The Cock Fighter From Mexico The auction action heads to the historical town of DeSoto, Texas. Hate to Burst Your Bubba Auctions take place in Lake Highlands, Texas--a wealthy suburb of Dallas.
Night Of The Pondering Dead In the small town of Ponder, a dark secret looms; the townspeople pounce on lockers like hordes of zombies. Aust-in Translation Walt Cade and his buyers hit the road to Austin, Texas--the capital of the state and home to a multitude of proudly eclectic weirdoes. Pinatas and Ta-Tas Some buyers have enjoyed a successful first day in Austin, but on the second and final day, the Doc and the Junkster turn desperate.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. At storage auctions across Canada, high-stakes buyers convene daily, bidding against one another on repossessed and forgotten storage units. Armed with a flashlight, an expert eye, and a unique instinct, the professional bidders use their combined knowledge, expertise, and wit to outbid one another and score big. In the first season of Storage Wars Canada, seasoned experts and jaded pros meet wide-eyed newbies, as they uncover everything from grand pianos and rare antiques, to sex toys and vintage riding crops. Not wanting to return home with an empty rental truck, Moe and Mary go all in on a locker full of pi atas. Following stops in Texas and New York, the series introduces a cast of Magic City buyers hoping to find treasures hidden within storage lockers.
He still holds the record for biggest profit ever made on the show, after he bought a locker for $3,600 which was revealed to contain several original artwork by Frank Gutierrez worth $300,000.
Crediting his success to strict work ethic and his broad range of knowledge, Don’s loyal following of bidders guarantees that wherever he goes, he always draws a crowd.

Words to Live By: “Don’t tell me I can’t, ’cause I can, and don’t tell me don’t, ’cause I will” With the success of her online business re-selling high-end clothing and accessories, Ursula sees great potential in the storage locker scene.
With five minutes to scope out the contents of a storage unit before it is auctioned off, second generation auctioneer, Don Reinhart keeps the bidders in line. Coming together with different levels of experience and knowledge, these buyers only have one thing in common: they will do anything to get what they want, and what they want is to find the next big deal. New buyer Jenny Grumbles tries to exterminate two pests: a swarm of termites and a lovesick buyer.
Moe's prot g e, Mary Padian, returns, giving refurbisher, Jenny Grumbles, a run for her money. Start paying your bills or I’m gonna own your s%#t!” Not looking to make new friends, Roy will risk everything to be the top bidder. On a mission to fill their store with whatever high-end antiques and collectables they come across, Cindy and Rick use a variety of unseemly tactics to scare off other bidders, and have no fear of fighting dirty.
With Paul’s uncanny ability to, “make a dollar out of 15 cents,” he knows the true re-sale value of most finds, and is now teaching his son, Bogart, the tricks of the trade. Looking for clues as to what’s concealed under a blanket or packed away in boxes, the winner of the unit could walk away with a locker full of trash…or treasure. Victor hears the voice of doom when appraising motorcycle gear, while Moe and Mary uncover an object that may have been built by Benjamin Franklin. Ricky and Bubba get mean to get a locker, and Victor joins Moe and Mary in the pi ata trade, leading to a turf war on Sixth Street where only one pi ata seller will be left standing.
Dirty tricks, intimidation, sheer determination, and the occasional disguise are all part of his strategy. And Ricky Smith finds a collectable coin that may save the world from the Mayan Apocalypse.

As the buyers quickly learn--in the town of Ponder, the rabid citizens are quite fond of brains. Ricky and Bubba duke it out for a unit with some antique equestrian gear, while Victor Rjesnjansky attempts to snatch up his piece of the pie. And Rangers Ricky and Bubba use their home turf advantage to kick out the tourist competition. With a massive payout at stake, the buyers will have to learn that big things often come in small packages. From collectables to car parts, these buyers will have to turn to the dark side for a score. While one team enlists Grand Slam Champion Anne Smith to make heads of their tennis heads, another goes to an old friend to make sure their sculptural bust is not a bust.
With the buyers acting crazy, who will be able to turn their storage stash into cold, hard cash? With collectable dolls and ancient artifacts at stake, who will feel enraptured and who be swallowed up in the rapture?
In a city whose motto is "Keep Austin Weird"--one team will truly learn the definition of an oddity. From civil war prosthetics to voodoo statues--one buyer will curse his locker and one locker will curse its buyer.
Moe once said, "Mary's imagination really blows my socks off!" As the buyers are about to discover, her mind is far stranger than expected.

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