Our storage units are available in a full range of sizes with 12 ft ceilings and offer a maximum storage space for your belongings. Mini-entrepots ALABRI offers a full range of packaging products that will make storing your possessions a breeze. Come take a tour at Mini-Entrepots Alabri, the public storage experts in Gatineau and Outaouais, right off the Aeroparc exit on highway 50 ! It’s hard to think about winter when the weather in Ottawa has been absolutely gorgeous lately, but today we want to talk about winter vehicle storage. Gladwin Self Storage has been helping its clients store their vehicles for over 12 years, and we pride ourselves on offering a clean and secure facility that is also accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Our low-curb, drive up storage units provide our clients with an affordable and reliable storage solution regardless of their vehicle’s size. Gladwin Self Storage offers 9 foot doors, which make entering and exiting our storage unit’s simple.
Get your car detailed – inside and out.  It’s always nice to take your vehicle out of storage looking brand new!
Get an oil change (replace the oil and filter) and be sure to let the engine run to circulate the new oil throughout the engine.  This will help lubricate and prepare the vehicle for prolonged storage.
Inflate your tires properly; you don’t want to come back to your vehicle after months away to find a flat tire!
When you store your vehicle, it’s also a good idea to disconnect the battery to preserve the battery life, and to assist in starting the vehicle up when it’s time to take it out of storage. Make your reservations early if you are renting for the winter, otherwise, you may be left out in the cold!
Ottawa offers many great seasonal activities, but the arrival of fall usually means preparing for winter.
Gladwin Self Storage makes it easy to access your items, with self storage facilities just 1 min.
Gladwin Self Storage will provide a secure place to store items that they you need to use or access intermittently, like camping gear and seasonal clothing that can pack closets.
Gladwin Self Storage’s storage units will help to de-clutter, while at the same time protecting your investments in items that you will undoubtedly need next year. Whether you need short term, or longer storage periods, Gladwin Self Storage will keep your belongings accessible and secure until you need them again.
My wife and I had been looking all over Ottawa for an affordable self-storage facility because we were getting ready to sell our 3 bedroom townhouse near Bank and Hunt Club and needed to renovate the main level. Ideal for students, small appliances, computers, stereos, books or business records, filing cabinets.
We have the largest self storage facility in downtown Ottawa with more than 1,100 climate controlled storage units. An unstructured shelving unit with sloping shelves and interior panels, offering storage space of unequal volumes. Thanks to the irregular shape of this module, one can obtain 4 different results simply by rotating the chests either horizontally or vertically. Tolbiac introduces a 3rd dimension into the world of shelving units: one side of the unit forms a staircase, creating a triangular shape that evolves until the shelves regain their straight shape at the 5th level. IMPORTANT : the ‘stairs’ play a role in the aesthetics of the piece as well as act as physical shelves but they should on no account be used as actual stairs by an adult wishing to access the top of the shelving unit. Sideboards on feet (with adjustable jacks) are delivered with 1 removable shelf behind each door.

Double bay with one door in toughened lacquered opaque glass with lacquered aluminum frame to the left, and two large lacquered wooden hinged doors to the right. Secretary with storage, with a door in the lower part, topped by a flap and a lift-up face (mounted on dampened lid support). Range of items made from lacquered or veneered panels of particleboard, offered in a range of colors. Eric Jourdan’s Dino is an original storage system based upon the asymmetry of colors and forms. The Mixte storage system offers a high degree of flexibility through superposition, juxtaposition, suspension, color and material.
Oka is a modular shelving unit composed of single or double niches which may be juxtaposed in a way which jostles with the normally monotonous codes of the shelving unit. Storage items comprising a structure which contrasts with the internal volume of niches or fronts. Whether you?re looking to temporarily empty your house for renovations, de-clutter your garage for winter, home-stage your property for a quick sell or simply to dispose of excess belongings, we have the ideal storage solution for you ! Business owners can store various items like archived documents, seasonal decorations, excess inventory, spare equipment and unused office furniture. The radiant floor heating system makes heated facilities available that are safe for your possessions.
Boxes, tags, locks or packing paper, our fully trained staff is ready to assist you and make sure your experience is hassle-free. In addition we offer wide drive aisles making it easy to back your vehicle into your spot if you want.
Storage with Gladwin Self Storage in Ottawa storage units come in handy when summer activities settle down and the time comes for  fall  cleaning  to make room for moving inside.
Free up valuable driveway and garage space with car self storage, or storing the boat, ATV, car or RV. Gladwin Self Storage features wide driveways that can handle even large moving trucks, simplifying loading and unloading. A drive-up unit allows you to load and unload directly from your vehicle or truck. With this you can load and unload without the hassle of loading docks, pushing carts down never ending corridors, long elevator waits or carrying up stairs! They were willing to try and get me after hours access just to help me out in an emergency, brought me water bottles when they noticed I was dying in the heat, recommended movers for my way out, the list goes on and on.
You can also watch the video clip for a visual walk-through of our secure, climate controlled storage facility located in downtown Ottawa for your convenience. The front edge is worked in a helix shape to follow the slope of the side panel and bring purity to the overall piece. The top is in 20 mm thick Carrara marble (with waterproof protective treatment), walnut veneered or lacquered to match the sideboard.
The sliding door passes in front of the hinged doors; the latter are equipped with a ‘push’ mechanism and each have four square facings.
A square cable port fits in the thickness of the flap and provides access to the lower part. Structure and handles in anodised aluminum finished in ‘brilliant steel’ or elephant lacquer.
In each piece, one sees the unique walnut-veneered shell, which wraps around the rear and right-hand side, along with other elements that can be either monochromatic, or in a combination of mastic, argile, elephant, white (or lavender-blue lacquer for some models), one color for the left-hand section and another for the right.

Chests are finished in pure white, black, mastic, argile or elephant satin lacquer, gloss white lacquer, or ebony-stained oak veneer. Interiors matched to exteriors except in the case of ebony-stained oak, which has satin black lacquered interiors. With the wall as a blank canvas, let creativity and imagination run free while creating an original composition, which will be unique both in terms of volume and with the mix of colors and materials. Thus one can mix colors (satin white, mastic, argile, elephant, lavender blue or walnut) and materials (lacquer or veneer), bringing together varying module sizes (single or double width) to create one’s very own piece of furniture.
Our storage units are an ideal solution for home-based sales representatives and real estate brokers. Archived documents, excess furniture and office supplies; do not let your office performance be affected by an accumulated clutter. Our interior storage services comes with an insurance option if necessary and a choice of a monthly or yearly rental contract. Mini storage with Gladwin Self Storage allows for a number of options, with many storage unit rental options to allow the perfect sizing of space for your seasonal items. Our facility offers complete peace of mind with digital video surveillance and leading edge security systems. It is incredible solid and its tempered, grey tinted glass shelves provide additional storage and display space. Lacquered faces, lacquered or plated enclosures and base of 25 x 25 mm steel, epoxy lacquered to match the faces. Elements include shelves, TV unit, storage units, sliding panels, sideboards, wall panels, suspended chests, and podiums.
The staggered shelves enable modules to perfectly interlock whilst bringing a highly original asymmetrical note to the extremities of the piece. With easy access to your unit, you can swap the patio table for your shovels, and still get access to whatever you need, to save you from re-buying items that you may have simply forgotten about. Where the podium is to be used without a wall panel, the top of the podium may be equipped with 1 cable port (optional), the location of which is always central (small podium) or may be equipped with 2 cable ports (optional), the precise location of which is to be specified at time of ordering. Choose from lati sable or lati cendre veneer, white, mastic, argile or elephant lacquers, printed glass, and aluminum. Base in 2” thick agglomerated panels, with adjustable jacks or underframe in brilliant-chromed steel. For the finishing touches, first listed color is that of the structure, second listed color is that of the facades. More than just a piece of furniture, this customized Mixte final product will be a personal work of art for your living space. Sideboards in gloss white lacquer have interiors finished in satin white lacquer; sideboards in gloss red lacquer have interiors finished in satin black lacquer.

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