Storage auctions in Kentucky are plentiful, and it should be easy to find a storage unit auction near you.
Storage Wars is a reality television series that premiered on A&E Network late in 2010. Storage unit auctions take place when the owner of the storage unit facility puts the contents of any unit up for sale as a result of the tenant who owns such content’s inability to meet with payment obligations after a set period of time.
After you have located the storage auctions that you want to participate in, then you need to prepare for the auction itself.
Did you ever hear of making money from storage unit auctions before A&E television’s popular new series Storage Wars hit the airwaves? Almost each and every city in the USA has one, or more self storage units where the people of the community have the ability to store their extra belongings if they do not have room at their home, or if they happen to be moving. This 63-page guide includes complete step-by-step instructions from industry experts, tips on how to sell your product and a bluebook guide to help value your items. We live in a small town in Texas and could not believe the number of auctions we have been missing by not being able to find storage facilities.
Are you a small business owner looking to increase your inventory supply or merchandise selection, but don't have a huge budget? What they don't show on television is the intricate process required to find a large assortment of self storage auctions on a regular basis.
Local storage unit auctions in your area will occur sporadically and only periodically, leaving you confused and wasting your time compiling information from various sources on when and where these auctions are occurring and trying to chase down all the necessary information you need to know to attend. Wouldn't you rather be maximizing your time and energy on actually making your business money? Storage Unit Auction List helps you find a complete listing of storage auctions state by state with only a few clicks. Storage Unit Auction List is a trusted industry standard for seasoned auction hunters and newbies alike. We also write a free weekly education blog and host a webinar to bring you the most up to date industry information and helpful how-to tips, along with updating you constantly with site improvements, contests, and new tools. Caravan Auctions: Auctions that occur on the same date and within the same vicinity as one another.
Online Auctions: Many storage facilities post auctions online to avoid holding auctions at their physical locations. Our customizable alerts and notification tools allow you to decide which auctions and facilities are most useful for you and your business.
Auction alerts are convenient tools that allow you to receive updates about upcoming auctions by email or text. Not only do we provide the biggest list of storage auctions from thousands of storage facilities, we also provide stellar customer service. You can connect with us by telephone, livechat, email, our internal messaging center, via the blog, and through all of our social media platforms. If you have recently started attending storage auctions, or are considering attending your first auction, we urge you to give us a try.
With the seven day free trial, you'll have complete access to auction data in your state for a full seven day period.

You'll get access to a printable version of auctions and a customizable auction map and calendar. With the exception of Alaska, the state has more miles of running water than any other state. I arrived there early in anticipation of large crowds of newbies, thanks to the popularity of Storage Wars and Auction Hunters. It’s Spike TV’s version of the popular storage auction show format that competes with A&E’s successful Storage Wars series, which premiered in December of 2010. As more and more people are losing their homes, they need a place to store their possessions. Many storage unit facilities cancel their auctions on the very same day when the auction is scheduled to take place. A friend of mine told me that his brother had gone to a storage auction and had scored some really good things such as a diamond ring worth over $5000.
Simplifies the whole process of trying to find out where the auctions are, should have done this a long time ago! Or maybe you just want to make some extra cash on the side by reselling items online or offline. Finding a regular source of storage auctions, with items in resellable condition takes time and energy. The best way to insure that you're not spending any more time finding this information on local storage auctions than necessary is to subscribe to a detailed list of auctions in your area. Our trusted reputation has allowed us to partner with related businesses in the industry to bring subscribers additional auctions, such as online auctions, and further industry training. We've also created a detailed handbook on the auction process, bidding strategies, where and how to resell and a Blue Book valuation of the items most often found in storage. Typically, caravan auctions are held by the same auctioneering company and participants travel from location to location and continue bidding on different units.
The participants place their bids online, and like a traditional auction, must then come to the facility within 48 hours and clear out the unit after purchase.
Piece auctions are less common than bin auctions due to individual state laws that may prevent auctioneers and facility employees from entering a unit to catalogue inventory before the sale of the unit. These auctions are denoted on the website with an icon so that subscribers can easily find them! You can choose to create a customized list of the Upcoming Auctions that you plan to attend to receive details on the facility, the auction date and time, and other pertinent information you need to be successful! Storage Unit Auction List employs a full-time staff that validates each auction to give you the most detailed and accurate information, including exclusive auctions you won't find on any other auction listing site online.
Your free trial will include access to the complete site and the tools available for helping you to track auctions and to plan your itinerary. You set the parameters to decide how many miles you're willing to travel and then use the search bar to enter a city, state, or zip code. When rent payment go unpaid for a storage locker in 3 months in the state of California, its contents are put up for sale by an agent. Many people are being forced to downsize, or to live in small apartments without any garages or storage space.

Whether you sell online, at flea markets, or even own your own consignment business, public storage auctions are one way to get the inventory you need at a fraction of the cost.
Every unit won't contain treasure, so you'll need to consistently attend self storage unit auctions to find the items that you want and need. Since our 2011 founding, we've provided information on over 250,000 auctions and more than 1,000,000 individual units. Storage Unit Auction List subscribers can review their account for a complete listing of auctions in the state of their choice, and review upcoming information on many of these forms of auctions. However, when these types of auctions occur, often the individual items sell for more than the entire unit might. In this type of auction, each participant enters a sealed maximum bid once, and then at the end of the auction period (time varies) the highest maximum bid wins like in a traditional auction.
When you set an alert for a facility, you'll be notified within 24 hours any time that facility has an auction listed. Our staff daily updates auction listings, verifications and cancellations to help keep your auction information organized. The map and calendar results will then show you only the auctions within as many miles as you've selected. With over four million people in the state, the number of storage units in Kentucky is quite high. You've all seen storage auction tv shows that depict storage unit auctions and hunters across the country, so you're more than likely familiar with the concept of abandoned storage unit auctions. We also provide extensive information on Caravan Auction dates and times so that you never have to spend your time assembling this information yourself and can get to auctions quickly. Our maps allow you to quickly zoom in and out to get as specific directions as possible to each and every auction. The first storage unit door was opened and it revealed lots of furniture and household goods. If you aren't familiar with Caravan Auctions, these are auctions that all occur on the same day, spread across several facilities located within a short distance from one another in a geographic area.
You can also choose to leave the search blank to receive auction information for the entire state.
This will list every auction that we currently have in our database, and auction information can change daily, so it's important to check in with your Calendar and Auction List tabs to ensure that you have the most up to the minute information. Please pass this on to your friends, and please check back often as we always update our lists. Our Auction List tab allows you to view listings in the same way, with a key that will allow you to mark your notifications as well as easily identify Caravan, Online, and Exclusive auctions.

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