Our barns and custom designed storage sheds are long lasting, rugged, maintenance free, good looking, and easily movable.
Our pool house sheds are a great way to accommodate your guests and store your pool supplies. 300 square feet (10x30) interior storage systems available in multi-tenant Kingston structure. Uber-small units are the extreme solution to packing more people into crowded metropolis around the world.
We will build storage and special purpose buildings in many stock sizes and custom designs.

Interior walls are available to divide your storage from the changing areas, really making it two sheds in one. As more people choose to live in an urban environment, comprising a smaller footprint is realistically the only way to do so in a sustainable way. Pool sheds come standard with one single door and one set of double doors, two 18” x 27” windows and a 4’ porch. Also, the utility bills are much lower and sometimes incorporated into the cost of monthly rent. But on the plus side, it would motivate renters to be socially engaged outside of the home.

The Mini-Barn comes standard with double doors and one window on the back wall of the shed. No projects of this type are planned for Philly at this time, but if NYC is taking them on, we won’t be far behind. But fulfillment comes from interacting with other people in the community, not staring at the walls or out the window.

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