Bentwood Manor Apartments are located only 4 minutes from the Empire Mall, Municipal Golf Course and the Municipal Tennis Court. RoseCrest Townhomes is conveniently located in the fast growing business and residential community of southern Sioux Falls.
For your convenience, SunnySide is only 13 minutes south west of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Each unit has its own washer and dryer, private entrance and a backyard patio for outdoor entertainment.
Enjoy affordable prices with luxury amenities which include a sand volleyball court, basketball court, in-unit laundry, outdoor pool and much more. Make a U-Turn and take your first right on Rambler Place, into the RoseCrest Townhomes parking lot.

At the intersection of Elmwood and 46th St, Bergeland Apartments will be located on your right.

Garden shed 3m x 2m awning
Shed base 16 x 8 frame

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