go hunting for bags again! I love this idea, because it means we get to recycle plastic containers into something really functional and cool looking – but mainly because it’s oh so cheap! Here’s another easy little project that will really help you get all your toiletries organized!

Garage Storage Ideas – Shelves And Racks - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. The longest ever stored was a 7 metre (23 foot) Cadillac and the heaviest was 2200 kgs (4,840 lbs).
This mobile racking is specially designed so that it can be easily handled by fork lift trucks allowing you to move two cars rapidly from one location to another without incurring damage and maximizing your space. One pair of cantilever arms is designed to support a uniformly distributed load of 1500kgs.
All components have a hot-dipped galvanized finish to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 to provide long term protection. What makes these wicker baskets so great is that they’re really deep so can store loads of towels, toilet paper and toiletries.
If you have all of 30 seconds just bang a nail in your wall and add a hanger and hey presto you’ve got an instant sunglasses organizer.
We all know we can use jars to store pretty much anything under the sun but if you follow this tutorial you’ll be able to use your storage as a decor piece.
Another great thing about this storage device is that the containers are detachable – so if you have crayons for kids (for example) you can take the container down, let the do their artwork wherever they want and when they’re finished they can pack the crayons back in and hang it up on the wall! Designed to BS5950 structural use of steelwork, with loadings in accordance with BS6399 Part 1. Some of the ideas below literally take a few minutes to do whilst a few others are slightly bigger projects – but they can be easily carried out by anyone with basic DIY skills. Get a couple of these rustic wire baskets online, and all you need is 4 wire clamps and screws to mount them to your wall. Once again it will only take a few minutes to put them up – but you can see what a difference they make!

You’ll need magnetic buttons, magnetic tape strips, sheet metal a frame and a few other bits and bobs…so check out the video below for this awesome tutorial! All in you could probably make this mason jar organizer for about $12 – and how cool does it look! If you have one of such garages you can implement several thoughtful storage solutions there and it will become much more useful space. And if and when you move to your next place, it takes two minutes to take the tension rods down and put them up again.
The grommets are a bit tricky to put in – and make sure you use a ruler to keep them all spaced out and in line. We gathered for you some storage ideas that show how you can use shelves and racks to organize all that stuff.
Special box beams made by a local racking company were required to cope with the deflection. Also, try and get fairly wide grommets as the ones I used were a bit small for some of my wires…and that was mucho annoying! Enjoy… 17 March, 2011 Mike You may also like18 Smart DIY Garage Organization Projects98 The Most Cool DIY Storage Projects Of 201530 Cool DIY Storage Furniture, Containers And Boxes17 DIY Space-Saving Bathroom Shelves And Storage Ideas7 DIY Smart Stairs Storage Tutorials9 Smart DIY Bathroom Storage Pieces MORE ABOUT Other garage ideas garage organization ideas garage storage ideas garages What do you think?

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