Here on our Olathe, Kansas facilities page you will find a listing of storage facilities all of which are ready to serve your storage needs. With so many variations in Olathe storage unit sizes, it's hard to know exactly what size will work best for you.
One of the factors to keep in mind as you search for self storage in Olathe Kansas is what features the facility offers. The mini storage building is 40’x390’x8.5’ in size and houses (78) rentable units of various sizes. The city of Hays, Kansas is approximately 100 miles from Salina and 175 miles from Wichita, Kansas. Here you will find a listing of Olathe Kansas storage facility names, street addresses, driving directions via our dynamic Olathe storage facility maps, and phone numbers to help make finding the best storage facility for you a breeze. The city is ranked #11 on the list of a€?100 Best Places to Live in the United States.a€? Olathe has become a popular area for hot-air ballooning and sailboarding.
No two storage buildings are built the same; many facilities have a state of the art electronic gate or a video surveillance system.
Horizontal Storage Carousels consist of shelving units mounted on a track that rotates and spins horizontally bringing inventory items to the operator.

The building was the first of three buildings we’ve supplied to the self-storage facility over a four year period.
Insulation was added to the roof during construction to create a vapor barrier and help reduce condensation build up. These Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Bookshelves safely and securely mount to wall studs without the need for any support from the floor. The city is home several storage facilities including Public Storage that can assist you and fit all of your self-storage, moving storage, and mini storage needs. These automated vertical shelf lifts save floor space by storing parts vertically, using overhead air space. Having parts brought automatically to the operator eliminates the time spent walking up and down aisles to retrieve and store inventory items.
Wall mounted bookshelves are attractive, heavy duty shelves that adjust easily to store all types of office items including books, newspapers, pictures, journals, maps, multimedia, boxes.
The automated vertical shelf lifts bring parts to the operator at a push of the button and manage inventory using computerized software.
Horizontal Storage Carousels can be placed adjacent to one another creating a "storage pod", which allows an operator to pick from one carousel while the others are rotating to the next pick position.

For more information on Kardex parts storage shuttles, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message us to speak with one of our material handling storage specialists. These wall mounted bookshelves come in both 30" and 36" widths to fit any wall length within 6". Our experienced and knowledgeable representatives specialize in understanding your specific goals and expectations to design and deliver the right storage solutions for you. The wall posts come in several standard heights of 66”, 78”, 84”, and 90” high, or you can have the posts cut to meet your unique requirements. Send us a message or call us 1-800-803-1083 to speak with a representative about Horizontal Storage Carousels today.. The steel bookshelves easily adjust vertically on 1" increments for optimal storage flexibility and maximum space efficiency. With a variety of colors, these wall mounted library shelving will match any decor.Contact Us for Heavy Duty Wall Mounted BookshelvesFor more information on Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Bookshelves for your office contact us today by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with one of our library specialists.

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