Our storage experts will help you determine the best size for your needs and more often than not save you money by ensuring you’re not paying for space you don’t need.
Queen bed, chest of drawers, bedside table, fridge, washing machine, 3 seater lounge, coffee table, bookshelf, 10 boxes or approximately 60 to 90 boxes.
Our store has a variety of room sizes, from locker size up to double garage size, with about 25 different sizes in between, so you can be sure that we will have a storage unit to suit your needs. All rooms are clean, bright and secure with great undercover loading bays to keep you out of the weather and complimentary trolleys to move your goods into the storage room. Our modern facility offers state of the art security to give you peace of mind when you store with us. Rent a Space offers a free truck and driver move-in service at our Moore Park storage facility.
Our Moore Park building is easily accessible from the Inner West and Eastern Sydney via South Dowling Street, making it a perfect location for residents in Newtown, Waterloo, Kingsford, Surry Hills, Redfern or Paddington.
Alexandria, Annandale, Balmain, Bondi, Bondi Junction, Broadway, Camperdown, Coogee, Darlington, Eastgardens, Enmore, Kensington, Kings Cross, Leichhardt, Mascot, Newtown, Paddington, Randwick, Rozelle, Rushcutters Bay, St Peters, Stanmore, Surry Hills, Sydney Airport, Tempe, Ultimo, Waterloo, Woolloomooloo.
If you’re looking for materials to make your move a little bit easier, Rent a Space has a huge range of storage boxes, carry bags, wine storers, protective inserts and more to help you out.
This all-purpose packing box is ideal for non-breakable household items such as clothing, toys, small appliances and linen. Moulded fibre wine inserts designed to keep your wine bottles flat and provides insulation and protection during moving or storage. High grade and durable packing tape to keep your boxes intact and closed even after extended storage. Protect your mattress, chairs or lounge from marking, dust, water and dirt during moving and storage. A useful and clean option for packing your crockery, glass and valuables into boxes, or to fill voids in boxes to prevent movement inside. Looking for something else or wondering if your local Rent a Space store has the products you’ll need for your move? Rent A Space is a 100% Australian owned business and has been in operation for over 35 years. We have 11 self storage sites around Sydney and are proud foundation members of the Self Storage Association of Australia.
We have storage units ranging from 1 cubic metre locker sizes, to closets and all the way up to double garages. We recommend talking with one of our storage experts to ensure you never pay for space you don't need.
Please call for pricingthis a warehouse conversion into a luxury new york style loft, it is a fully furnished space with everything included it is a live work space with plenty of parking. Analyzing your search there are 2 properties listings matching your criteria today 12 in the past week, 23 in the past fortnight and 35 in the past month71% of the properties for rent have pictures.
Our Brookvale storage facility is located on Cross Street right across the Warringah mall northern carpark.
Our store has a variety of room sizes, from locker size up to double garage size, and about 25 different sizes in between, we will have a storage unit that will suit your needs. All of our rooms at Rent a Space Brookvale are clean, bright and secure with undercover loading bays to keep you out of the weather and complimentary trolleys to move your goods into the storage room.
Our storage facility is equipped with modern and state of the art security so you can have peace of mind when you store with us. This entry was posted in Company Spotlight Self Storage Updates and News and tagged agreement contract insurance owner provisions rent rental renter Space Storage tenant Unit on December 1, 2014 by J. Over the past couple of years, I’ve written several articles directed at individuals looking to rent a space to store their stuff.

But what about the folks on the other end of the deal? Are there any tips we can share with self-storage unit owners? The rental agreement should contain a provision that advises the renter if the storage unit is temperature-controlled.
If you choose to accept credit cards or ACH payments, be sure to include the language that allows you to do so. The company prides itself on providing an excellent product and service, and aims to maximize customer satisfaction.
I liked when the article mentioned that the rental agreement and things should be posted in the agreement. My wife and I are looking to clean out our garage this spring so that we are able to park our cars in there. Your list seems like a good summary of the minimum topics that should be addressed in the rental agreement. You know, I really liked tips number three of making sure the lease has specific language for allowing cars in your storage unit.
Tip number four seemed interesting when it mentions to see if the unit is temperature controlled. Residential, business, personal and car storage are our specialties and all our units are individually alarmed to ensure the best security for your goods. The majority of our customers save money as 7 out of 10 storers believe they need more space than they actually do. We’ll send the truck and driver your way – all you’ll need is a friend who owes you a favour to help load and unload. The Port A Robe wardrobe box is ideal for packing tall, large and bulky clothes such as dresses, coats and jackets. It is ideal for Manilla folders, paperwork, documents, account books, tapes, DVDs or other archival materials.
This super heavy duty box keeps your TV upright and provides protection during the moving process. Use it in conjunction with the 6 bottle wine insert (sold separately) to keep your wine flat and protected. The 4 easy-to-read dials give you up to 10,000 possible combinations that will keep intruders guessing. All locks come with 3 keys so you can keep the spares at home and in your car for whenever you need access. The dispenser has an ergonomic grip handle and a cutting teeth protector for when the tape is not in use. Whatever space you need we can find a solution and make it stress free with the use of our free truck and driver. Looking for something between 1000 1500 sqft can go a bit higher if a deal presents its self. We are perfectly located for residents in Manly, Mona Vale, Berowra, St Ives, Neutral Bay, Waringah or Dee Why.
Whether it is a pair of empty nesters looking to downsize, a young adult getting ready to set off for college, or a family looking to eliminate some clutter, each is looking for a place to store their belongings for certain period of time. Operating over 900 storage locations across the country, Extra Space Storage offers clean, well-lit and climate-controlled units for all of your storage needs.
Whether you are looking for storage containers rentals to store furniture, personal belongings, business files, a boat or even a RV, Extra Space Storage has a solution to fit your needs.
Number five on the list of things that should be included in the rental agreement really stood out to me. If you have some valuable possessions that you want to keep safe, then a self storage unit would be a great way to keep it safe.

We are moving to the big city for a couple of years, and we won't be able to fit everything in our new apartment. We are going to need a place to put all the stuff, so we are looking into getting a storage unit.
I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that some many innovations are being made that people want to invest on as many things as possible. I have had to write up a few legal documents in my life and it is always stressful trying to make sure that you have all addressed all of the possible loopholes. Obviously they are decently profitable, but how much of the profit goes toward coverage for everything that is stored there? In today's world, it's often more efficient to pay a little bit in order to have more space than otherwise. Is it worth it to own a storage unit like this if you aren't going to be able to invest much time in the process? It is good to read forums and blogs similar to this and ensure that you are covered by the agreement based on your needs and requirements. I'm currently trying to choose a self-storage facility to store my seasonal decorations in. All of our managers are trained storage experts and will talk you through the storing process. The long shackle gives an added layer of versatility without sacrificing security, which makes it ideal for storage units.
Please try the following key words For Rent Apartments Toronto, For Rent Houses Toronto, For Rent Offices Toronto. Give us a call on 02 8758 0005 and book in early, as this popular service books out quickly, especially on weekends.
Their units come in a variety of sizes, are managed by professionals and come equipped with state-of-the-art security. For more information on Extra Space Storage, visit their website or check out their company page on Rent It Today! I agree that things like the rental term, length, and termination policy should be included in the agreement so that they are very clear to the tenant. Many self storage businesses provide excellent security and some even provide insurance for your belongings. It would be fantastic to get all those boxes out of there, and get rid of what we don't need.
It seemed like renting to me except easier since storage units won't likely be used as often. It is also good to note if the storage facility does regular checks of the units in order to avoid and suspicious activity that might endanger the entire clientele.
You may also try something different like For Rent Condominiums Toronto or For Rent Furnished Downtown Plenty. My family will make sure to look into that as we are searching for the best place to store our possessions during the move. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us, I'll keep looking for more details before I make my decision. Store your belongings with us and discover the many benefits of Rent A Space Self Storage in Sydney.

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