The House of Peroni residency is returning to London for the month of May to Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Holborn.
With a fresh selection of pioneering Italian chefs, mixologists and designers, The House will take over and transform all four floors of a beautiful townhouse into a tantalising, immersive world of fashion forward, design-led Italian style and culture for everyone to enjoy. With award-winning architect and co-designer of the Enzo Ferrari museum Andrea Morgante at the helm, The House takes guests on a journey into the cutting-edge world of Italian style.
The House will feature a stunning third floor restaurant overlooking a picturesque part of the city as well as a convivial outdoor terrace serving a selection of dishes from Monday to Saturday. From Friday 2nd May, The House will be open to the public and guests can immerse themselves in design and fashion, enjoying stunning bespoke creations from the likes of sculptographer Daniele Papuli and design duo Carnovsky. The Art of Gelato: Discover the surprising history of Italian dessert, Gelato, in this artisan-led masterclass. Become an Italian Barista: The House of Peroni, in association with Lavazza, will deliver this authentic Italian coffee experience where guests will learn the origins of coffee and enjoy a tasting session with different beans and blends covering all the classics from velvety cappuccinos to intense espressos. The House of Peroni will be taking up residence at 64 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Holborn, WC2A 3JX for the entire month of May.

Funky, hip and fresh illustration design, based on 100% handmade and vectorized lettering composition (calligramme) of 2 words Summer Time forming the shape of the sun (or flower) + modern clean poster typography. So you can print post card, t-shirt, bag for yourself or friend, with our artwork to share summer and sunny mood to everyone. The House will bring the new wave of Italian creative talent from the worlds of food, drink, fashion and design to the capital. In May, The House will be inspired by 1963; a transformative year when Italian style became renowned across the world and the year that Carlo Peroni created Peroni Nastro Azzurro.
The entire room, right down to the cutlery, will be a dizzying rainbow of multicolour and will form the backdrop to an equally colourful feast prepared by The House of Peroni’s resident chefs Bottega Wapping, whose inspiration for the menu derives from the Red Green Blue model of colour used in photography and electronic systems. From the ancient sorbettiera to the latest machine technology, the makers of GINO Gelato will teach you all there is to know about the famed frozen dessert. Taste classic Italian dishes reworked with a modern twist, such as the Uova alla Napoletana or traditional baked eggs cooked with ham, stracchino, spring onions and paprika, while sipping a selection of innovative Peroni Nastro Azzurro infused drinks.
Anyway, you can simply print our artwork and put it on the wall as decoration of your room, if you like summer vibrations.

Also, our illustration is perfect for retro, lounge or jazz music collection cd-disc cover! Put your newly learned skills to work as you create some of your own and take the chance to taste innovative flavours including Olive Oil & Parmesan, and Tiramisu.
While you relax with friends, you’ll be entertained by a hand-picked selection of live bands and DJs.
Don’t miss your chance to try dishes such as nettle gnocchi with blue cheese sauce and osso buco or braised veal shank richly seasoned in herbs. Or make big flag and put on the roof of your house (original vector lettering composition is included into the package).

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