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Material content: resin Take advantage of your backyard storage possibilities with this Suncast Blow-Molded 6' x 3' Shed. With an unassuming taupe exterior, the Suncast outdoor shed is great for storing your lawn equipment and other outdoor supplies.

The Suncast shed's durable resin construction and attractive wood grain texture will stand up to weather for years and features a reinforced resin floor for support of heavy storage supplies. The perfect choice for your backyard, this Suncast Blow-Molded 6' x 3' Shed boasts ample interior storage that fits easily into any corner of your outdoor space. The Suncast outdoor shed's large door opening includes padlock ready handles for security and durable hinges that make accessing the interior storage easy. A metal-reinforced roof and sealed gasket windows provide this Suncast shed with long-term, all-season endurance.

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