Stroll through the full double-door opening of a Suncast Walk-in Shed and take a look around at all the stuff you can store, from tractors to garden accessories and everything in between. I read the assembly instructions manual and page 9 with details on wood foundation options.
Overall assembly would have been extremely user friendly, except 2 of the 6 side panesl did not have pre-drilled holes for an easy slide-in step. Appearance is nice, construction seems solid and windows in the side panels very nice for added light. When youa€™ve maxed out the space in your garage, ita€™s time for a Suncast Storage Building.
The Suncast Resin Storage Shed Model A01B12C01 is delivered in a single carton that is 34 inches wide by 64 inches long by 78 inches high. Other than the shutters, which required two people to attach, this she'd was built on a platform by a 16 year old boy, alone, in 5 hours. The shed was brought in via freight and the driver put it where I wanted it which was a plus. I would have given 5 stars if I did not have to spend time drilling holes in the 2 side panels. It was pretty easy to put it together but you definately need a second person to help at times. The frieght carrier driver was great as rather than the specified curb delivery he helped me move it to my back yard.
As others have mentioned, it would be better to have a second person help once you get to the roof; however, with a step latter, you can do it alone. The hardware, (screws & bolts) were missing and although specified on web listing thru Home Depot, the shed did not include the window boxes. These Shed feature reinforced gable-style roofs, reinforced floors, walk-in accessibility through the full double doors, and optional accessory kits to make it easy to store and find what you need. We had just moved into our home and I hadn't planned on getting one until this coming summer. That includes a stop for lunch and a quick run to HD for a water barrier, which I forgot to get, unboxing everything and laying out on my back patio, and then carrying everything uphill 60-ish feet to its final location.

My back yard is slopped and I didn't feel like digging out the amount of earth needed to level. I wish it were a double walled shed but I can't complain about that considering what I paid.
Directions weren't great about that but luckily I had my dad and son working on it and it still took them some time getting everything to fit and snap but it looks great and holds alot of stuff. Does Home Depot have options such as plastic pallets or plastic lumber (alternative materials) in plywood sizes that I could lay down onto my recycled rubber mulch to make at least an attempt at a flat surface in my backyard? Also the product description on homedepot website clearly states for this shed: 2 windows with shutters and window boxes.
After HAVING to speak with 3 different reps, including a supervisor, Suncast shipped the window box support frames without the boxes.
They are built for durability, designed to protect your stuff from weather, and look good in your back yard. At half price though, it was impossible to pass up knowing it was an eventual purchase, especially since we have no garage. Having a completely flat surface to work on is a must considering the floor pieces line up the walls.
My only complaint is the wall construction is a plastic sheet no double wall or anything just a extra thick vital siding. These walk-in Shed have reinforced gable-style roofs, are built for durability, designed to protect your stuff from weather, and look good doing it.
It is plastic, so the rigidity of the shed it not the same as wood, by serves the purpose just fine. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. My only other problem is that the doors were no longer square once the whole roof was locked in. This model has tons of space, fits my snow blower, lawn equipment, gadening tools, etc with room left over!
I would have given this item five stars but for bad QC, wasting my time looking for missing screws, a faulty product description and turning my sunday from a feeling of accomplishment to frustration I can give it just one star.

The shed does come with metal braces for both the roof and a portion of the side walls for extra sturdiness.
Each person I spoke with tried to tell me window boxes were not included with this shed and the home depot listing was wrong. That's probably more to do with my deck foundation and product quality, though I did let it settle for 2 weeks and checked for level. Our tests with paving blocks have shown that they shift over time and this affects the function of the shed, especially of the doors. I also got the accessory kit with the loft storage, corner shelves and tool hangers for added utility.
Each description lists list the height of the finished shed although the foundation height should be added that height. The shuttters were very hard to put in so I just decided to drill the holes all the way through and put screws in from the outside. The first rep also wanted to know the quality control number from the back of the instruction manual but there was none. Overall the shed is very nice but the service reps were not very cooperative and I am extremely disappointed with Suncast service. The Suncast 150 Gallon Vertical Tool Shed is a thick, durable outdoor storage shed that easily stores your long-handled tools, garden accessories and more. The Suncast Storage Shed Loft can be used to optimize all the storage space in your Suncast storage shed.
It's ideal for storing lawn and garden tools, extra patio furniture, and other outdoor essentials. This Brentwood Steel Shed is an affordable, easy-to-assemble solution that won't cramp your style or outdoor space. You'll love the way this attractive storage container protects your belongings while complementing your outdoor decor.

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