Enjoy the comfort and relax in one of Andrew's spacious Limousines while your skis, golf clubs, or luggage is stored safely in the trailer.
Make your reservations with Andrew's Limousine today or contact us for more information on custom packages. Custom trailers are  a need in all sizes.   Portable welding trailers, custom advertising sign trailers, or large jobs. It makes life easy and more organized to be able to back up to a trailer instead of carrying every thing with you on every job. This trailer is a basic two axle trailer with custom design storage.  The rear storage is for pipe in all lengths. Do you ever have a job where you need a welder but no room on the truck?  Well here is an idea put the welder on a portable trailer.  This trailer is designed to carry every thing you will need to weld with. Simply Store London have just recently added a new mobile self storage trailer to its fleet. The trailer’s weatherproof metal construction is specifically designed to carry a 35 square foot Storage Unit so it can be delivered to your home or business for you to load your belongings in to.

Mobile Storage is the latest form of Self Storage that has swept through the USA and is now rapidly expanding throughout the UK, and Simply Store London are proud to be part of this exciting new industry. If you would like a quotation today on our mobile self storage service then why not click for a Quick Quote now! But the Kliponoff, sturdy and reliable that it is, was designed for loading using a long and narrow (but heavy) steel channel skid and, as I discovered when I had one of these trailers, loading and unloading a GoldWing up and down a long skid could get rather too exiting – and very suddenly to boot. This adapted trailer, as it now stands, still rated for 750kg of course, weighs just over 300kg unloaded.  So it has the capacity to carry a GoldWing and a useful payload of extra gear. These boxes have increased the trailer’s overall width so that it maches the width of a typical motorhome (about 7ft 3 ins) so that it fits neatly behind a motorhome while being towed with only its protruding side light fittings sticking out, which gives the driver something to look bac for through his mirrors. The trailer has also had its front wheel chock modified especially to suit a GoldWing’s front wheel (gripping well without fouling rotor covers etc)  and there are tie down rings all around which give plenty of scope for lashing a GoldWing securely.
The trailer offers plenty of storage space and can be towed by the 20 Passenger Crystal Limobus. When this unit gets to a job everything is easy to find.  The front storage box is used with roll outs to store fittings and tools.

You therefore no longer need to transport your goods yourself, or keep re-handling your effects over and over as you would with a traditional storage facility. By using Simply Store London’s mobile self storage service it will cut down the handling of your goods by 200%, and it will also save you an awful lot of effort.
Simply Store London will then collect your ‘Mobile Storage Unit’ or MSU and take it away to a local storage centre for safekeeping. Taking your goods to a conventional self storage centre can also be so time consuming, but with mobile self storage you can save time and money by allowing the storage centre to come to you. You can then load your belongings in half the time giving you the rest of the day to relax and enjoy yourself; and it will also save you having to borrow or hire in a van with all the implications of licenses, fuel and insurance costs to worry about.

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