Building the fence for this saw would qualify as a project onto itself - it took some time to make and near the end, I did cut some corners to finish it. With this new pointer, I can reliably set the fence to within 10 thousandths of an inch, which is certainly accurate enough for me.
I have had some email enquiries about the bearing in the end of the fence and how it is attached. This slides just as easily across the top as the bearing, and bridges the miter slot without a problem.
Sign up for convenient email updates to stay on top of the latest projects and build articles. If you already have an aluminum extrusion or want to purchase your own, you can just buy the T-Square by itself. The central piece of our Universal T-Square Table Saw Fence System is the patent pending T-Square design which features a solid steel mounting block. Linear fence adjustments refers to the placement of the fence in relationship to the table saw top depending on the operation that you are performing.
This tig welded steel T-Square unit with cam locking mechanism, UHMW bearing guides, and measuring pointer accepts most aluminum extrusions with t-slotted channels as long they are at least 1.5 inches (or 40mm) wide. The most powerful aspect of having the aluminum extrusion as your fence is the ability to connect jigs, stops, clamps and accessories with ease and at infinite connection point. The beauty of our T-Square design is that not only can you quickly attach an aluminum extrusion as a fence, but the mounting block will also allow you to bolt a variety of other fence materials and shapes for custom applications. This fence interchangeability opens up a whole new world of design and fabrication possibilities for the table saw. To avoid drilling into your expensive tablesaw fence to attach jigs, mount them instead to a wooden fence attached to your real fence with rare-earth magnets.

Adhere the magnets by cutting a filler strip of wood to fit on top of the fence between its faces. If you like this project, please check out more than 1,000 shop-proven paper and downloadable woodworking project plans in the WOOD Store. Join 11,264 of us on the Homemade Tools forum, and get your free 50 Must Read Homemade Tools ebook.
My plan was to revisit the fence shortly after I finished the saw and redo some of the parts I wasn't happy with. I had been using a piece of Russian birch plywood (a lower quality variety of multiply plywood, similar to Baltic birch) that was less than ideal.
I made this one quickly, just to get the saw ready to use, thinking that I would improve upon it when I had the time. The UHMW plastic wear surface is slick and feels more substantial than the thinner plywood one. The sky is the limit when it comes to all the possible jigs, stops and setups you can create using the t-channel slots. We designed the mounting block to accept 4 t-nuts so that aluminum extrusions can be quickly and easily attached for use a table saw fences. There is nothing on the market that is as strong, flat, straight, square, lightweight and affordable as aluminum extrusions.  The sophisticated extrusion process makes all of this possible. The t-nuts and bolts allow you to have flush mounted accessories attached directly to your fence without bulky clamps that are always in the way.
Because the magnetic attachment grabs the steel body of the fence, you don't have to work around clamps.
Then, bore holes through the filler strip to fit the magnets, glue and screw the strip to the auxiliary fence, and epoxy the magnets in the holes.

Measure the gap at the place were the blade is not touching with some feeler gauges or tiny drill bits or whatnot.
Having the fence extend beyond the end of the blade can cause the wood being cut to bind between the blade and the fence, and this stops that from happening. Getting the pointer close to the tape eliminates the parallax that was a problem with the other one.
At a moment’s notice I can change setups from a tenoning jig to a tall fence for vertical pieces. We think the aluminum extrusion makes the perfect table saw fence because of the t-slotted channels, but we also realize that there may be specific custom applications where other fence material could just as easily be bolted to our t-square. This is valuable for many reasons, but the primary reason is that so you can leave complicated table saw fence set ups in place and still be able attach another fence for other table saw operations. The VerySuperCool fence was inspired by the Biesemeyer design and works flawlessly with any 2×3 guide rail. To prevent the jig from sliding as you feed stock through the saw, attach a steel L-bracket end stop to the jig, where shown. Our T-Square fence system takes a proven and tested design to a whole new level of versatility and performance.
Fences with complex jigs and stops attached can be set aside and another fence can be attached to quickly get on with your work and not have your table saw held hostage.

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