I have a nice sized walk-in closet, and it still feels tight because of my shoe mountain on the floor. While thinking of the bathroom design, many people concentration on the shower, the basin and the tub but over the toilet storage is something that is more often neglected or not considered at all. These shelves and cabinets serve the dual purpose of storage as well as enhancing the look of your bathroom in an instant.
The reason why they are dubbed space savers is not only that they put away essentials of the bathroom neatly; they also use space that would otherwise simply be wasted. If you are the kind that is particular about home decor and its beauty, you could make use of over the toilet storage as the perfect excuse to make your bathroom look great. Over the toilet storage shelves are thus very handy to save some space, to give you space to store your requirements and also to make your bathroom look great. While buying, make sure you only go for branded and highly rated pieces such as over the toilet storage Ikea so that you are guaranteed quality.
Anyone who has lived in a studio apartment, or tried to pack all of their belongings into a single room, knows how essential good organization and storage is to keep things tidy and efficient.
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Gain extra storage space in the kitchen by installing toe-kick drawers under your base cabinets. Installing below-cabinet drawers sounds like a tough job, requiring fussy planning, the skills of a cabinetmaker and child-size hands to work in that cramped space.
The vast majority of kitchen cabinets are similar to the ones we show here, with sides that extend to the floor (see Photo 1). The drawer, cradle and slides form a complete unit that's simple to build and easy to install under a cabinet.
You could build the drawers with nothing but hand tools and a circular saw, but a table saw and miter saw will give you faster, better results. Before you buy materials, open up the cavity under the cabinets so you can take measurements.
Whether you are going to have a totally new laundry room and you need some effective laundry storage ideas or you plan to reorganize your existing laundry room. If your laundry area is in a place that visitors pass by, for example in the mudroom, hiding the machines and laundry storage away in a cupboard or behind a door might be a good option to keep things hidden. I like this type of laundry storage as it saves space and is very efficient in classifying clothes into different types. If you have a small house or apartment, chances are that you would want to combine several uses into the same space. If your laundry space is not the area of the house where you are the most proud of, why not just hide it away behind a nice curtain? A wall unit is a great space saver as it spreads over the whole wall and provides massive storage space.

Organization and storage in small spaces require a lot of advanced planning and practicality considerations.
If you washer and dryer are next to each other, install them so that the doors are on the opposite sides, which creates a space in the middle to help transferring wet laundry from the washer to the dryer easily.
This is a very bad thing to do because storage is an essential criterion and must not be ignored especially in smaller bathrooms. Toilets are usually of a standard size and many over the toilet storage shelves and cabinets are designed to fit perfectly in these standard toilets. They are excellent to look at thanks to the various designs available and they are very practical. Just assemble the drawer units in your shop, then slip them under the cabinets and screw them in place. But if the sink's plumbing runs through the bottom of the cabinet, the drawers will have to be shorter. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. I hope that you can take away a few tips from the following list of 11 clever and effective laundry storage solutions. I love this type of structure as it provides enough of counter space and has storage cupboard right on top.
This exact frame is from IKEA’ ALGOT series, a very economical system to store a big amount of clothes.
Dans-le-townhouse offers a nice tutorial on how to make these cheap curtains from old bedding. You only need one wall unit to store all of your laundry necessities, from washing powder, liquid, hooks to clean laundry.
Before buying the machines, consult the salesman about whether the swing can be switched for your convenience. I have a laundry room but it’s so small I can use some shelving to get more storage space.
Chances are, any cabinet space you do have could be better utilized storing personal items. No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project.
The bathroom may not be a place where clutter usually accumulates but that doesna€™t mean you neglect bathroom over the toilet storage.
This implies that you wona€™t need to worry about customization, further processing or having to call a professional to help you with it after delivery.
While you can afford space wastage in larger bathrooms, in small bathroom, every inch of space is essential. You will find designs in both metal and wood and you could choose according to your home decor.
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To simplify the whole process, we designed self-contained drawer units that you can assemble in your shop and then slip into place.
This is a perfect laundry storage solution that utilizes every inch of unused space in the house.
It might look a bit cluttered but we are talking about laundry rooms, which are not the most popular places that guests will visit. Remember to put on good lighting for your laundry area as you would want to spot any possible dirt on your clean laundry. There are creative ways to store your bathroom towels that are stylish, affordable and convenient in a small bath. Simple over the toilet storage cabinets can be very handy to store essentials such as towels, bathrobes, shampoos, soaps and may be medicines too. If you have questions about these or any other images on our website, please send an email via the 'Contact Us' page.
This low, shallow cavity isn't prime storage space for everyday items, but it's perfect for bakeware, cleaning supplies, pet dishes and more.
To simplify planning, we'll show you three basic measurements that let you size these drawers to fit under any cabinet.
If you don't plan to cover the entire toe space with drawers, be gentle so you can later cut the toe-kick to length and reinstall a section.
The drawer style creates easy access to stored items, which is great for daily used items like laundry.
If you see screw heads or holes near the corners, your cabinets probably stand on legs rather than the cabinet sides (the screws or holes allow for height adjustment). If layers of flooring have been added since the cabinets were installed, you'll have to pull the top edge of the toe-kick outward first and then pry it up to clear the built-up floor. This project is economical, too—you can build the drawers for a fraction of the price a cabinetmaker would charge. If you can't find full-extension slides, or if you want “overtravel” slides that extend even farther, shop the Web.
There's no need for complex calculations—it's all reduced to simple subtraction in Figure B. If your cabinets are made from a less common species, look for a lumberyard that carries a wider selection (check online or in the yellow pages under “Hardwood”).
Or improvise—with the right stain, you can make birch or maple approximately match the color of just about any wood. The grain may look different, but that difference usually isn't noticeable in the dark toe space.

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