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The video below is what I'd like to work towards, a dual router setup to bead and cove both sides in one pass. Presently I have a cheap Ryobi fixed router and a palm router that I use for my beall thread cutter and I don't have much experience with routers (or woodworking in general but am learning!). In reading the reviews on the cheap table and router combos there's always a few that says to save your money and get a better setup, that's pretty much universal in what I've seen on all the units.
The thing I learned about bead and cove is that is has to be pretty much dead exact so the height adjustment needs to be fine and easy to do and the fence needs a fine adjust and be sturdy. If milling your strips with a one-router setup, mill the bead side first, 'cuz it's less fragile.
Before milling the cove side, end-for end your whole collection of strips,so all the router cuts are referenced to the same face of the strips and all the variation in strip thickness will be on the same side of the cove & bead. The idea is that if there's variation in the thickness of your strips, it should all be on the outside of the boat. When milling coves, be gentle with the pressure on the outfeed side, as the coves can crush.
If you're getting a planer anyway, why not get one that can accept moulder heads and you can kill 3 birds with one stone. Especially important if you decide to go with one method where you feed on the wrong side and let the cutter help feed through, so you dont have to push too hard and break the small strips.
All this does seem like an awful lot of obsessing for perfectly cut,sized and routed strips.

You know, if you are only planning on building one or two boats I just fail to see how the time and effort to do the whole bead and cove thing is worth it.
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I recently moved into a new home, which as separate two car garage attached to the back of the house right off the bonus room. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. For a fence I screwed a piece of 2 x 4 down with one screw at one end then swung it left and right 'till it was just right and clamped the other end. From woodworking to metalworking and electronics, members of the Mill will work on individual or collaborative projects in a well-stocked, industrial grade fabrication workshop.
Beyond its identity as workshop, the specific purpose of the Mill is to encourage technical, scientific and artistic skills through individual projects, social collaboration and education. Through classes, group interaction, and an inclusive environment, the Mill is a space where innovation and creativity can be fostered for novice and expert alike.

We offer classes from beginner to advanced with a large variety of projects and techniques. Located in Bloomington, we offer the Twin Cities most complete selection ofwoodworking classes. The show will feature creators of furniture, lamps, mirrors, sculpture, painting, rugs, tableware, and more, who wish to display and sell their products to devotees of handcrafted objects, architects, and interior designers and decorators. This section of the show will be open to craftspeople who have been practicing for five or fewer years.
The people even left a huge vacuum fan that could be used as the heart of a dust collection system. The Mill offers a unique solution to address the knowledge, space, storage and social constraints of building projects at home. Our classes are taught by our team of expert woodworkers as well as local and world renowned guest instructors. We will also fulfill our role as a community resource by hosting classes in a number of areas including electronics, woodworking, digital fabrication, metal fabrication, artistic use of industrial equipment and any other skills that our members or guests are willing to share.
And the best part, all the tools are available to use with a simple membership to North Country Woodshop.
If you need lumber for your project, but don't have time to pick it up yourself, give us a call and we will have it waiting for you when you get there. I just built this and I can attest that it is some amount of work, and I want to thank you Laney for not only giving people the plans but taking a tremendous amount of time and work in making these Outstanding videos. Anyways, just curious.i»?Tom Daily: Is there a copy of the materials lists for this project?

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