Thrilled to be included in February 2012's Long Island Bride & Groom Magazine and have East Coast presence.
Some tips that have been described above should help you in designing a Hidden Kitchen Storage.
Everything is on wheels, so it can easily be moved for special projects, a garage redesign, or just to get a broom back there and keep things neat.
The back wall has racks mounted for storage of larger items like yard tools, power tools, ladders and whatever other fun stuff finds its way into the garage. Whether you'd like small changes made to our original designs or have big dreams of a special piece designed from scratch, give us a call! I have one last room to discuss from the re-design of the original eighteen bedrooms at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. Interior Designer Michael Tavano called his bedroom suite "Orange You Glad There's a Ronald McDonald House?" His bold color choice of Benjamin Moore's Fiesta Orange for the wall color gave the room immediate warmth and set the stage for a lively palette of complementary colors. Rather than bring the Fiesta Orange paint color up to the ceiling, Michael added architectural molding around the room at the height of the window wall and painted the walls above the molding and the sloped ceiling a cool sky blue. Another great design feature was the assortment of spherical pendant lights Michael added to illuminate the room. Michael's flame stitch fabric choice for the headboards and bed skirts was a wonderful addition of pattern to the room. In another delightful addition of pattern, Michael had a focal wall painted in vertical stripes.

Laurie, the three posts you've written about the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island are a beautiful way to congratulate the designers and Kravet for this wonderful initiative and all of the love, attention to detail and the cause, and caring that all parties involved expressed. If you prefer the durability and quality, it would be much better if you choose a metal cabinet that is equipped by a couple of shelves and drawers. We have a tall, double door cabinet at the back of the garage, open shelving topped with work surfaces , and a workbench with both of the above plus custom racks for tools and hardware. Ovens, a coffee machine and a sink are all accommodated in the facing wall, together with plenty of storage space for food and cooking utensils.
I saved this bedroom for a solo post because its design so satisfied one of the chief objectives of this project, which is to raise the spirits of the families residing at the Ronald McDonald House while a critically-ill child undergoes treatment.
By doing so, Michael moderated the saturated orange tone, balanced the proportions of the room and gave the room's inhabitants a calming vista to gaze at while drifting off to sleep.
Using several of different sizes and colors consumed the extra volume of the vaulted ceiling and brought it down to human scale. The spherical lighting fixtures, serpentine cornice and arched headboards balanced the angles of the sloped ceiling and furniture in a playful way. On a practical note, Michael used slipcovers of washable outdoor fabrics from Kravet to make the bedroom easy to maintain.
Giving back in yet another way, to paint the wall, Michael commissioned graduates of the nonprofit Alpha Workshops Studio School. That is in fact one of her goals - to turn her clients into meaningful art collectors (more on that in the next post).

Actually, if you have the ability to decorate the room, you can make a DIY hidden storage based on your own creativity. In addition, it would be better if you give door on the cabinet to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen equipment.
The important thing is that you can adjust the layout and a kitchen decoration to make it does not seem cramped. As an alternative, you can redesign your unused wardrobe into multifunctional kitchen cabinets.
Furthermore, you also have to find a lot of references to choose the right color for the kitchen cabinets. Nowadays, there are a lot of accesses for you to find the most appropriate way to put hidden storage in the home without the help of the installer.
For example, you must provide two separate places for kitchen appliances that made of metal and wood.

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