Detroit’s water crisis has drawn international attention in recent weeks putting a spotlight on the water cut-off program being pursued by the city. After mounting pressure the city announced a 15-day suspension on new shut-offs yet groups continue to call for the shut offs to end permanently. Canadian water convoyIt was within this context that Council of Canadians national chairperson Maude Barlow and I joined Windsor chapter members Randy Emerson, Doug Hayes and others to set out on a water convoy to deliver fifty 5-gallon jugs of water to our friends in Detroit.
The purpose of the convoy was to draw attention to the human rights violations happening in Detroit, call on President Obama to declare a public health crisis and express solidarity to those in Detroit whose taps had run dry. On Thursday afternoon, we met chapter members, other groups, media and people simply interested in the issue wanting to lend a hand.
Under sunny skies, we loaded nearly a dozen cars, most marked with a blue and Canadian flag, and proceeded towards the Windsor-Detroit tunnel.
Weaving through rush hour traffic, we arrived at the rally at the Spirit of Detroit to a crowd who’d been awaiting our arrival. Next the excited crowd listened to Maude who expressed solidarity to the people of Detroit, warned of the global water crisis and stressed the importance of upholding the human right to water and sanitation.
Thursday was 313 day in Detroit marking its 313th birthday which is celebrated because the city’s area code is 313. Reverend Bill Wylie-Kellermann welcomed the convoy and thanked us for the water and our spiritual solidarity. Inside the church, Monica Lewis-Patrick of We the People brought tears to many people’s eyes by singing a beautiful song to the circle of people.
People at the rally and church were so grateful for the gesture of their neighbours bringing jugs of water.
In the spirit of Charity HicksCharity Hicks, a strong and inspiring Detroit activist and a leader in the fight against the water shutoffs, was mentioned by many speakers and on the mind of many on Thursday. The movement galvanized when her water was cut off and she was arrested for warning her neighbours to fill their tubs in May. Even though 40% of the population is unemployed, water rates are twice the national average in the bankrupt city. Privatization of water servicesThe water shut-offs put a spotlight on the larger dynamics at play in Detroit: the deep racial and economic divides, globalization and the hollowing out of a once almighty industry and the push to privatize one of our most basic resources. What next?President Obama has remained shockingly silent on Detroit’s water war and the human rights violation in the largest city along the US-Canada border. Detroit is a cross roads and the choice it makes will have grave impacts on the ability of all to have water and whether it drives a larger wedge into existing racial and economic divides.
Pompoms to Prison - Blog - Alexis Rose Washington ( June 7,2012) The day that seemed to never end. November 5, 2015- The day that Kendall Died My Book 'From Pom Poms to Prison' is now available to buy:) Identity and Experience Grief doesn't change you, it reveals you Just another day in paradise ! Through faith and perseverance, she has found transforming freedom and undeniable peace and purpose. We recently had Susan DeFace Washington come and speak at our monthly ladies group at our church. When the day finally came, Susan brought her support team, Power Point, and an infectious spirit.
At moments I would yell at God asking him "WHY?", I felt it wasn't fair I had lost so much already, I was trying to serve HIM and share HIS love and grace with a hurting world. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. Pompons to Prison - Blog - Alexis Rose Washington ( June 7,2012) The day that seemed to neverA end.
We will always have your best interests at heart whenconsidering your target area, property type, and personalpreferences.The property at 2013 Fairway Winds Court Wylie Texashas either sold or been taken off the market, but may berelisted below.
Just when you thought that there were no dusty corners of Manhattan left to be colonized by destination dining, The Fat Radish arrived a month ago on a desolate Orchard Street block.
The area is technically the southwest corner of the Lower East Side, but functionally it’s Chinatown. This must’ve been what it was like when Keith McNally opened the Odeon in Tribeca, or Wylie Dufresne launched 71 Clinton Fresh Food on the Lower East Side several blocks north of here, when nobody thought of visiting these neighborhoods to dine out. The Beet Crumble ($12; above) is typical, made with goat cheese, aged cheddar, hazelnuts, and oats.

Monkfish Vindaloo ($21; below left) was more successful, although not as spicy as one might expect a vindaloo dish to be.
Although the food was mostly enjoyable, and I am willing to forgive the noise and the slow service, I am not sure the Fat Radish is distinctive enough to keep drawing crowds after the novelty has worn off. Awesome Murals, Face Painting, Balloons Children's Parties and Art in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Wylie and Allen, Texas. Jostens of Abilene 2654 Industrial Blvd Abilene, TX 79605 325-232-7383 Copyright © 2006, [Joe Cook]. Organizations on the ground have been calling for an end to the cut-offs since March when the city announced it would begin shutting off water services to 1,500 to 3,000 households every week. Canadian Union of Public Employees national president Paul Moist and Dennis Burke also joined to show their solidarity.
We met at a church down the street and were welcomed by cheers from Lila Cabbil from the Rosa Parks Institute, Alice Jennings, one of the lawyers from the class action suit filed last Monday, and others who were awaiting us to take us to the rally. Peter’s Episcopal ChurchAfter the rally, the water convoy and people from the rally headed to St. She was hit by a car in New York at the end of May and remained in a coma until July 8 when she passed away.
Residents organized direct actions outside of Homrich, the company contracted to shut households’ water off.
However, this does not include the shut-offs that occurred before the suspension was announced. In June, Detroit News reported that Emergency Manager Kevin Orr was reviewing several bids for the water system. It can go down the path of looking to the market for solutions to its water troubles which see water as a commodity, people as consumers, and health issues as externalities. After speaking with Susan to learn more about her story, I couldn’t wait to have her present to our ladies. After passing the Sonic  I glanced over at the old trailer we lived in when I first got out of prison. We hadn’t been there five minutes when the home team I used to attend began to arrive with food and drinks . I was trying to be so obedient and I thought it JUST wasn't fair but then a peace would wash over me calming me down and I would remember HIS word and recite it over and over.
We get the opportunity to share in the physical and the mental aspects of a personal tragedy, yet you leave us the freedom to visualize things in our own eyes.
At night there’s nothing else doing on this block, nor the next one, nor the one after that.
Owned by the catering and events firm Silkstone, the cuisine is loosely that of the British Isles, which is suddenly chic.
Carrying on a conversation was a real chore, and a couple of particularly loud parties were nearly headache-inducing. Other restaurants, more conveniently located, are serving similar food, and doing it as well or better. We then received a call from Randy and Maude saying that they had been held back with others. Peter’s Episcopal Church at Michigan Avenue and Trumbull, a designated emergency water station, where we dropped the water jugs off. Four days later, I’m inspired, humbled and eager to continue working with our Detroit friends to ensure water services are restored. Hollywood stars like Mark Ruffalo and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morella have added their voices to the chorus of calls for an end to the shutoffs. Privatization cases around the world have resulted in rate increases, job losses and deterioration in water. Her transparency gave us a glimpse into her world that began with pain, lies, and sadness but ends in the victory and joy that can only come from having a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We learned her friends had organized a candle light vigil at New Hope which was so very sweet. Mel called all our close friends and I called my neice , nephews, and my brother in law Carl.
I am a crier but I don’t think I have ever cried tears that came from so deep within.

As she said that I thought of the photos Alexis had posted recently of Riley swimming at the lake and the sand castles they made.
Specifically Proverbs 3 :5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart lean not on your own understanding .
You paint the accident scene so vivid, that I feel like I could have been there with you, reflecting back, and then you punctuate your feelings and thought processes with a door handle, a bucket, unending questions about the donor program, Alexis' thoughtfulness and then finally, your love of meat. The incongruous name recalls the random adjective–noun format of places like the Spotted Pig and the Rusty Knot. On July 18, the National Nurses United along with the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions organized a mass rally that drew thousands of people including actor Ruffalo to the city.
The DWSD said it would fine people $250 the first time, $500 the second time and $650 the third time.
The privatization of Detroit’s water system will exacerbate human rights violations we are only beginning to see.
Or Obama can hold true to his word when he endorsed the UN’s resolution recognizing the human right to water and sanitation and ensure that people in Detroit have water to live. Mel called me and said she would be there as soon as possible and would bring me some clothes. I could almost physically feel HIS embrace and I could rest in his peace, at least for a moment. The paint on the grass and Riley recognizing her bucket from it's broken pink and blue pieces.
Food and Drug Administration form but wouldn’t know whether we received approval until we reached the border.
Community groups in Detroit are calling for the shutoffs to end permanently and for the city to go back to the table with community groups to implement the original water affordability program.
They had a public viewing for their son Alex before cremation and we thought about that but the difference in cost was about 3000 so we decided upon a basic cremation with a family viewing. When we think that we are going to lose our breath and fall off the Edge of the World with you ~ you save us with a splash a cool water that is your charm.It is a self~deprecating twirl that tells us to wake up from our mesmerization. Every now and then I pull it out and hold it in my hand rubbing it, it is somewhat comforting as  my fingers fit perfectley around it.
These days it is a tragic rock climb of a Mother's walk through a pleading of which we know the ruling yet we let her go on with her Story, just the same.
Each is a joy to read, because it helps me to better understand the human nature and how our Faith is so intimately tied to everything that happens in our lives. Bottled water companies take water from local communities in order to transport and sell it to communities outside of the watershed. I focused my attention on the winding road still confused about where she died but as we passed McMillan Rd Jill pointed and said it was there. Not long after that I got a call that Alexis had registered to be a donor and there was a list of questions to answer.
Susan, your interjections, about which I began this effort, are your telling way of letting us know that you know that we know that you know. It was the dress I was wearing in the photo where I am standing in the blue office and you can see my reflection in the picture of the boats being tossed by the storm. Finally, your writing epitomizes a great example of your exercise of Faith, Love and Hope, the greatest of these being . There have been so many storms in my life, this being by far the worst but I kept reminding myself  I was standing on the other side of that storm with a smile of victory on my face.
Maybe God gave me insight into that photo knowing I would think of it today and knowing I would be wearing that dress.
I didn’t even want to imagine what would have happened if she would have been in the car.

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