AAA members get first month free (prorated if facility bills on 1st of every month) + $20 Amazon gift card. Linden, NJ — A five-alarm fire struck self-storage facility in Linden and left one firefighter hurt early on New Year’s Day, officials said.
It is believed that fire began in the center of the complex, and spread easily through units that were lined with combustible materials, including propane tanks and painting materials. The center of the complex suffered a partial collapse during the blaze, several parts of the building suffered heavy water, fire and smoke damage.

With twelve refrigerated grocery trucks in his delivery fleet, Jersey Dairy Farms can efficiently service customers all through the Jersey, New York City and Staten Island. The aluminum and concrete compartments in the storage units were not airtight provided a pathway for the fire to travel across units. Jersey Dairy Farms have added a new state-of-the-art, cold storage warehouse facility equipped with the latest in refrigeration and blast units technology. Expanding the business and service area are two core long-term goals for us, so that even more people can experience the convenience and pleasure of having fresh milk and dairy products delivered right to their door.

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