In July 2010, Big Tex Self Storage became my home for all my Storage Needs, The Property is very clean safe and very secure.
PURGIT Vapor Control and Recovery units » VincesBridgeMonument - Vapor control for barges, rail cars and storage tanks since 1993. Our Highland Village storage facility is located at 3202 Weslayan Street, between W Alabama and Richmond Ave, just south of Central Market.
I may have interpreted this wrong but I understood it as I will receive 2 full months of free storage after my second full month. The property is very clean and has the right ingredients to know that your property is safe and secure.

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Our River Oaks self storage location features a state-of-the-art features like door alarms on every unit, 50+ cameras recording 24-hours a day to DVRs, free use of our 14' box moving truck for move-in, covered loading for a rain-or-shine move in experience and an onsite storage expert that manages our facility.
I then moved into the facility and there was a giant cement post in the middle of the storage locker that was about 2ft x 2ft. Dennis, Manager is very wonderful, he is always cheerful and will do anything for you, and he goes above his lines of duty. I asked the lady if I could change to a different unit and she was visibly upset and annoyed and repeatedly told me how much extra work I was making her do.

The place is extremely secure and clean which gives you that peace of mind, I just wish we didn't start on such a bad foot with a different special and post in the facility.

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