In this way, the garden, patio, terrace and other similar places become the most suitable environment to relax and have fun. However, moving with some good ideas and creativity in the summer with the interiors of our house, so the spaces to renew all the color and freshness of this season so energetic and fun.
In this special report, you will have the information necessary to transform your home from the initial find, so we have to start from the oblivion of winter and summer colors every time you invade the corners of the house.
Note that the most appropriate colors for the summer can not miss blue, yellow and shades of pink and green and orange natural and perfect for the Bold.
These white interior summer house plans were completed with several bright color applications such as white, pink, and blue decoration.We can try to combine this example decoration with our ideas if we want.
The house and terraces are partly built upon existing stone walls, the parts of the walls which are new are made of stones from the blasting at the site. The low elongated volume is cut into to allow for wind shielded outdoor areas, embraced by the house itself. On the outer perimeter of terraces and pool, a glass fence also protects against wind, but allows for maximum view. A summer house is ideal for providing rest and shade on a hot day and is an attractive addition to any garden. Our summer houses are made with high quality tongue and groove shiplap and are built to last.

All of our summer houses have a professional finish and are a stylish addition to any garden.
Summer House With Shabby Chic Furniture And Sea Touches - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. We will advise on the best materials for your work tops and offer unparalleled service and attention to detail. To get the planning permit, the project had to be well adjusted to the terrain, both in terms of shape, scale, material and color. These cuts also bring down the scale of the building, and together with the local variations of the section, make the building relate to the surrounding cliff formations. The house is clad with Kebony wood, a sustainable process of treating the wood to allow for good durability towards the exposure to salt water. Our summer houses provide shelter and warmth, enabling you to enjoy your garden all year round. Adding a summer house to your property solves the problem of lack of space, by providing a space to read, watch television, or a tranquil place to unwind. We design our products with planed framework, roofing felt and rustproof fittings and ensure they are damp-proof lined. We offer summer houses in a wide range of styles and sizes and tailor all of our products to the individual requirements of our customer.

Our Chase summer house comes with 3 opening windows, locking handles and a pair of doors and we also offer designs such as the Windsor, made with Canadian western red cedar featheredge.
Our summer houses are well suited for almost any purpose, from a childrena€™s play area, to a place to work. Style up a chic table with a cute chequered tablecloth for easy summer living.Similar gazebo ArgosLooking for more decorating ideas? You can also increase the value of your property and attract potential buyers, by making a summer house a feature of interest in your garden. Visit the Style at Home website for lots of inspiring rooms and gorgeous buys, and keep up to date with the latest news on Facebook and Twitter. Rattan and natural wood furniture in shabby chic style look like art objects in this white interior. Turquoise, blue and aqua touches and sea-inspired decorative items remind of sea, seaside and relaxation. The outdoor area is minimalist, with a big pool and exquisite shabby chic red lounge chairs.

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