There's still a ton of MS Walks happening across Canada all though out May so check out their website to see if you can participate in your community.
I've been thinking about re-branding this site for a while now and I'm finally pulling the trigger.
Three years of content takes a while to migrate so I'm going into maintenance mode for a bit.
I'll be giving you guys a heads up on social media when I'm almost ready to launch and this URL will eventually re-direct to the new site so you'll be kept in the loop! I’ve got a decent routine down each night so I can make sure everything is ready to go for the next day.
But I still had a lean, green, and clean eating day thanks to the enormous Sunday meal prep. Full disclosure: they did send me a few products for free to test out about a year ago but I have purchased the protein powder over and over again on my own because I love it. I spent 9 hours on my feet on Saturday night working my serving job so I loved going to surfset Sunday morning to get the blood pumping and my lower body stretched out real nice.
The surfset instructor has a yoga background so we spend around 10 minutes at the end of class doing a lot of stretching and yoga poses.
As you may already be aware, the number one resolution I made for myself for 2012 was to try my hand at running a half marathon! A great tactic for the Marketing, the information infographic is being used to draw attention to all of the coupons available on the site related to Dick’s Sporting Goods. I love the visual Half-Marathon Training Calendar!  Even though these are just stacked bars, the reader can quickly understand a lot about the increasing training regiment required. I would love to do this but I fear the time commitment it takes and the restrictive eating.
To save my sanity, I’m going to try and run as many of my scheduled runs as I can on an indoor track.
The TRIP Database is a clinical search tool designed to allow health professionals to rapidly identify the highest quality clinical evidence for clinical practice. How does it sound to be a man who, as a child, couldn’t walk till he was five due to a birth defect, first took up marathon running when he was in his late 80s and completed a marathon when he was 102? Ever since Boston, inspired by the 1896 Olympics, started the first ever city-based marathons in 1897, it’s become fashionable for cities around the world to host their marathons. Several years ago, having followed the news of these much publicized events for several years, it gave me great pleasure to know my city Kathmandu was going to have its own marathon. I am eagerly looking forward to Sept 21 so that I can be standing with thousands of other people to make the marathon even another memorable one. Obesity, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases are easily becoming the most prevalent disease conditions for people around the world. This was our 3rd year walking it (we've participated every year since Mike's diagnosis) and I'm always impressed with the turnout. I LOVE Running Tall and it was a name that totally fit me when I first started blogging and getting into this whole fitness thang.
I currently use Squarespace and while it's been great for learning how to blog and all that fun stuff, I'm in the middle of migrating my site to Wordpress. I'll still be active on social media (#BIKINISERIES will still be going STRONG) so we can chat there. I'll be taking these answers to heart and will work hard to incorporate them into this site. I’m not craving anything, my workouts and eating have been on point, and I have motivation coming out the wazoo.

There are a lot of people new to Tone It Up this year that purchased the nutrition plan and bundles that came with Perfect Fit protein…and that stuff is alright (IMO). NCN is a Canadian company and their products are available at local stores (for me at least). Mike was in the throes of studying since he has a biology final today so it was a low key weekend. I fully understand that the results I achieved with the program are not the full results I could have potentially achieved if I completed the entire 3 months. The first phase seemed difficult at the time, but looking back now, it would be relatively easy to complete with my newfound muscles (which way to the beach?).
In fact, I felt like I was overeating at times and completing cut out the after-dinner snack after the first few weeks. It’s a great program for athletes of all levels and (if followed properly) will give you amazing results in 3 months. If I were to do this program again (which I’m planning on doing in the near future), I would definitely take pictures.
My back, shoulders and arm muscles really came out during this program and it made me a happy camper. I couldn’t even fathom doing a workout without hitting a cardio machine or going for a run. Four miles used to be my breaking point of interest, but now it’s more like two miles. We have a windchill warning in effect right now – exposed skin will get frostbite within 10 minutes of being outside. There are a few voice guided sequences, but the ones I’m most interested in are the pre-run and post-run ones.
I've transferred all the Running Tall posts over there so you'll have access to the same content in case you're rooting around for a workout, recipe, or specific post. However, I feel like I've changed since then and want to start taking this site a bit more seriously.
So much coffee was needed that Wednesday morning when I had to get up from my big girl job. I did order it about 2 years ago when it first came out and it was fine but I found the stevia taste very overwhelming and the texture was pretty chalky when trying to mix it into smoothies and raw recipes. My local Bulk Barn carries their products in their health section so no need to panic when I run out! I never was confused or struggled to determine if it was okay to eat something – the plan laid it out so well. I was able to view forums, look up questions, watch review videos, and read testimonials before and during the program.
The phased approach allows you to build a basic knowledge base and this knowledge gives you a great intro into living a healthy lifestyle.
After phase one, I felt like a bloated blimp due to lack of cardio but definitely saw some muscles starting to pop out.
I’ve seen many variations of this challenge (1 minute plank every day, hold a plank as long as you can every day, etc) but I’ve decided to follow Liz in the pursuit of a 5 minute plank! The only reason I have been training on a treadmill instead of the ground is that my gym doesn’t have a track.
This is my first attempt at a dessert without a recipe so I want to get it deliciously perfect! The 7th edition of Kathmandu Marathon is on Sept 21st 2013 and everyone remotely considering participation should look up Mr Fauja Singh and read his story.

While diet and lifestyle choices contribute greatly, physical inactivity also has its important role to play in the development of these pandemics. I just ran out of my second tub of vanilla this past weekend so I need to swing by Bulk Barn soon….
First and foremost, I put together a handy little marathon training schedule that will help me prepare for the run of my lifetime, I also did tons of research regarding super foods that help sustain energy, and lastly I created this infographic so that all of you can learn a little bit more about what it takes to run a half or full marathon! The program comes with different nutrition guidelines for males and females, but the fitness program is the same for both genders. All the moves you perfect in phase 1 lay the foundation for more intricate and complicated moves in phases 2 and 3. Not doing any cardio truly made me focus all of my energy into lifting and trying to lift heavier each time. I started listening to her podcasts when I was running outside in the summer and fall, but they’ve fallen to the wayside as of late. Looks fun :) When I used to do more treadmill stuff I would play little games with myself about how fast I could do a part of a mile, or how long I could go at a certain incline, or try to beat whatever I had done last time. Also, if you feel that marathons or half marathons are not your cup of tea, knowing about Mr Singh can inject a self-belief you never thought you had. Participation by political leaders and celebrities provides impetus to the event and easily publicizes the events to a wider audience swelling number or runners to more than 20,000 in some cases. Non-resident Nepalese (NRN) too held a mega event Springwood NRN Kathmandu International Marathon 2007. I have some sweet goals for this series and am pretty excited to commit to TIU challenges again - #150bysummer is going down for real this year.
The program is broken down into 3 phases for optimum muscle building and fat shedding results. Before I would go to the gym, I would watch the moves that I wasn’t too familiar with to make sure I knew the proper form.
It's necessary to put the time in, but it can be a barrier some people (me included) need to get over to really stick with the program.
Also, this was that time I had that horrible sunburn (take a look at the brutal lines on my neck). Truthfully, if there would have been cardio in the first phase, I don’t think I would have had such success with weights and muscle building.
People travel across oceans to participate and at times, not everyone who enters gets to run due to a very high demand.
I had never really lifted like that until this program – to be honest, the weight room always scared me a bit. Yes the food gets old, or bland, and you get sick of egg whites, but it's something that has to be done if you want to transform your body. I'm proud of my results with my LiveFit journey and that's what I'm attempting to show here.
Now I know enough basics for each muscle group that I feel confident rocking it out in the weight room.

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