If you are interested in booking your wedding photography with me for 2012 I have a few slots still available. The wedding was in the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, what a venue, so many amazing spots. A wedding with an Irish Dancing Theme was a must for Aislinn and her mum who are dancing instructors at Murray School of Dance in Ballynahinch. Aislinn got her designer Louboutin shoes with the famous red soles for the day but knew that she would be dancing at some point in the evening. When we arrived at the church, there were 3 of the cutest pageboys who were the bride and grooms nephews. The aisle was lined with tall stands and on each stand was a magnificent floral arrangement with candles. After the ceremony, the happy couple walked down the aisle to be greeted by a huge guard of honour of all the little dancers from the Murray school of dance. Just as we were about to take some photographs of the bridal party, the rain stopped and we decided to run outside for a few quick shots. As we were taking photographs, we had another team of girls in the lobby photographing the guests as they arrived.
At the end of the dancing, the boys from the bridal party jumped onto the dance floor to do a riverdance routine come impromptu dance.
Seaside Themed Wedding Invitations – Here is a few examples of some recent seaside themed wedding stationery I have been working on over the past few months. This first set of beach wedding stationery is a set of surf themed save the date cards for a couple from Cornwall who are having a beach wedding. This next set incidentally was also for a couple from Cornwall who also are having a beach wedding and it also just happens to be the same beach. If you are having a beach wedding or a seaside wedding and are interested in wedding stationery to match it please click here to get in touch.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged beach wedding, beach wedding stationery, festival themed weddings, graphic design belfast, graphic design derry, seaside wedding, seaside wedding stationery, wedding invitations, wedding invitations belfast, wedding invitations northern ireland, wedding invites, wedding invites derry, wedding stationery on January 19, 2014 by martymccolgan. Dental Company Christmas Cards – Following straight on from the last post about corporate christmas cards here is a set of Dental Company Christmas Cards I have just designed for a local Orthodontic Dentist based in Derry, Northern Ireland. If you are interested in dental company christmas cards or need personalised business christmas cards please click here to get in touch. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged brand identity, brand identity northern ireland, branding, business cards, business stationery, Business Stationery Northern Ireland, christmas cards, dental poster design on December 17, 2013 by martymccolgan. Corporate Christmas Cards – It is well and truly that time of year again, there is no denying that Christmas is upon us!
No matter if you are a big business or a small business, if you have a regular client base it is always nice to send them a Company Christmas Card each year. On this post you will see a few samples of some corporate christmas cards I have designed and others throughout the rest of this website. If you are looking for Corporate Christmas Cards or have any questions about getting them designed, or any business stationery you may need please click here to get in touch. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged business cards, business stationery, Business Stationery Northern Ireland, christmas, christmas card designs, christmas cards, Corporate Christmas Cards, corporate ID on December 17, 2013 by martymccolgan. Vintage World Map Wedding Invitations РAbout a year ago I designed a set of vintage map of the world save the date wedding cards. The couple met in Vietnam, moved to Africa, got married in Mexico and will finally celebrate their wedding with friends and family back home in the USA. To keep in the theme of travel they wanted to send the wedding invitations as postcards, after all this is what travelling the world is all about.

The world map itself had a very vintage feel to it and looked old and word so I carried this them throughout the design. If you are having a travel themed wedding or are interested in world map themed wedding stationery please click here to get in touch.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged unique wedding invitations, unusual wedding invitations, wedding, wedding invitations, wedding invitations belfast, wedding invitations northern ireland, wedding invites, wedding invites belfast, wedding invites derry, wedding stationery, wedding stationery london on December 17, 2013 by martymccolgan. This first table plan design is based on a vintage chic Paris theme with each of the tables being named after famous Romantic Movies, with quotes from each beside the list of wedding guest names. Some of the wedding seating plans have an elegant style about them while others take more of a vintage chic style.
This next design and the one before it both have a vintage chic theme but are both elegant designs and look really beautiful when printed and framed.
The next one below is a retro style design with a Rat Pack theme and the tables being namer after famous couples or duo’s. If you like the wedding seating plans that you see here and are having a vintage or shabby chic wedding theme or just want something that is a bit more interesting than your run of the mill wedding stationery please click here to get in touch and see how I can help you take your wedding stationery from being just ok to be awesome!!! This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged cinema poster wedding table plan, elegant wedding table plan, Festival Themed Wedding Stationery, festival themed wedding table plans, Festival Wedding Table Plan, festival wedding table plans, themed wedding table plan, wedding stationery, wedding stationery ireland, wedding stationery london, wedding stationery scotland, wedding table cards, Wedding Table Plan, wedding table plans on December 12, 2013 by martymccolgan.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged web design, web design derry, web design northern ireland, website design, website design derry on December 12, 2013 by martymccolgan. Polaroid Wedding Cards – This post showcases a few recent Polaroid Wedding Cards I have designed and printed for newly married couples.
The reverse side of the polaroid wedding card is a postcard layout for the couple to write a thank you note or personal message to the person they are sending the cards to. These cards are printed at the highest quality litho print on 400gsm card and then gloss laminated on the front, which really makes it feel like a polaroid photo but also means they can be just popped in the post without an envelope as they are quite durable. If you are interested in these polaroid wedding thank you cards or wedding thank you cards in general please click here to get in touch.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged polaroid photo wedding stationery, polaroid wedding cards, polaroid wedding stationery, polaroid wedding thank you cards, polaroid weddings, wedding invitations, wedding invitations northern ireland, wedding stationery on November 22, 2013 by martymccolgan. It felt very strange to be second shooting, it took me a while to get used to not being the main shooter but I enjoyed every second of it.
As me and her mummy had a catch up over a cup of tea, this little one provided allot of entertainment by just sitting there giggling away. Beach weddings and seaside weddings are very popular and I have had a lot of soon to be married couples contacting me looking for seaside themed wedding stationery and beach themed wedding stationery. They are surfing fans so they wanted to make sure that the wedding invitations included imagery of surfboards. They must have heard about me down in Cornwall ?? Anyway these guys wanted to feature a VW Campervan in their seaside themed wedding stationery as thats what they will be arriving in on their wedding day. These guys like the other couples were having a festival themed wedding by the beach so they named their wedding WEDFEST and wanted the design to show a festival vibe on the beach. In just a matter of days the final checks will be done on the Naughty and Nice lists and old Saint Nick will be packing up the Sleigh and hitting the snow! It lets them know that you do in fact care for them and their business and they are not just another person giving you all their money every turn about.
These samples feature the same design but you can see how they are easily adapted to suit any branding and colours.
Just a few weeks ago I was contacted by an American couple who are living in Africa asking me to recreate this world map theme but this time for their wedding invitations.
They loved how they could draw a line across the world which tells their story and names each of the important cities and countries that are close to their hearts.

So I designed the reverse side of the wedding invitations as a postcard and had the details of the party there with an area for them to write in the name and address and put a stamp, just like any regular postcard. I finished the front of the wedding invites with a  gloss laminate to strengthen it for posting, it looks great and feels great when you pick it up. On this post is a few images of some really cool shabby chic wedding seating plans I have worked on in the past few months. Again it has a movie theme as the couple are huge fans of the classic movie Casablanca and wanted to work it into their wedding stationery somehow. Quickly looking at them you can get a sense for what type of vintage wedding stationery or shabby chic wedding stationery designs can be achieved.
Zenith approached me looking for a new up to date and fresh website design as their old website was many years old and had become stale and out of date. There is an area for the name and address of the person to whom the card is being posted to to be written and also an area for adding a stamp. They can be set up as wedding invitations, wedding save the date cards, or invitations for any type of event not just weddings.
But Katie was fantastic, I usually have to try and get them to sleep but we couldnt get her awake. While all the pressure was on Richard I got to float about taking lots of detail and candid shots. These wedding save the date cards turned out awesome and set the tone for what should be an amazing summer wedding day. Again these wedding invites turned out really beautifully and set the scene for a fantastic beach wedding.
Christmas of course is all about giving and receiving and sending christmas cards and for the purpose of this post we will pretend that sending out your Business Christmas Cards to your clients is the absolute most important thing you can do!!! The couple had a bit of a story to tell based on various locations throughout the world so my world map wedding invitation design suited them perfectly. These world map themed wedding invites are going to look awesome on the fridges and fireplaces of the guests who receive them!
The new site which launched a few months back brought them up to date and was an opportunity to list all of the new health and safety courses that Zenith Provide as the previous website was focused more on computer training courses which Zenith used to offer in the past. On the front of the thank you card is the polaroid image of the married couple with their names and wedding date written on it in a script font, much like you would see on a genuine polaroid photo.
Susan (the bride) had so many details at this wedding, she put some serious thought into everything and it certainly paid off. Each of these photographs are then designed into a magazine style album with a hand written message from each couple.
Also they wanted to add in some testimonials from their clients as they work with some really big businesses so it was time to update the website.
Also in the corner of the polaroid photo is the words Thank you to represent that these are wedding thank you postcards.
I could have spent all day taking detailed shots of everything, bike, flowers in jars, tea pots and saucers.

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