Many an iPhone user has, at one point or another, cursed their device’s lack of expandable memory and or removable battery. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The adjustable, rotating universal belt clip keeps mophie cases, Apple devices, or any smartphone secure at your side.
Use the WiFi Space Portal to access, back up, and transfer files with your Mac or PC wirelessly and control access with a unique security code.
Starting at $149, the Mophie space products combine added battery power and added storage space. Mophie also offers a Space Pack for iPhone 6 Plus that includes a smaller 2,600mAh battery but the same storage options. The Mophie Spacestation is a portable battery and storage solution that works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC. Now that Mophie has become a household name for adding battery life to your mobile devices (and doing it with some cute cuddly dogs, if you were at SXSW), it’s moving on to the next phase of #firstworldproblem: Mobile storage capacity.

Here’s how it works: Just pick the Space accessory you prefer and download Space, Mophie’s free file manager app. Both the Space pack and Spacestation can provide up to 128GB of additional storage, with the latter accessory supporting both Android and iOS devices and can power a device up to three full cycles per charge.
Space pack and Spacestation start at $149 for the 32GB version; the iPad mini version of the Space pack starts at $199.
Natt Garun is the US Editor at The Next Web, managing the North American team on content, events, features and reviews coverage. Space Pack storage options include 32, 64, or 128GB, and when using the Space app, you can easily transfer files between the supplemental storage and your phone. Adjust the dock to perfectly cradle your mophie case and start charging your phone and battery case together on contact. Daniel Huang, mophie CEO and Co-Founder describes the product in a press release, “Space represents another opportunity for us.
This means you can carry up to 256GB of storage on your iPhone, if you go for the biggest storage option.

Previously, the company offered a Space pack that triples as a protective case, extra battery and space storage via Mophie’s Space app. Much like storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, your content is automatically synced to Space while also backing up files to the local hardware so you’ll always have access to your photos, videos, music and documents. The case – with built-in Wi-Fi – is no slouch either, with an integrated LED power indicator that shows your battery level and charge status, and Mophie’s Impact-Isolation System promises excellent protection during drops. With qualifying pricing, select "Free Shipping" during checkout after adding shipping code.

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