We carry only the best products on the market, offering several high quality brands of garage storage cabinets such as Hercke Stainless Steel Cabinet Systems, Ulti Mate, and HandiWall Garage Storage Cabinets.
Lawyers take a lot of guff from just about every other profession, but without them, we’d all be stuck fighting our own legal battles without much success.
Historical societies take on an incredible challenge: to use everything in their power to preserve important artifacts and documents any way they can.
When storing pieces of clay pottery from the Peloponnesian War or parchment paper as old as the Americas, historians exercise a lot more care than one might afford the average box of junk a family might squirrel away in a garage.
Mobile storage options like Mobilex prevent tampering and excessive handling with their accordion-style design and mounted locks.
Developed specifically for warehouses, RACK&ROLL 16 is a mechanical mobile racking system that enhances efficiency and productivity by optimizing storage space, thereby saving time and lowering operating costs. Powered Mobile Shelving Storage System, SafeAisle is a revolutionary high-density powered mobile shelving storage system that is an industry benchmark for safety, through its LED Guard Technology and other safeguard functions, while also boosting storage capacity. High-bay shelving off-site storage solutions are available as stationary high-bay shelving systems or powered mobile high-bay storage systems. Industrial Powered Mobile Racking Storage System, developed specifically for warehouses, SAFERAK 32 is a powered mobile racking system that enhances efficiency and productivity by optimizing storage space, thereby saving time and lowering operating costs. With high-density powered mobile shelving storage systems, getting the most out of your space is a key considerationa€”but guaranteeing safety is also a must. Montel achieved numerous prestigious high density storage system installations around the world since 1924. There's no better investment for safety, longevity and peace of mind than getting your garage cleaned and organized. As we leave the matters of the court to the professionals, those practicing law will need storage that can work alongside their quest for justice without holding them back.

A single parking violation could take years of service, as well as a tremendous amount of court documents, discovery and contractual paperwork depending on what transpires. To keep up to date on rulings, lawyers typically update their legal libraries on a yearly basis. Mobile storage capabilities like Mobilex allows owners to store twice the inventory with half the space through economic aisle reduction.
When prospective clients walk into a law office, they subconsciously size up a lawyer’s ability to aid them by scrutinizing little details they notice on-site. Handsome and practical storage at the firm will instill clients with the feeling a legal team takes their matter seriously, no matter what happens in the courtroom. In return, they pass along these treasure troves of knowledge to another generation, carefully conveying the fragile candle of the past so it may burn another day.
Historical societies require the most modern storage options of today to protect the most valuable, irreplaceable relics of yesterday. SmartShelf storage, for example, can be customized to fit the exact specifications of the collection, be they treaties, tribal masks or trinkets. At Montel, it is not about the quantity of installations we performed but most importantly the quality of our realizations supplied with the best products in the industry. Adjustable shelves boast a 100 lb load rating, and the smooth-sliding drawers are rated to 50 lbs. Let us help restore order in your space with our wide selection of garage cabinets, shelving, wall systems, overhead garage storage and cool accessories. Depending on how many different kinds of law a lawyer practices – real estate, small claims, etc.
This can open up a smaller, cramped office as well as protect a valuable law library so it can continue to help people over the course of a practice’s operation.

If a lawyer’s filing cabinet or desk is overflowing with paperwork, their talent in front of a judge and jury might not matter to onlookers. For historical society storage to be truly intelligent, it must be as resilient as it is accessible.
With just the turn of a crank or the push of a button, mobile storage allows historians access quickly and safely. Our garage storage cabinets and kits are designed and manufactured to industrial standards and unlike other brands are made-to-take-it.
Moreover, lawyers could have their arms tied regarding how long they’re obligated to maintain these gargantuan files once the case comes to its conclusion. Disorganization could send a signal to a potential client that the lawyer in question isn’t up to snuff. More to the point, SmartShelves offer a number of drawer and cabinet options capable of moderating the external forces that might otherwise compromise the integrity of whatever any historical society might hope to sustain. And because Mobilex and other mobile storage options reduce the shelving footprint by eliminating aisles, historical societies are able to add more units and gather more artifacts for their catalogs, keeping more of history alive for future generations.
Top cabinets come with a hanging inverted wall cleat, and all cabinets include adjustable, recessed Euro-style hinges and oversized brushed-chrome handles.Choose individual upper and lower cabinets or go for a complete system to meet your custom needs.
The modular design means you can mix-n-match units and makes for easy assembly & installation.

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