Located in Pian, Germany, this modern, wooden prefabricated house is simple, elegant and versatile – The perfect weekend home to share with family and friends. Designed by BjA¶rn GA¶tte and Patrick Frey, this prefab home design reminds me of the BlueSky Mod prefab cabin by Canadian architect Todd Saunders, with its straight lines and boxy exterior design and platformed wooden deck.
Artificial easy grass lawn summer house sandstone paving and white flower planting scheme London. The house is a leisure house for a couple in their 60’s and built for year around use. If you want to go for a country-style garden summerhouse, choose a style with a tiled roof, windows with small panes and details such as a weathervane or window boxes. The building was thought of as a tool to help explore the qualities and sensations of the site and surrounding nature.Through a conscious handling of the daylight on naked surfaces and shading laths the mode of climate and weather outside always becomes present inside.
Choose a calming palette of neutral and pastel shades, and colour wash timber cladding with pale leafy greens. The theme for the plan has been to divide the house into different zones, the use of which depends on the climate and the condition of the weather.

When it comes to furniture, opt for wicker styles like Lloyd Loom painted in sherbet shades. The main functions and concentrated in a core area which is well insulated and can be heated in winter. A folding table is a good idea, as it can be moved easily into the garden and back again, and director's chairs work well for the same reason.
During warmer periods the habitable area can be extended to the adjoining veranda and hallway which are heated only by solar radiation. The look doesn't have to be perfect and pristine - junk shop and vintage finds work perfectly well. As I'm planning on putting carpet tiles down i was thinking that i could use the nice t&g floor boards (18x95) when i do the ceiling and put some kind of board down, but what type of board ?? Sheer curtains will let in the light, or alternatively try retro floral blinds to shield the interior from the sun.
Ceiling: (see here) This is where I'm unsure as to what i need in terms of gaps, ventilation and breathable membranes ??

For a real touch of indulgence, a daybed dressed with pretty cushions will create the perfect spot for a nap after an alfresco lunch. Also this is where i was thinking i could use the floor boards as a nicer finish (i understand that I'm going to need a few more due to the increased length). Plant windowboxes and tubs with scented flowers and herbs, and add a jam jar of blooms and foliage from the garden to your table or desk area.Create the perfect retreatTucked away at the end of your lawn, a garden summerhouse provides a picturesque focal point and shelter from the midday sun.
I've got 140mm of space so should i back it up with 70mm of Celotex and should the gap be between the outside roof and the insulation leaving the insulation butt up against the internal roof or the other way round ??

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