If flexible family accommodation, high quality build and fittings, delightful soft furnishings and enough specification to satisfy family needs all for a mid-range price are on your caravan wish list, then consider the Elddis Avanté 556. It has the star triple-bunk layout that has swept into the caravan market and has fast become the number one for families. There are compromises, of course, in order to get so much accommodation into a short length.
The base bunk folds up to create a huge storage area – great for transporting the water containers. At the opposite end of the caravan are settees long enough to make single beds (or a double, of course). Kitchen surface space is confined to a hinged extension which comes out over the nearside settee. In the washroom, the shower is separated from the toilet and tip-up basin by a substantial plastic partition which folds into two sections out of the way against the offside wall and easily clicks into place across the little room when in use.

The plus-point here is that, although the shower shares its room with the loo, it can be separated, so you only have to dry out the tray, not the entire compartment, after each shower. It gives you beds for six on one axle, in just 5.4 metres of body, and weighs only 1332kg (MRO).
Look at it this way: Two can sleep on the bunks, leaving either top or base bunk for storage.
You have dining or lounge seating for up to six and storage space, everywhere, matches the six-berth brief in terms of clothing, bedding and other essentials. So your organisational skills will have to be used to juggle food prep with the need to keep the hob and sink covers down when you need the surface space. Add in little features like the washroom-length towel rail and you have an excellent package.
And the shower is fine for slim or small people but imperfect for six-footers with big shoulders.

One can sleep on a bunk and one on the single bed that makes from the dining area alongside.
But remember you get a lot of accommodation in a short length and kitchen organisation is a compromise worth making. So you have an area tall enough to house at least two cycles (or more, depending on the size of the cycles).

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