When it comes to searching for a commercial property in South Florida, it is always best to have some direction.
Professional Office – Does your business require a professional environment that is typical for your industry? Warehouse – If your business needs to store inventory and make regular shipments, warehouse space might be necessary.
These are three main areas of commercial real estate that will help give you a better understanding of the type of property and location you require for your business. Genet Property Group offers commercial properties, office space and warehouse space, each having unique locations and designs. Contact our professionals in South Florida and get ready to make a positive change for your business.
The real estate market in South Florida follows trends like most industries but the commercial market is distinct from the residential.
Genet Property Group has focused attention on commercial properties in various cities across South Florida.
Hollywood – The city of Hollywood has a rich history of everything from calm suburbs to a lively beach life. Sunrise – This area has experienced a huge increase in residents and businesses over the past few decades. These are a few of the top cities in South Florida and commercial real estate in those areas is a great place for your business. Genet Property Group offers commercial properties, office space and warehouse space each having unique locations and designs. Choosing the right place to lease commercial real estate is an important business decision.
In most cases a lease will require a significant commitment of time on the part of the business that allows for a company’s needs for long term growth. All of these factors have led to a significant increase in the popularity of short term lease options for business owners in certain situations. For a new or growing business, the flexibility of a short term lease can make to easier to expand when it is ideal for the company and not solely based on the terms of a lease contract. If you aren’t sure if a location or office size is right for your company, a short term lease allows you to test out the space to see if it works for you.
If your business simply needs temporary storage space, a short term lease can give you the space you need without paying for unnecessary months.
If you have additional questions about short term leases, or have any general questions about leasing commercial real estate in South Florida, contact Genet Property Group by calling 954-572-9159. Those of you who work in commercial office space in South Florida know that sitting behind a desk focusing on a computer screen is a standard posture for the majority of your work week. For any questions about leasing commercial real estate in South Florida, contact Genet Property Group.
If you are a business interested in leasing commercial real estate in South Florida, you have a lot of things to consider.
Office Landscaping is term used to describe the different elements in the office that can bolster productivity and employee happiness. Leasing office space in South Florida is an important decision, and you should always speak with a reputable leasing company before making any decisions. Research shows that in commercial properties in South Florida, productivity is being lost at the altar of the open office. While leasing office space in South Florida, you could also partition it into specific areas. If you have any questions about leasing office space in South Florida, contact Genet Property Group at 954-572-9159. Most changes that affect how a business is structured usually also touch on the design and general outlook of the office space for lease.
Office arrangement will indeed affect the way in which tenants choose any property and warehouse space for lease to set up their business.
This simply means instituting changes that collaborate with the growing South Florida real estate needs while still maintaining a professional office space of the company or firm.
If it is not possible to institute individual offices, steps should be taken to ensure that few as five or less people are actually sharing an office at any one time. Business managers should think along technological paths in order to setup and implement business plans when it comes to warehouses in Broward County. For most warehouse space in Miami, work spaces should be designed with careful space allocation.
Finding the right office space for lease is a big decision, and one that needs to be well thought out in order for it to work for your company. The amount you can budget for your professional office space is an important consideration. If you work with a company that specializes in property management in South Florida, its staff can help you find the ideal office space for lease.
Choosing your business location can be one of the most important decisions you make as a business owner. Depending on your business, it can either be a minor benefit or a necessity to be close to your customers. If you have questions about leasing commercial real estate for your office space or warehouse space in South Florida, contact Genet Property Group.

As a result of the changing nature of the workforce, a number of new methods for reinventing the office have become popular recently. In order to maximize the benefit of this premise, the Public Office Landscape design reflects three major principles: The first is to encourage collaboration by putting employees working on the same project in desks that face each other and share table space. The concept of flexible office space in South Florida is gaining traction, and one of the best ways to implement this principle is by leasing office space from a commercial real estate company that offers flex space.
That being said, there are so many different locations and types of commercial real estate that it is often overwhelming to start from scratch. This is commonly required for lawyers, doctors, therapists, developers, and others that provide professional services.
These are not destination stores but those that prefer to be in a plaza with other larger or smaller complimentary retailers. Our properties have exteriors that are inviting to visitors and interiors that make it enjoyable for business owners and staff to come to work every day.
We invite you to visit any of our properties, schedule a viewing and a member of our team will be glad to show you around.
When leasing commercial space in South Florida it is important to find the right balance between cost and having the logistical assets your company needs to grow and be successful.
However, commercial real estate has been recovering rapidly over the past couple of years in South Florida according to several authoritative reports, putting additional pressure on business owners. A short term lease can provide added flexibility to a business, when short term special needs are required. These tips will help you feel as healthy in the commercial real estate for lease as you do at home. Although pinning the phone between your shoulder and ear is an instinctive move, it could cause strain to your neck and back. Call our professional staff for information on office space and warehouse space in South Florida 954-572-9159. Location, cost, and nearby amenities are all important factors when choosing between commercial properties that have office space for lease. Have areas for collaboration between employees and use furniture than can be used for meetings, individual projects, and anything else that might arise.
Not only will this give your company a positive impression when clients and customers come to visit, but it will put your employees in a good mood right when they get to work. For more information about leasing office space in South Florida, contact Genet Property Group by calling 954-572-9159.
If you have the luxury of doing so, use sound-deadening features in your commercial real estate for lease. Experts on property management in South Florida insist that expensive commercial property that is poorly configured will sell less when leasing commercial real estate in South Florida. This design in industrial properties usually has a common conference room at the centre of these cubicles where meetings can be aired.
However, it recommends that employees be allowed to work in spaces they find most convenient. They should make advancements that allow them to utilize technological tools such as laptops, cellular phones and internet services to improve their businesses.
For instance, a conference room in West Palm beach or Fort Lauderdale has to have the biggest office in the company with a printing office need not be more than eight by eight feet.
Fortunately, there is a great deal of Florida real estate to choose from so finding just the right property when it comes to leasing commercial real estate in South Florida should be quite easy. You need to try to project a bit into the future, and ensure that the space you rent is going to be large enough for you in a few years. Be aware that you will likely pay less for office space on the outskirts of West Palm Beach then if you choose a location right in downtown.
Simply list your requirements, as well as your budget for rent, and these knowledgeable professionals can find the ideal office space. The right location can literally be what determines whether your business succeeds or goes bankrupt. For South Florida business owners, this means that choosing the right location to lease office space or lease warehouse space in an increasingly competitive commercial real estate market is even more important. If your business is a traditional storefront that sells products and services, you’ll want to be as close to your customers as possible, preferably in a highly trafficked part of town.
In addition to receiving shipments more quickly than you would if suppliers are based on the other side of the country, local suppliers can be more responsive to your needs, and can even be paid a visit if products do not arrive on time or are of an inferior quality. When choosing a location to lease your office space, you should also consider other local amenities, such as restaurants and dry cleaners that could make the lives of your employees a little easier.
An increasing amount of work is done online, and telecommuting is increasingly practical and common. One example is the “Public Office Landscape” system, designed by Yves Behar of Fuseproject and featured in a Wired Magazine article. The second is to increase the ways in which employees collaborate by creating additional creative spaces to work in, including “cafe” style tables and open-air “social pods”. Genet Property Group is an experienced and professional commercial leasing company based out of South Florida that specializes in commercial flex space for businesses.
The form has specifics as to what is to be placed in the rented space and the length and terms of the rental.

At Genet Property Group, we manage all types of commercial property across South Florida and can help guide your search to find the perfect location for your business. These offices are traditionally located in an office center rather than a retail plaza or flex space. Keep in mind where your inventory is going and how shipments are completed, as this might determine where your warehouse needs to be located.
It is important that the plaza be on a busy street, easily accessible, and have great visibility.
Commercial property is designed to service the residential communities in the surrounding areas. We manage several properties in the Sunrise area from Office, Warehouse and even a Retail Plaza. Our properties have exteriors and interiors that are inviting to visitors and make it enjoyable for business owners and staff to come to work everyday. When signing a long-term lease, business owners must decide if they want to pay more for space they don’t yet need in expectation of expanding, or save money but risk outgrowing the space they commit to.
Although leasing commercial real estate in South Florida through short term lease terms is not necessary most of the time, there are some situations in which it is particularly beneficial. If possible, have natural sunlight from windows wherever possible, and use LED lighting instead of fluorescent lights. Along with flexible furniture, an open floor plan can help keep workers happy and productive.
Making your reception area warm and inviting is easy; simply get some artwork, use warm lighting, and have comfortable seating.
What about the aspect of whether an individual work space increases productivity among the workers? By encouraging your team to interact on a personal level, you can foster a healthy work environment. It is a room to stretch out and focus on the task at hand while still keeping your employees nearby for a quick brain storm. The idea is to help your team build the kind of rapport that makes thinking and creating together a fun experience. Here are a few of the best trends proven to work, especially when it comes to plantation offices for lease. Care should be taken in instituting this idea in Broward County offices for rent since some employees can take advantage of the situation to avoid work.
If you need warehouse space for lease, in addition to an office, you need to figure in the size for that as well.
If your business doesn’t require customers to physically visit, it can still be nice for them to stop by if they have a question or concern they’d like addressed in person. A recent article in the Sun Sentinel said that 42 percent of South Florida workers considered telecommuting their “best perk”.
The Public Office Landscape is based upon the premise that creativity and collaboration are the fundamental benefits to a traditional office space in today’s technologically networked world. The final principle is to have office furniture that is ergonomic and flexible, allowing for multiple configurations depending on a company’s ever-changing needs. If you have any questions about flex space or you would just like more information about renting office space in South Florida, call us at 954-572-9159, or visit our website. When looking at where the top cities for commercial property are located it’s also relevant to understand the residential market as well. There are many professional offices and other services that are essential to the residents of the surrounding areas. We manage a medical building around the corner perfect for those seeking a great location for a medical practice.
Fortunately, with a few adjustments to your South Florida office space for lease, you can break the bad routine at work. Other than ending up with stiff necks and lower back pain, sitting posture has also been associated with everything from greater risks of varicose veins to a greater risk of varicose veins.
Not only is light from the sun and LEDs less expensive than fluorescent lights, but it is less harsh as well.
On the other hand, is it possible to create a better environment by giving everyone their own private workspace?
However, if clients will need to come to the office, you will want to make doing so as convenient and easy as possible for them.
However, for most businesses, leasing commercial office space is still an important part of doing business. Our Delray Beach Professional Center is ideal for those seeking an office location for their business.
You can accomplish this by choosing commercial properties that are near other business hubs. A business that needs access to main highways and even to the Port of Miami, will discover a lot of value in locating their business at a commercial property in Miami-Dade.

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