FYI, Rockler’s free shipping code U8101 still works and should remain valid until Dec. I think I changed my table saw blade twice before I figured out that I needed to put on a cheap pair of gloves when I change blades. I got one, gadget of the week, in the deal or dud, it is much closer to a dud in my opinion.
It might work well on other table saws, but if you have a Unisaw, don’t waste your money.
Never had a problem removing a blade that a well placed pair of vice grips didn’t solve. Freud SD206 Pro Dado Set 6 InchThe Freud SD206 6in Professional Dado Set has 12-tooth negative-hook outside cutters and four 2-tooth chippers, all with anti-kickback tooth design. I will say that when I’m ripping or crosscutting for an extended period of time, such as milling hardwood floors, I do take the time and change my table saw blade to a dedicated ripping blade.
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David's hand - left hand with amputation left thumb and complete transmetacarpal laceration involving the index, long,ring and small finger with transection of all nerves going to the index, long, ring and small finger and devascularization of small finger with fracture dislocations with bone loss involving the forth and fifth metacarpal phalangeal joints.

Table Saw Accidents, Copyright Automation Engineering, Inc, All rights reserved.This website was built by Ewisoft eCommerce Website Builder. It completely encloses the circumference of the blade, and securely holds the blade for transport and storage. It does work with most contractor and cabinet saws, but only some bench table saws, radial arm saws, and miter saws. Now I keep a pair near my table saw, which is also handy when handling rough edges on plywood. I’ve used it twice, the extra diameter and thickness made it a lot more awkward to get off the arbor of my Unisaw. A combination blade is just as it sounds—it takes on the structure of both the rip and crosscut blades. Not only will the dedicated blade give me cleaner edges but it allows the machine to work at full power. Changing a table saw blade involves using wrenches around a sharp blade — one slip and either you put a wrench into the brittle carbide teeth or, worse, your hand.
If you decide to store your blade in the Saw-Jaw, the blank area on the back side has an area for for labeling your blades.
I was ripping some 10 foot alder boards for a job we were doing, with no guards or anything on the saw.

The problem with using the table saw for both purposes is that I cannot use a dedicated rip blade to crosscut and cannot use a dedicated crosscut blade to rip. The Saw-Jaw encloses and protects the blade (and your hands) so you can complete the job safely. Even discounted, the Saw-Jaw seems a little expensive for storing blades, but it’s not a bad deal for a tool that helps you safely change blades without a trip to the first aid station.
I know I was about finished with the board, and there was a chip sticking out where it wouldn't be pressed flush against the fence, so I pushed down to lever the board off the blade.
It kicked funny, and I remember this horrible crunching sound as my left hand went into the blade.
In the end, I have what seems like hundreds of stitches, two fused fingers, and two skin grafts- one on my thumb and one on my ring ringer- where the saw took off chunks of skin.

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