Now with the R2 version of Server 2012 Microsoft enhanced the features by adding automatic storage tiering and write-back cache.
Windows automatically discovers which parts of a storage space are access more frequently and heavily than others and moves them to an SSD tier. Of course this is not meant for production use, you can override the media type of physical disks within a storage pool to simulate tiering within a VM.
Taking a VDI deployment of pooled VMs typical scenario could make sense, because you might want to map the parent VHD of your master image to the SSD tier, as every pooled VM booting up reads from this file.
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It allows creation of high performing, redundant and flexible storage architectures using common hard disks (JBOD). A HDD tier and an SSD tier, meaning one for traditional spinning drives and one for solid state drives. Like other vendors as NetApp provide flash cash extensions for read IO, write-back cache is only for writes. To see any differences I recommend to place your virtual hard disks for the virtual machines on different types of storage. Your display name must be unique in the developerWorks community and should not be your email address for privacy reasons.
You as an Administrator define the size of the write-back cache at will depending on the available SSD capacity.

On USB for HDD tier and on SSD for SSD tier, so you can see the performance gains also in your LAB environment. Maximized capacity and maximized performance, which generally don’t go well together.
So if you have a large WBC, the destage process to HDD can take some time and lead to congestion of your HDD tier.

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