We have three different sized climate-controlled units, as well as larger storage units as big as 20x40. Our climate-controlled 10x10 and 10x20 storage units can hold between two and four bedrooms of furniture.
In addition to the technology that keeps our storage areas secure, we have an on-site manager at this location for extra assistance and offer U-Haul truck and trailer rental saving you extra trips. Conveniently located just south of Route 16 on Double Springs Rd west of the city, our facility can accommodate all your storage needs.

Our smallest 5x10 units are perfect for storing extra items such as small furniture, bicycles and seasonal items.
Fit king-sized mattresses, major appliances, multiple pieces of furniture or business merchandise in these storage containers with ease. Check out more details below and call our office at 479-521-2772 to find out why we’re the premier option for self-storage in Northwest Arkansas.
Our secure location has a fenced perimeter, video surveillance and has 24-hour access through an electronic gate.

Many college students find these units ideal for storing items over the summer, as we’re just over five miles west of the University of Arkansas.
The big units are perfect for storing automobiles, boats, RVs, trucks and commercial merchandise.

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