Our open industrial steel shelving systems offer storage for heavy-duty items, multi-level applications, high-rise systems and mezzanines.
With quick assembly and sturdy construction, the Rousseau Spider® shelving system can respond to all your storage needs.
From all of us at Storage Systems – Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year! With surgical instruments continuing to evolve, there is a growing availability to provide more minimally invasive surgeries.
The Midbrook Tempest combines technology from the automotive, aerospace, and food and beverage industries to revolutionize the way surgical instruments are cleaned. The Tempest uses high powered, industrial-grade cleaning so you get the same amazing results every 30 minute wash. Heavy Machinery companies in the US are facing huge challenges as China gains more of a foothold and with the industry’s growth projected to sky rocket over the next five years. At Storage Systems Midwest we focus on providing solutions that will give our customer’s a competitive advantage. Our new Shuttle XP 1000 is an automated vertical lift solution for Machinery and Heavy-Duty applications.
We are seeing an increase in the use of plastic strapping versus steel with many of our packaging related customers. The Interpak article, Plastic strapping and sustainability, goes into how using plastic strapping is an often overlooked opportunity for a company to raise their sustainability profile.
Contact us to see if plastic strapping will work for your application and for a customized quote. It is common knowledge that industrial and manufacturing companies are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity and save money.  The implementation of workflow automation is one of the ways the printing industry is working smarter.
The video below highlights the benefits of a Kardex Remstar automated solution.  Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems provide safe, secure and efficient storage for your print dyes, tools and supplies.
Did you know that there is a trend that more cold-chain products will be coming from the pharmaceutical industry? With the signing of a new law, the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013 (DQSA), which will be in effect beginning in 2017, there will be many changes within the pharmaceutical industry. There was also the adoption of good distribution practices that can affect the way pharmaceutical companies do business.  These changes to the pharmaceutical industry can have a huge impact on the way pharmaceutical companies will store and distribute drugs.
With today’s competitive environment process improvement is key for the manufacturing industry.
Medical device manufacturers must establish and maintain procedures to ensure that mishaps, damage, deterioration, and contamination do not occur during handling. In warehouse and distribution centers, order fulfillment is always a high concern.  Over the years order fulfillment has become more complex. Storage Systems Midwest proudly offers storage solutions from Kardex Remstar.  We will work with you to produce the most efficient, space saving storage for your application. To read the full article on the case for carousels Click Here or Contact Us to schedule a complimentary evaluation of your facility.
Providers of products and services for material storage, workspace utilization, ergonomics, lean and productivity. Storage Systems Midwest covers every aspect of material storage, workspace utilization, ergonomics and productivity. We are experienced and will use our combined knowledge to provide you with the right solution.
Storage Systems Midwest Conveyor SystemsMore than transporting goods, our conveyors look overall processes to transport goods intelligently. Gehl Carton FlowSee the Storage Systems Midwest Carton Flow system we designed and installed for Gehl Foods. The considerations about NAS storage systems failures might not be challenging to overlook. If you want to reverse the results of NAS storage methods failures, you may resort to data recovery from a unsuccessful NAS storage utilizing SoftAmbulance. On the other hand, if you want to recover the RAID arrays from the unique portion of the RAID controller, you must get a very specialized tool that can help you counteract the NAS storage methods failures. These are just some of the things that you can do so you can commonly counteract the results of failures through NAS data recovery.
Motorized Overhead Vertical Bed Racks have a footprint a little bigger than a single hospital bed. To achieve this, London Drugs integrated 24 Kardex Remstar horizontal carousels in their DSC with the Remstar Flexi-Workstation™ design.
The Flexi-Workstation™ design allowed them the flexibility to change the number of workstations to meet their current work flow requirements. Please Contact Us for more information, or to set up a site visit to see how Kardex Remstar could help you. Click Here to learn more about the different automated storage and retrieval systems we offer. The acquisition significantly expands Storage Systems Midwest’s design capabilities and product breadth of automated and materials handling and storage-related products.
In addition to offering a comprehensive line of material handling systems and storage solutions, Storage Systems Midwest works closely with customers to plan and design solutions tailored to their needs.
Since 1986, Storage Systems Midwest, Inc., has provided warehouse design, supply chain execution, and material storage and handling systems for commercial and industrial clients in food and beverage, distribution, government, healthcare, heavy machinery, manufacturing, military, paper and printing, and other markets. Its services include automated material handling systems that improve accuracy, ergonomic products that boost productivity and safety, pallet racks that optimize warehouse storage, and mobile storage solutions that store more in less space. The unique patented clip design securely grips the columns, so there is no more need to drill into concrete.
Companies have always been faced with a tough decision when running low on room in their current space, and moving to a larger location or expanding isn’t always feasible. Two mezzanines were installed to make room for offices, work areas and storage, as well as foster a more efficient flow to their process.

Storage Systems Midwest can help you identify the correct applications for designing and installing mezzanines. Companies are extremely challenged when handling thousands of inventoried SKU’s each day.  From costly time spent maintaining accurate counts, to verifying order-picking accuracy, these aspects can greatly impact production levels. Mighty Distributing Systems of America, an automotive parts supplier, experienced these challenges which led to falling behind of closing end-of-the-month financials. The growth of the automobile industry is expected to have a positive impact on Midwest manufacturing. Our multi-level systems maximize the use of the floor space by taking advantage of unused overhead space. UVC based infection prevention solutions helps eliminate transient bacteria found on the everyday items and objects used and handled by healthcare workers. With special port adapters to accommodate: Laparoscopic tools, daVinci tools, and narrow-lumen instruments. American Machinery Companies Have a Problem on Their Hands dives into the increasing threat from China. Industrial machinery market growth to double in 2014, shows a strong growth forecast for the next 4-5 years. Whether we are increasing efficiency, optimizing workflow, or improving safety we are focused on our customer’s biggest challenges and mission critical goals. The Shuttle XP 1000 has a compact design and makes optimum use of the room height, saving up to 80% of the space usually required for conventional shelving.
Plastic strapping can be recycled and this article also shows how you can incorporate plastic strapping into your sustainability program.
Plastic strapping may not seem like it could make that much of a difference, but in today’s competitive environment, every avenue to save money and decrease the chance of worker injury needs to be looked at. Why should the printing industry care about working smarter?  Because the business conditions of today’s graphic communications industry demand it. Our simple automated solutions work to extend the life of your dyes by eliminating excessive contact and handling.
Fifteen percent of the new molecular entities that were FDA-approved in 2013 require cold storage and distribution. This new law will require ID codes to pharma packages for an electronic tracking system to track drugs from manufacturer to dispensing pharmacy. The sensors for equipment need to integrate multiple functions to meet all of these demands. Automated Storage and Retrieval solutions used in conjunction with an Inventory Management system provide full electronic documentation for stock rotation programs, picking validation and complete traceability. This has led management to look into possible solutions to increase efficiency, save space and automate processes. We utilize strategic partnerships with world-class manufacturers to provide innovative materials storage solutions to both commercial and industrial clients.
We look at your entire manufacturing or order fulfillment process in order to recommend which type of conveyor (belt, roller, wheel and chain) will suit your application.
Guide to making the most of shelving space in your home, our top tips on shelving ideas for every room.
Most of the NAS gadgets and most of the inexpensive versions are not effective adequate to supply early warning methods relating to the failures that might happen. In situation your NAS gear breaks down in the middle of an procedure, you might end up having no way to extract your information.
You have to isolate the worry by taking in the tough drives from the enclosure and connecting them to your personal pc straight. As for the mirrored storage method, you can pull out the hard disk from the principal method and execute a kind of information restoration instrument so you can recover the relaxation of the files. You are suggested to look for support from the experts in the area in case you properly adopted via all of the measures to execute the operations and nevertheless end up with damaging results for your entire difficult disk system. These Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts use vertical storage technology to expand your storage vertically and save valuable floor space. The beds are stacked on top of each other all the way up to the ceiling to conserve floor space. This created space limitations, tight delivery times, and cost headaches in distributing split-case quantities of merchandise. This doubled their warehouse capacity for split-case picking, quadrupled worker productivity and improved order accuracy, while adding 4,000 SKU’s to their inventory. With seasonal variations creating major differences in picking requirements London Drugs is able to control their labor costs.
Equipment added to Storage Systems Midwest’s existing product offerings includes state-of-the-art material handling systems and conveying equipment, robotic palletizers, stretch-wrapping machines, and automated storage and retrieval systems. Safranek, president of Storage Systems Midwest, the additional engineering expertise and product lines allow the company to offer a broader range of solutions designed to help manufacturers and warehousing distribution companies efficiently move, sort and package materials.
The company’s extensive space planning expertise and in-depth knowledge of materials handling and storage solutions will benefit customers of Babush Material Handling, Safranek added. Headquartered in Waukesha, Wis., Storage Systems Midwest also has offices in Appleton, Green Bay, Madison and Chicago, Illinois. This will improve your overall workplace safety, and reduce the risk of your rack collapsing.
No more filling in holes if you decide to relocate your racking or replace a damaged piece. The mezzanines combine to create a designated area for the repair shop, add more work space, maximize storage capacity, accelerate inventory control process, and streamline shipping and receiving operations. Combine a mezzanine with a vertical lift, pallet rack, shelving, carousels, conveyors, or in-plant offices to improve your building usage even more. Mighty’s leadership team was able to identify and implement a new software system to better handle the volume of distribution and inventory management processes. We are able to provide a complimentary evaluation of your facility along with providing you with a return on investment.

Plus, by combining Mini-Racking, adding modular drawers and expanding in height with our two-level shelving system, you will have unlimited possibilities.
Sturdy construction and a distinctive appearance, Rousseau drawers are available in widths of 36", 42", 48" and depths of 18" and 24". UV Flash is designed to quickly and effectively disinfect a diverse range of patient-care equipment as well as personal items of healthcare workers, all known to pose a risk of disease transmission and act as a vector for hospital-acquired infections. The Modern Materials Handling article Plastic strapping on the rise, explores the possibility of  this trend not only being due to cost savings but also links plastic strapping to increased worker safety. Plastic strapping can provide savings up to 25%, has proven performance, is recyclable, moisture and UV resistant, and can work with high speed unitizing systems. They are under the extreme pressure to achieve high productivity and efficiency in order to remain competitive and profitable. Before the new drugs were FDA-approved, only 10% of the current industry stockkeeping units needed cold storage.
In the beginning years, only lot-level information will be tracked; item-level tracking will be established after public hearings and pilot tests, which will happen around 2023. Not only are they challenged with increasing competition, they are required to meet strict quality regulations as mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Tighter spaces within ambulatory and hospital room environments are causing medical design engineers to take steps to develop smaller and more portable equipment while maintaining quality and keeping costs in check. When used with today’s enhanced sensor technologies, medical device manufacturers have the ability to cut costs and exceed the stringent FDA requirements.
Many warehouse and distribution centers have automated storage technologies such as vertical shuttles and horizontal carousels on the top of their wish lists. Our products include pallet rack, drive-in rack, flow and pushback storage, pick modules, mezzanines, cantilever rack, portable racks, as well as containers, custom shipping racks and industrial guard rail. Our conveyor solutions are able to convey horizontally, vertically, around corners, and on an incline or decline. Apparently, the networks that produced the methods have provided external storage implies as an further services to fix the difficulties in case every thing will get out of handle. The Motorized Overhead Vertical Bed Racks work the same way as other lifts and carousels that have been used in manufacturing facilities for years.
Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts use the automated storage and retrieval concept to both stack and remove the hospital beds. Their previous picking method of shelving and flow racks into totes and carts became too time-consuming, labor intensive and mistake-prone. The 24 Remstar horizontal carousels are 50 feet long arranged in two duel-tiered 12-unit banks one directly above the other. This can save 50% of labor during non-peak times, while doubling productivity during peak periods.
The added equipment lines also complement Storage Systems Midwest’s storage solutions that are specifically designed and engineered to save time, space and labor.
Even low speed collisions can lead to structural damage that is very costly to repair and places workers at risk. If the Protect-It gets damaged, you will only have to replace the individually damaged component. Their facility’s 18-foot-high ceilings and fire codes would not permit stacked storage units to exceed 12 feet in height.
In the past the quality from countries like China were inferior and there were no real alternatives on the market. The middle class growth expected in developing countries is increasing demand in technology, robotics, packaging and more. These drugs have strict quality control requirements that demand the temperature remain at 2-8 degrees Celsius at all times during transportation and storage. With the new law, there may be changes in the way companies need to store and distribute drugs. Various products include doors, air balancers, bins, bumpers, bollards, cabinets, cages, carousels, carts, containers, conveyors, cranes, tool cribs, dividers, dock equipment, folders, guardrails, levelers, lifters, lifts, loaders, lockers, manipulators, pallet inverters, mezzanines, modules, platforms, pallet rack, partitions, shelving, tilters, transporters, trucks, workstations and vertical lift modules. Therefore, it may be tough for you to check out the existing problem of your system difficult drives. A noteworthy draw back is the reality that the operate can mess up the remaining file parts. Now, hospitals can experience the same efficiencies with the Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts. How the Motorized Overhead Vertical Bed Racks work is by positioning the first bed onto the lift and raising it up, which opens up the space underneath the bed for the next unit. The carousel footprint occupies only 25% of the floor space that would have been required if their old method of flow rack had been expanded to house the merchandise now in the carousels. Your storage system will evolve with the pace of your business by adding drawers and various accessories.
The Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts are also controlled by a single push of a button, which makes the lifts very easy to operate. This is great news for US automobile manufacturers, as they make more money on truck and SUV sales. China has been improving their equipment, and is even being considered comparable to US product. For seven months trucks have outsold cars, a streak this long has not happened since before the recession.

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