Furniture for an average bedroom, larger boxes OR a couch, chairs and tables, several boxes, bikes. Furniture for a 1 bedroom apartment, several boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, mattresses, couch, and love seat. Furniture for a 2 bedroom apartment, mattresses, several boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, love seat, couches, entertainment center OR a small sports car. Furniture for a 3 bedroom apartment or small house, mattresses, boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, couches, entertainment center, work-out equipment OR an average size car OR commercial storage, inventory or equipment. Furniture for a 3 to 4 bedroom house, mattresses, boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, couches, entertainment center, work-out equipment, patio furniture OR car, boat or truck OR commercial storage, inventory and equipment. Furniture for a 4 to 5 bedroom house, boxes, mattresses, appliances, tables, chairs, couches , entertainment center, work-out equipment, patio furniture OR car, boat or truck plus several boxes OR commercial storage, inventory and equipment or construction materials. Uncle bob's self storage at 30 stillman road, north haven, Climate controlled storage units climate controlled storage spaces provide a temperature controlled environment for your belongings. 4 Delinquent Storage Units, No Preview of Items Before the Auction, Doors Will Be Lifted for 5 Minutes Then Bidding Will Begin. Prime Time is honored to be chosen by the seller to offer these items for your bidding pleasure. Any dispute with items or prices will only be arbitrated within 2 business days following the auction.

Auctioneers and professional auction staff bringing buyers and sellers together anywhere a plane will fly. Buyer acknowledges that he or she is bidding on all items within the unit and all items must be removed and the unit must be cleaned. The Buyer must provide a $100 security deposit and must remove all goods within a twenty-four hour period or the goods will become the property of the Storage Company, unless the Buyer signs a lease agreement for said unit, and pays the current month's rent in full. It is the Buyer's responsibility to immediately return all personal property, papers, photos, legal documents, tax returns, bank statements, yearbooks, etc. The Buyer acknowledges that in certain circumstances the Storage Company may contact the Buyer and request that certain items be purchased back in order to prevent any court action with the said tenant, the Buyer also agrees to sell to the Storage Company such items for (a) the cost at which the Buyer purchased such items plus (b) any reasonable actual costs incurred by Buyer in connection with such items. Buyer agrees to make a written bid on all units viewed, even if such a bid is for zero amounts. This agreement pertains to this and all future sales this Buyer attends at any Extra Space Storage (Another Attic) Storage facility.
Extra Space Storage Inc.(Another Attic) reserves the right to refuse entrance to any Buyer at future auctions due to failure to follow these rules or any other unacceptable behavior at the auction. All bidders agree to hold harmless and indemnify Extra Space Storage Inc., auctioneer, and Auction Company from all claims. Shop Equip, Tools, Parts Bins, Motorcycle, 4 Wheelers, Snow Plow with Pickup, Welding Equip, Compactor, Solvent Tank, Tool Chests, Pool Table, Furniture, 1969 Chevy Truck, Trusses, Drywall Stilts, Appliances, Golf Clubs, Gaming Table, Consignments being added now with MUCH MORE to come!

Purchasers are deemed to have conducted their own inspection and should NOT rely on descriptive information provided or statements made.
If, for any reason, payment is not made in full, Prime Time has the right to repossess items, even from private property. In accordance with the Sherman Act it is unlawful to agree not to bid against another buyer, punishable by fines and imprisonment. They will not be allowed to enter the unit or go through any of the items before bidding.Bidders will bid and purchase the unit as a whole.
Failure to remove all goods or sign a lease will result in Buyer forfeiting the security deposit and incurring a disposal fee. Items left over seven days will be considered abandoned property and no longer belong to buyer. The Storage Company shall furnish the Buyer with a cash receipt upon payment of the unit contents.

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