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What fascinates me is that the minute I saw a picture of the completed painting on Facebook, I looked at it and said, "That painting is mine." Not "I hope I win it," or "Wow, that would look great it in the house," but just a rock solid knowingness that the painting was mine. I rarely if ever feel such certainty and I don't know what it is about this painting that spoke so strongly to me but everything about it has clicked.
Now when I wake up in the morning and glance out in the hallway, I see this amazing piece of art that reminds me not only of the beautiful people who created it, but of the absolute knowingness that surrounded me when I saw it.
I believe if I open myself up and listen more, I can find that sort of certainty in other areas of my life. The most common sizes in the 2-story barn series are 16'x16', 16'x20', 16'x24', 16'x28' and 16'x32'.
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The new version of my site is under construction and will be published by the end of the year. At Mack and Mack June 15, 2013 for The Collabative's debut showThis featured artist interview ends with my guest Dave Fox playing one of several pianos that fill his spacious office.
Getting ready for the showThere are undoubtedly many accomplishments of which he can be proud yet Dave does not give one the impression that he ever feels the need to point them out, drop hints or invoke them through innuendo. My YouTube Channel where videos will all be available after they've been published in my blog. Many thanks to Dave Fox and Greensboro College for graciously hosting us for this interview and to Melody Watson for her inspiration, technical, and blogging expertise. As we promote our new-and-growing website, it's very important that we learn how people use it.
We decided to welcome you through this landing page; we will appreciate having information regarding the numbers of visitors who entered our site in this way. The problem is that it's a BIG wall, but we can't hang anything with big images because there's no way to back up enough to get an overall view.
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I found myself transfixed as he elicited tone after beautiful tone, his hands moving across the keys with grace and precision.
Instead, there is just an everpresent glint in his eye that tells you he is already visualizing and planning the next project, the next lesson, the next gig and they are each exciting to him in their own ways.
The Creative Center of Greensboro raffled off a painting done by four of artists who have studios there. The colors are stunning and compliment the other art we have hanging and even Blair--who's not always the biggest fan of abstract art--instantly loved it. With new students, varying band members and gigs in venues throughout the state, Dave manages to keep things fresh and vibrant moving fluidly through these ever-changing scenes. It is also the product of a lifetime of acquired knowledge, practice, application and passion for music in its many forms and means of expression. For a man in perpetual motion, he seems to have found a rhythm that allows him to keep the pace while appearing to be ambling along in a laid back, free and easy style. It is all that wrapped up in a man that just can't wait to share it all with a friend, a band mate, a classroom full of students, or an audience.
Part of being talented is the ability to make what, to the casual observer might seem difficult, look easy. There's a lot more to know about him, but somehow these images seem most poignant and serve to portray the essence of who he is.

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