I would love to do this but I fear the time commitment it takes and the restrictive eating. I was literally surfing amazon earlier last week to place an order for PB2 when BAM Dad’s started to carry it.
Well that and DIY projects that look BEAUTIFUL, but I’m pretty sure would turn out like shit if I actually attempted to make any of them.
It got set back to factory settings, so there are no apps on the table Welcome to the forums. I must have done something to anger the weather gods because even though it was hotter than hell here the whole week I was stuck in a cubicle, it rained and was cloudy the 3 days that I have purposely set aside to bake in the sun.
It was an extremely relaxing and fun weekend with the girls even if the weather was being a bitch.
This is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a year now and it will get done this year! May 2015 is sneaking up on me and once it’s here, there’s only a year until the Big Day!
Figure out how to control my hormone insanity – 0% complete unless you count my adult acne. We don’t get to see this part of Mike’s family too often since they live in Calgary, but we ALWAYS have an awesome time with them and wished they lived closer!
My Love Your Body journey is being accompanied by my progress through May Cause Miracles that I started before Christmas. I’ll be following the recommended workout schedule from Tone It Up during this challenge but modifying for my own needs.
Working late last night at my serving job and then getting up early for my real job this morning does not a happy Erin make. Since it’s the last day of 2014 and whatnot, I thought I’d get all nostalgic and highlight a few of my favourite posts from the past year!
LiveFit Trainer Review - I've been debating re-doing this program since I loved it so much the first time around. It's been a pretty stellar year here at Running Tall and I'd like to thank you guys for being a part of it. Last night, Mike and I went with my parents to the University of Regina Rams’ Tackle Behind the Vines event.
Tonight is the night I’m voluntarily walking into a situation where things will pop out and scare the bejeezus out of me. I remember seeing this on the Fitnessista’s blog a while back before I was a Zumba instructor and I liked it. I bought this dip mix the last craft sale and it was gone within a matter of days (ahem, Mike). I couldn't go as hard as I wanted to on Christmas decorations because of our current living situation.
We bought less candy this year than last to hand out to trick-or-treaters but still ended up with a bowl’s worth of candy.
Last year we had 4 trick-or-treaters but I was expecting more this year since a bunch of new condo buildings had gone up in the past year. Wal-Mart also didn’t have any pumpkins last night at 6pm (go figure) so I had to improvise with our front door decorations.
I have a treadmill HIIT workout for you today that I planned on posting yesterday but it just didn’t happen. Sorry, I’ve been helping Mike study for his French oral exam this week and now my brain is starting to process some of my thoughts in French. I was craving lots of veggies and peanut butter so I whipped up a version of Tone It Up’s Thai Peanut Butter stiry fry recipe. I can tell I’ve lost a bit of chin-up strength but I can still do 5 consecutively, which is where I left off before.
In terms of my backbends, I was able to get up into a backbend for like 1 second when I started to slack off. Before we get into today’s Workout Thursday, I wanted to share my updated Zumba playlist with you guys.
I did Work B**ch as a warm-up for the first time in yesterday’s class and it was AMAZEBALLS. If you don't have a TRX or suspension trainer available to you at home, check your local gym. Before we get into the amazing-ness that is Soli Beat, can I please talk about my latest obsession?
Through my status as a Fitfluential ambassador, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review Sage Dance Fitness’ dance cardio workout DVD, Soli Beat! I’ve done the whole DVD 3 times now and still love it as much as I did the first time.
The learn menu is great because they give you helpful tips to do the moves properly and you can practice going through them at a slower pace than in the actual workout routine. I don’t have a pair of full length running tights so I faked full-leg coverage with my Pro Compression marathon socks and running crops.
I’ll see you later this week with a recipe (it’s been a LONG time) and some other fun posts! I fully understand that the results I achieved with the program are not the full results I could have potentially achieved if I completed the entire 3 months. The first phase seemed difficult at the time, but looking back now, it would be relatively easy to complete with my newfound muscles (which way to the beach?). In fact, I felt like I was overeating at times and completing cut out the after-dinner snack after the first few weeks.
It’s a great program for athletes of all levels and (if followed properly) will give you amazing results in 3 months. If I were to do this program again (which I’m planning on doing in the near future), I would definitely take pictures. My back, shoulders and arm muscles really came out during this program and it made me a happy camper. I couldn’t even fathom doing a workout without hitting a cardio machine or going for a run. I need to go way more often but half of the time it seems redundant since I just mess up my feet with running anyways. I haven’t tried it out yet, but my computer is full of bookmarked STUFT Mama recipes just begging to be made with it.
Either by taking a picture with another phone or a screenshot (typically power and volume down at the same time). The internal storage (minimal) is for apps and the phone storage is for your files and app data.
My friends had gone into town ahead of me and I was planning on running 5K into town to meet them for coffee and some emergency food shopping. I’ve been slowly shifting towards new ways of thinking in the name of self-improvement and rooting my thinking from a place of love instead of criticism and fear.

I’m still the same person, just shifting towards a new light of self-acceptance and confidence.
If I’m being completely honest, having low self and body confidence was one of the main drivers when I started getting really involved in health and fitness in university.
I have no problem committing to promises and intentions but I do have problems accepting that they may have shifted over the course of time and feel shame when I can’t complete it.
My body won’t always be this young and I want to take advantage of my abilities and free time while I can to achieve my running goals!
I’m in my late twenties and want to take advantage of my young body, abilities, and free time that I have now to see how I can improve my health and get in the best shape of my life. I want to start teaching more than Zumba and that requires some type of fitness instructor certification.
This year is the time to put pen to paper and figure out if this idea has legs and could actually work. I LOVE seeing other instructors post their class playlist since it exposes me to new jams I’ve never heard of. I will typically leave it set like this for the first 2-3 classes so people can get a handle on the choreo and then change out 1 or 2 songs for new stuff to keep it fresh. I did do one half marathon (QCM baby!) and tried to work for that PR but I kind of fell apart in the second half of my training.
This year was when I felt like I had a real handle on what meshes with my body and what doesn’t. After multiple trips to the doctor to try and get a referral to a dermatologist, she said I couldn’t get a referral unless I tried this skin cream first.
I’ve come up with a few business ideas and researched them to see if they would be worthwhile pursuing. I’ve made leaps and strides this year with my confidence, self-assurance, and generally not putting so much stock in what other people will think of my actions. I finally feel like I’m discovering and becoming settled into who I want to be and how I want to live my life.
As I was trying not to fall on my face, Mike busted out all his hockey moves and was literally skating circles around me. We’ve been doing a lot of house clean up and will be making numerous trips to Salvation Army and Value Village to drop off a TON of books, DVDs, clothes, and other things we no longer need. It has everything I love about the Tone It Up community – challenging fitness goals (#100byVDay!), goal setting, self-love and acceptance, and tons of supportive women participating and lifting one another up. These miles can be any cardiovascular activity – running, walking, swimming, biking, zumba, etc.
To reach 100 by Feb 14th, I’ll need to average 2.2miles per day which should be no problem once Zumba and my running classes start next week! These two things are extremely complimentary and I’m thoroughly enjoying this new outlook I have on life, my body, and basically everything! Zumba and running classes don’t start until next week so I will be able to stick to the outlined schedule pretty closely this week. I did this last year and really like reflecting back on events, accomplishments, and fun things that happened. I’ve had bad experience with sauconys and my New Balance shoes gave me some nasty blisters after the QCM, so I’m hoping these UA shoes will be the answer to my feet prayers?
It's a homemade pot scrubber that can be used for tons of other stuff (including glass top stoves).
The tiny pumpkin is from our farm veggie box that I plan on turning into homemade pumpkin spice lattes.
During the week, I enjoy HIIT since my time is limited, but I love steady state runs outside on the weekend. I’ve been babying the eff out of it for a few weeks now as I waited for my case to arrive. This was Mike’s face after the Vikings returned the opening kick-off end-to-end for a touchdown. Even though I hadn’t been posting about it here regularly, I had still been working on my 10 consecutive chin-ups and backbends since the round ended. It was SUPER hard to get the last two but at least I’m not starting from ground zero.
I just need to bring your attention to this buzzfeed article – 15 Signs That You Are Obsessed With Your Dog.
I’m a big fan of Gina aka the Fitnessista and one half of Sage Dance Fitness and fell in love with the little snippets she was posting about the DVD. Each time I do the DVD, I’m drenched in sweat by the end and have a big smile on my face.
Because I’m impatient, I skipped right to the workout without watching the tutorials first.
I was familiar with the moves and the routines so I could loosen up more and focus on having a blast instead of intensely watching the screen to figure out what steps they were doing. I think a lot of people would be intimidated and would give up after their first try at the dance routines if they didn’t have the opportunity to learn the moves at a slower pace beforehand.
I’ve never taken a fitness class where there was live music and even though the drummers were technically recorded and not live for me, I still felt the energy of the live music through the screen. Not a con for me, the self-proclaimed Shake Queen of Zumba (my classes always have loooootttsss of hip action in them) but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’ve been too intimidated to take a group dance cardio or Zumba class, try out this DVD. I never was confused or struggled to determine if it was okay to eat something – the plan laid it out so well. I was able to view forums, look up questions, watch review videos, and read testimonials before and during the program. The phased approach allows you to build a basic knowledge base and this knowledge gives you a great intro into living a healthy lifestyle.
After phase one, I felt like a bloated blimp due to lack of cardio but definitely saw some muscles starting to pop out.
Everyone raves about how much they love kombucha, but this just might be something I can't get on board with. I’m basically going to still be accomplishing my fitness bucket list well into my retirement age. The second picture,to me, says you still have 5 GB of space free but the system is saying you are out of space. By the time I was done the run and had cooled down, my soaking wet clothes were chilling me to the bone. It wasn’t until I started being inspired by women like Gabrielle Bernstein, Amanda de Cadenet, Rachel Brathen, and Bex and really listening and connecting to their messages that I began to feel a strong internal desire to change my thinking patterns. Some things sound great at conception but during the execution phase, it’s clear that the commitment is no longer serving me or its intended purpose. I’ve gotten hints that I would be given more classes to teach at the establishment where I’m currently teaching Zumba if only I would get my fitness instructor certification!

I took all of my electives in university in the social science area mainly because I loved researching topics and writing papers.
My muscles are tight and knotted and have limited my ROM (range of motion) in my shoulders and hips and I get constant headaches from stiff neck and shoulder muscles due to office work. I’m slowly on the mend and that’s a good thing considering Zumba starts this week! Discovering Make It Shake was thanks to Gina posting her Zumba playlist and I get requested to bring it back almost every session! I would love to do more triathlons in the future but I don’t think I can swing multiple races in our short race season here in Sask. My abs actually started to come out a few months ago thanks to FIT CHICKS which is something I’ve NEVER had. Still on my radar but going back to university in pursuit of my Bachelor of Kinesiology kind of took priority over this. I still get stomach issues sometimes after eating and I have no clue why but I do feel like I’ve gotten better at meal planning and choosing foods that are good for me. That cream has been working really well and my face is SO much better, but I would still like a more long term solution. I’ve narrowed it down to starting a small side business potentially this year (!!) and to keep working on a bigger business plan for my own establishment in the future. I used it last night on my cuticle and it's way less messy and greasy than traditional lotion. The lady who made these had AWESOME aprons that had towel material on it so you could dry your hands.
Typically the relationship between the two periods is 2:1, with recovery being twice as long as the high intensity period.
Your 2 minute run period should be a recovery from your sprint, but not so much that you barely feel like you’re working out. True story: last Wednesday my iPhone fell off the table and onto the ground TWICE while I was teaching Zumba (had those bass vibrations going) and I almost died each time. Except Mike has to raise his arm super high so I can fit under it since we’re the same height. And just like my chin-up routine, I’m starting my backbend and semi-regular yoga practice again. The program comes with different nutrition guidelines for males and females, but the fitness program is the same for both genders.
All the moves you perfect in phase 1 lay the foundation for more intricate and complicated moves in phases 2 and 3.
Not doing any cardio truly made me focus all of my energy into lifting and trying to lift heavier each time.
Just like cell phones, I don’t know how people survived without internet or TV before.
I just did an easy 30 minute run, not pushing it because I knew I had the tempo run tonight. This year, I will acknowledge when something isn’t working and allow myself forgiveness for when I need to change or break promises.
Other things I plan to do to achieve this goal: join a run group for QCM training, continue with this running class into the spring and summer, and make running a priority workout during training.
When I tried explaining to her that I thought my acne was a result of hormone issues since I get crazy bad menstrual symptoms, she just brushed me off. The first kid that knocked on our door was a 3 year old dressed as a tiger who was way more interested in coming inside and petting Sadie than taking any candy. HIIT workouts have been proven to improve your overall cardiovascular fitness (stronger heart!) and burn more fat in less time than moderate, steady-state exercise.
Now I annoy send snaps to like no one’s business to mainly my sister and Mike since almost no one my age uses this joyful app. So, I will be landing in Regina at 11pm at night on the 26th, the same day I will be waking up at the crack of dawn to run the Princess Half.
I prefer the slow, continuous build up, which is why I am now following the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice 1 plan. I just aimed to finish for my first half, and this year I'm going for speed :)I watched the video a couple days ago and wondered who everyone was!
The program is broken down into 3 phases for optimum muscle building and fat shedding results.
Before I would go to the gym, I would watch the moves that I wasn’t too familiar with to make sure I knew the proper form.
It's necessary to put the time in, but it can be a barrier some people (me included) need to get over to really stick with the program.
Also, this was that time I had that horrible sunburn (take a look at the brutal lines on my neck). Truthfully, if there would have been cardio in the first phase, I don’t think I would have had such success with weights and muscle building.
I was inspired by a Tiny Devotions’ newsletter article that was published at the end of 2014 aka resolution time. This year, I intend to continue to improve myself and work through a lot of blockages I’ve put in place that are stopping me from becoming the person I want to be.
This year, I plan to dedicate 2-4 posts a month to well researched and informative posts, obviously surrounding the topic of health and fitness. I follow you on twitter and instagram and you have totally inspired me to do the yogagday challenge next month! Tack on 5 minutes for warm up and 5 minutes for cooldown and that takes you to 34 minutes of total workout time. After that first time through, I watched the learn section and it clarified a few of the moves for me (ie: squeezing your glutes to help raise your hips up and down during the bellydance routine.
I had never really lifted like that until this program – to be honest, the weight room always scared me a bit.
Yes the food gets old, or bland, and you get sick of egg whites, but it's something that has to be done if you want to transform your body. I'm proud of my results with my LiveFit journey and that's what I'm attempting to show here. I love reading and learning about fitness research and social commentary on the fitness industry so this year I plan on contributing to that conversation. I would like to go back to a naturopath to explore this further, but at $200 a visit plus $100 for monthly supplements they recommend, it’s not in the budget right now. Now I know enough basics for each muscle group that I feel confident rocking it out in the weight room. Maybe do 7 sets instead of 8, or shorten the period times (example 30 seconds sprint, 90 seconds run).

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