Store your personal belongings in one of 6 size units we have available at affordable rates.
You can use our warehouse to store your RV in, or choose from 6 different unit sizes for your items. When you have a boat to store in the winter months, you can bring it here to have in safe keeping. Since posting our first YouTube video on the 8 March 2012, we have enjoyed attending and filming some wonderful events.
Talking point of the Stor-Age Table View opening was the 3D projection mapping display presented by Kilowatt AV and produced by Lucan Visuals.
A successful evening enjoyed by all of our guests, included food, drinks and a treasure hunt. Stor-Age gave away a brand new VW Golf GTI at the Cape Town Tens rugby tournament, as former Springbok rugby coach Nic Mallett's son Doug Mallett hit the crossbar with an amazing kick. Ok, so this is really a two-in-one but we are very proud to have aired South Africa's first self storage TV advert. We spotted this great student project online by Kelly van Niekerk, who is currently studying to be a copywriter at Red&Yellow.
We’ve both noticed Stor-Age branches popping up all over Cape Town and were curious about the company. If you would like to see more their student work you can look their online portfolios on Behance. Stor-Age staff recently attended the inaugural Stor-Age Self Storage conference in Tulbagh in the Western Cape.
If you are looking to pack up your home to move, renovate or just because you need a little extra space then consider a self storage unit as a great way to store your goods safely. An amphibious vehicle is perhaps not what you would expect to find in a self storage unit but this just highlights the diversity of self storage and what people use it for. We met up with one of our tenants who is storing some of these vehicles and he had a few interesting things to tell us.
Self storage is a relatively new concept in South Africa, one that is growing rapidly to meet demand from the public, as they become aware of the benefits. We do sell many self storage packaging items but at this stage this does not include airtime. After the successful opening of a new store in the West Rand of Johannesburg, Stor-Age has now expanded to two stores through the acquisition of The Storage People in the Midrand.
The Edgemead Cricket Club was the recipient of new kit for the up coming season thanks to a sponsorship from Stor-Age Self Storage. From giving a way a brand, spanking new VW Golf GTI from an insane rugby kick to helping achieve a delivery of 100 000 shoeboxes with the Santa Shoebox Project and even having a 3D mapping video made for our store opening, being part of the Stor-Age team has certainly been eventful. If you were not there and even if you were, this is worth a watch just for the amazement factor alone.

The tongue-in-cheek 'Idea' campaign aims to highlight simple and obvious areas in our life that self storage can solve.
We asked if she would let us know why she decided to choose Stor-Age as her subject and what she was thinking when she developed the creative.
Our year is then separated in to teams of one copywriter and one art director and is given a list of brands to choose from.
They are at the age where they may be moving in with their partners or just want to streamline their life. Staff from all over South Africa arrived at head office, Stor-Age Edgemead, and were then bussed to the surprise venue.
One of the items we recently found is a waffle maker and coincidently today is also Waffle Day. However if packing up your goods includes a waffle maker, then why not provide a gift to someone you know and remember today is waffle day. Whether you are moving home, renovating, celebrating a birth, expanding your business, accommodating visitors or just need a little extra space, a self storage unit can be a great option. Apart from traveling on land and water, which is fairly impressive on its' own, the vehicle is also used by the military and is small enough to be dropped out of aircraft and is used to tow cannons up to 105mm.
Over the past few years many new self storage stores have sprung up and with them have come a plethora of new customers, making use of the product for the first time.
If you have something illegal in your unit then the authorities will take the appropriate action, which could lead to prison time or a fine.
We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for self storage, however we do not as yet offer airtime for sale.
Ex Proteas player Meyrick Pringle will be playing for the Edgemead First XI this year and was on hand to collect the new kit. Even if only a small percentage of these go 'missing' that leaves thousands of unclaimed luggage bags.
All information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed You will need to contact the member who manages a specific rental for answers to questions.
We offered a few of our selected stores in Cape Town as a 'drop & go' facility for users who could not make the big drop off at the CTICC. Last month we were asked to come up with a TV ad in the form of an animatic (a partially animated script).
It’s easy because it is not a brand that we have to fool people into wanting - EVERYBODY wants and needs space. It hits close to home since I personally have a storage room (read: treasure trove) full of all my toys, books and comics which my mom considers junk but I consider veritable gold.
These people have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years and instead of selling it or throwing it away would rather store it.
What followed was a fantastic few days of team-building, getting to know each other and entertainment.

The day historically marks the beginning of spring and is celebrated by the eating of many waffles. Off course if your needs are a little more diverse and you own your own amphibious vehicle you can use self storage too. It is also used for remote fire fighting, mining, forestry, search-and-rescue missions and eco-tourism.
The European, American and Australasian self storage industries are well established and South Africa is on the right path. We think there may be a shortage of this type of storage or at the very least it is an expensive endeavour.
It is place to ensure you can use your garage for your car or the spare room to have a visitor. The safest thing is not to store something which is illegal, if you are unsure ask one of our friendly and professional trained staff. We collected about 8000 shoeboxes in total and safely delivered them on behalf of of their donors.
A choice that usually takes a day or two took around 5 minutes when we found Stor-Age on the list.
Both of us enjoyed the youthful tone that the brand used because we knew we could work with it to make something fresh, fun and relevant. Or when you get home this evening pull out the waffle maker you have been storing for as long as you have had it and whip up a batch of waffles for dinner, remember a potato waffle is still a waffle. For further information you can contact Fire & Disaster Dynamics, who should be able to set you up with your own amphibious toy.
However many South Africans are still to encounter this new service and as a result have some rather… interesting questions when using self storage for the first time.
One place these bags do go is the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama, USA.So how much storage space do you need to store all of this luggage? All the volunteers at Stor-Age thoroughly enjoyed the project and we cant wait for next year. The space required to store all the items is enormous and the store covers more than a city block. There are also literally hundreds of scenarios where people find themselves in need of storage solutions and that set our creativity into overdrive. Some of the more interesting objects that they have discovered are, a suit of armour, a 5.8 carat diamond ring and a rattle snake! At Stor-Age your goods are secured inside your own unit, only you have access and you keep the key.

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