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Our Suncast Kensington Shed is perfect for storing larger garden tools keeping them safe from the frequent harsh conditions our gardens experience. Ideal for storing the larger items in your garden, our Suncast horizontal shed is a great addition for any garden.
This Extra Large Horizontal Storage Shed provides ample storage space for bikes, mowers, patio furniture etc. Please contact us for advice and confirmation should any value be of essence to your purchase. Its overall Vanilla colour frame has two stoney colour doors and the roof has a slate finish. With a 39-horizontal-cubic foot storage capacity it is suitable for patio umbrellas, lawn mowers etc or even wheelie bins.
With its 70 horizontal cubic foot size it can easily store garden tools such as lawn mowers, patio furniture, bikes and even wheelie bins.

The construction has a stay dry design so you wont find any rotting providing excellent value for price. This Suncast kensington shed is composed of special blow moulded panels with added reinforced steel meaning this is one of the strongest of its kind on the market.
Our 8' x 4' suncast plastic sheds storage is built using blow moulded technology, the shed is created from steel reinforced double wall resin creating a very sturdy shed. Our Suncast kensington shed features a lift-up lid with a added prop which means access to your items couldn’t be easier. This shed has an exclusive blow moulded technology producing extra strong wall paneling providing extra support for the heavier items you wish to store. The roof is specially designed to compliment its stay dry design and the reinforced floor panels mean that this 206 cubic foot capacity shed can hold machinery as well as larger garden tools.
Also, this Suncast kensington shed has room for two padlocks (Not supplied) which means you wont have to worry about your items safety. This Suncast kensington shed has space for padlock protection (not supplied) keeping your items safe from any intruders.

It is easily placed besides a house or under the fence line due to its low profile design and is a truly great addition to any garden. As with all of our Suncast products this shed comes with a 5 year guarantee so you will receive a high quality simple way to keep your items safe and protected for a very long time.We advise that this shed is built on a wooden or conrete foundation. Our 8' x 4' suncast plastic sheds storage has a double door system which has metal handles with spaces for a pad-lock that can add security to the shed if you wish too.
Like all our products in the Suncast range we provide a 5 year warranty in case anything does go wrong.

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